Our Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit Giveaways!

We’ve listed each giveaway on our social networks below so you can find them easily, enter as many as you want.

Simply watch for our graphics on our social media networks and just follow the instructions to get entered into our draws.

We will do a draw for each social network to WIN Amazon $25 Giftcards on November 1st at midnight. You can enter one or all of them as the “play to win” will be different for each one.

AND if you aren’t a social networker you can enter to WIN a $25 Amazon gift simply by sending us your feedback of the event.

Want another chance to WIN Amazon $25 Giftcard?


HAVE FUN! Let’s Connect!

For more chances to WIN go to our social networks:

Facebook Group

Note: You must be a member of our group in order to see the post, join here. (Please state in the questions to join that you are a #VAVS attendee to push you into the group quicker).

Click here to find our post in our Facebook Group

Winner: Lorre Reason 

Facebook Page

Click here to find our post on our Facebook Page

Winner: LaRiccia Williams


Click here to find our post on Instagram

Winner: Angie Telfer


Click here to find my post on LinkedIn

Winner: Gaynelle Evans


Click here to find our post on Pinterest

Winner: Meredith Pokorny


Click here to find our post on Twitter

Winner: Ruth Martin

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