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Over $10,000 in prizes were won at #VAVS 17.

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$333 – VAinsiders Yearly Membership (Qty: 2)

DRAW DATE: October 12th, 6 pm PT (Vancouver, Canada)
WINNER: Denise Aday

DRAW DATE: October 26th 6 pm, PT (Vancouver, Canada)
WINNER: Lara Joyce

The all-in-one training resource for Virtual Assistants to make your VA business ROCK and start making money right away!

You name it we have all the business resources on the inside that you’ve been wanting! We have a busy job board, group coaching, monthly motivators, networking with members in our private forum, monthly webinar training, member perks plus our training VAult stocked full of resources like business templates, seminar archives, system sheets, eBooks and other bonus resources. All these training resources are at the click of your mouse ready for you to learn whatever your heart desires quickly and easily.

Not on the inside yet? What are you waiting for? LEARN MORE

$997 – Virtual Assistant Career Training Program

DRAW DATE: November 3rd,  midnight PT (Vancouver, Canada)
WINNER: Elizabeth Londo

This globally proven, acclaimed business startup system and instruction by The VA Expert, Tawnya Sutherland, is designed specifically to get your Virtual Assistant Career started easily, quickly, without the stress of doing it from scratch in just 30 days. The VAC 30 Day Module Online Training Center will help your business grow each and every day. The online modules are set up for your 30-day journey that will steer you to your dream: Your own Virtual Assistant business.

Also includes business templates, contracts, video training, system sheets, coaching, membership and your website design/hosting/domain for one year, access to our job board plus so much more!

Learn all about the VAC plus download our Virtual Assistant Startup Checklist CLICK HERE

$497 – General Admission Ticket to Virtual Expert Live (Qty. 2)

DRAW DATE: October 12th 6 pm, PT (Vancouver, Canada)
WINNERS: Mary Richardson and Sherri Stotler

Each winner receives one (1) General Admission Ticket to the second annual Virtual Expert Live. For 2.5 days, you’ll be trained, coached and supported by virtual assistants. You’ll laugh and cry — often within the same hour. You’ll discover tips, tools and mindset shifts to help you achieve the freedom, flexibility and financial security you deserve. Come join us for a life-changing experience. (This is for the admission ticket only. All travel, lodging and food expenses are not included.)

Learn all about the 2019 Virtual Expert Live Event by clicking here.

$697 – Live and Unleashed Bootcamp

DRAW DATE: October 26th 6 pm, PT (Vancouver, Canada)
WINNER: Donna Kremer

Like many Business Owners, you know that social media marketing is important to build your business, but you may be confused when it comes to making it work. You know there are superstars out there making it work and getting better results than you, but what are they doing? It makes you feel like you know nothing and you are not alone. A lot of people feel the same… that is, until they take Kathy Colaiacovo’s Live and Unleashed Bootcamp!

Learn more about this social media channel bootcamp by clicking here.

$297 (Qty. 1) – One Ticket to Beach Camp #6!

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Bonnie Atchley

Come to Daytona Beach, Florida and experience the magic of Beachpreneurs Beach Camp, the Ladies Only Conference that blends business smarts and lifestyle. Learn, adventure, make friends and go home with awesome memories. We can’t wait to see you there!

Learn all about Beach Camp Ticket by clicking here

$24.99 – The Blog Post Inspiration Deck

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Lindsay Stead

Never run out of ideas for blog posts (or other content) again! The Blog Post Inspiration Deck is a card deck designed to pull inspiration and ideas out of you so you can create unique content that builds know, like, and trust

Learn all about the Blog Post Inspiration Deck by clicking here.

$27 – Virtual Assistant Jumpstart Kit

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Brenda Davis

This Virtual Assistant Jumpstart Kit Includes all the needed Templates to help jumpstart your virtual assistant business. These templates include:

  • Contract Agreement and Terms
  • New Client Questionnaire
  • Operations Manual
  • Questionnaire for Consultation Call
  • Retainer Agreement
  • Terms of Use

Also included are two video tutorials for how to use these templates.

Learn more about the Virtual Assistant Jumpstart Kit by clicking here.

$129 – 1 Ticket to OIVAC 2019

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Kathy Keshemberg

One free admittance to OIVAC 2019, the annual virtual assistant industry international convention, scheduled Thursday, May 16 through Saturday, May 18, 2019

Learn more about the OIVAC Event by clicking here.

$29 – 2019 BC Stack

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Kayan Reid

For one week, every year, BC Stack brings you the absolute best that digital marketing has to offer. You’ll get access to the full list of 65 products worth over $5,000 offered in the 2019 BC Stack.

Learn more about the 2019 BC Stack by clicking here.

$17 – The VAs VA ebook

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Jennifer Hurley

When you become a Virtual Assistant’s Virtual Assistant you open yourself up to other opportunities.

When you become a spectacular VAs VA and are proactive in all those things that I share with you in this book, you will be amazed at the numerous doors this can open for you!

Learn more about the VAs VA ebook by clicking here.

$47 – Ecommerce 101 PLR Tutorials

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Laurie Voissem

This package covers tutorials for the following ecommerce platforms:

  • Bonanza(can sell as buy now or auction style just like ebay)
  • Ecwid(Start our with a free store, then you can sync with your Facebook page and have a store both there and on the Ecwid hosting platform. Other great apps for marketing and sales with the paid level)
  • Tictail(this is another platform you can get started on for free. This has some great apps both free and paid that you can add. This is kind of similar to Shopify. Easy to set up. My 9 year old and 11 year old both love this site.)
  • Spreesy(once again this is a free to start platform. Very basic but the huge benefit is you can use it to easily sell on your Pinterest and Instagram profiles with a couple quick taps on the keyboard)

Each tutorial also comes with a checklist. As this is PLR, you can use this to create a product of your own to sell as an additional stream of income or to show your clients why they need you to take care of their ecommerce platforms for them.

Learn more about Ecommerce 101 PLR Tutorials by clicking here.

$197 – 2 Canva Academy Courses (Qty. 2)

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Mike Burklund & Kellie Evetts

Full course to learn how to use Canva, from the very basics to very advanced. Canva Academy will always be updated with the latest and bonus content. You will also get access to the private Facebook group for support and feedback, in addition to other freebies.

Learn more about the Canva Academy Course by clicking here.

$468 – 1 Year Geek In Your Pocket Service

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Elizabeth Hughes-Callison

Do you cringe at the thought of updating WordPress and avoid it even though you know you need to. For one year you’ll never have to think about it again.

The Geek in Your Pocket service takes care of all of your WordPress updates, backups and monitors your security, uptime and more.

Learn more about Geek In Your Pocket Service by clicking here.

$222 – 6 months of the WP Study Group Membership (Qty. 3)

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Carol Davies, Karen Kannegiesser & Angela Underwood

WP Study group is an interactive group coaching that focuses on building and scaling your business. Most questions start off on building a website but evolve into a greater mastermind of knowledge from its members.

Learn more about the WP Study Group Membership by clicking here.

$199 – Really Simple Membership Sites

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Tami Long

I’m Connie Ragen Green and can’t wait to serve you. You deserve to have your own membership site to grow your business, and I will teach you how to do this. You will learn how to set up and maintain a profitable membership community to increase your visibility, establish your credibility, and take you to massive profitability!

Learn more about Really Simple Membership Sites by clicking here

$27 – Affiliate Marketing Masterclass for Virtual Assistants

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Evelyn Mayhew

Learn how to start using affiliate marketing before you start working as a virtual assistant in order to create an additional stream of revenue that you can depend on month to month. Any virtual assistant can learn how to do this even before you start working with clients!

Learn more about the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass for Virtual Assistants by clicking here.

$447 – Complete Content Essentials System

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Elaine Sellers

7-module program that personally guides you creating powerful marketing content in the most crucial areas of your business, with easily digested information, templates, and exercises to guide you each step of the way. You get deep, rich training to help you create solid content that is in complete alignment with your message and brand — in a step-by-step system that you’ll build on and apply over and over to your business.

Learn more about the Complete Content Essentials System by clicking here.

$500 – Life Coaching for Women

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Kathy Anderson

1 month of Life Coaching for women who want to achieve their dreams and visions for their life through focus, growth and flourishing!

Learn more about the Life Coaching for Women by clicking here.

$1570 – 1 Year of Visibility Vips

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Angela Atanasio-Medeiros

One year membership in Visibility Vips, group coaching program to gain massive visibility using traditional and social media.

Learn more about Visibility Vips by clicking here.

$17 – The New Client Process Guide (Qty. 5)

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Bonnie Lynch, Deanna Cannon, Bettina Jones, Sarah Luth & Raquel Rowe

This guide includes all of the templates, steps, and how-to’s you need to create your client consultation and onboarding process!

Qty: 5 people can win this guide. Winners can email me and I will give them access to materials.

Learn more about the New Client Process Guide by clicking here.

$17 – Getting Clients with Content Marketing

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Deborah Ray

This eBook focuses on creating content for the service-provider, teaches about the importance of content marketing, the reason behind it, and the way to go about it by understanding your buyer’s journey. Plus, you will learn how to use private label rights content too. Stephanie and Shannon’s over 30 years of combined experience shows in this informative book.

Learn more about Getting Clients with Content Marketing by clicking here.

$262 – One Year Subscription to Executive Secretary Magazine

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Kristina Hathaway

Get a one year subscription to Executive Secretary Magazine. Each issue has 48 pages of training from the world’s top trainers for Administrative Professionals. And no advertising!

Learn more about Executive Secretary Magazine by clicking here.

$57 – “Organizing Your VA Business” Bundle

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Mary Ryan

This set contains a collection of forms and templates to help you set up your virtual assistant business and keep you organized. Included are 50+ done-for-you forms, kits, and templates to make organization in your virtual assistant business “fill-in-the-blank” simple! All of the forms are in MS Office format and are completely customizable.

Learn more about the “Organizing Your VA Business” Bundle by clicking here

$37 – Business Building Action Kit – “What to Post on Facebook Today? How to Come up with Engaging Posts that Get Shared!” (Qty. 2)

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Annette Rich & Deborah Donaldson

It used to be that people would sit and figure out how to make Facebook posts most appealing to Facebook’s algorithms. If that’s you, forget that strategy – it no longer applies. Without advertising, a limited number of people will see your posts, and this is especially true for Facebook Pages.

But there’s a third alternative that many people don’t notice or pay attention to: Creating engaging posts that actually get shared. Your Facebook success is all in the sharing. You can have six people viewing a post, but if one of those people has a larger audience and shares your post, it is suddenly exposed to your sharer’s entire audience. If members of that sharer’s audience share your post, your audience then increases by their audiences. And all that can happen rapidly, in what will seem like the blink of an eye—providing you’ve created a post that people find irresistible to share.

In this complete kit, you’ll discover how to get in touch with the reality of Facebook today, and show you how to free yourself of the headache of laboriously planning your post content for SEO—while generating endless ideas for coming up with engaging posts that actually get shared.

Learn more about the Business Building Action Kits by clicking here

$100 – 60-Minute Business Mentoring Sessions (Qty. 2)

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Donna Kremer & Marie Mason

Access a 60-Minute VA Business Mentoring with one of our experienced Mentors at VAClassroom. Our mentors have a combined 35 years experience in the VA industry and will offer some invaluable advice and resources to help you grow your business to the next level in 2019!

Learn more about VA Classroom by clicking here.

$297 – Graphics Creation Workshop Online Workshop with Christina Hills

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Christina Legault

Do you feel frustrated because you have images and graphics you want created but you don’t know how to make them and you’re not a graphic designer?

Or you’re working with a graphic designer but they take too long?

Well, I’ve got the solution for you!

Let Christina Hills show you how easy it is to make your own graphics in the Graphics Creation Workshop.

This is an online training program taught from the comfort of your own home. There will NOT be any additional software fees, you will learn with all free tools.

You can even use this new skill to help your clients and make graphics for them!

Course includes live webinars, downloadable videos, a members area, and a PDF resources workbook.

Learn more about the Graphics Creation Workshop by clicking here.

$57 – Star VA Bundle

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Felicia Gaffney

The Star VA Bundle includes the following:

  • 4 Easy Steps to Creating Packages Training
  • 45 Things to Add to Your Website to Attract Clients
  • New Client Welcome Kit and Templates:
    • Client Intake Form and Questionnaire
    • Discovery Call Sample Questions
    • New Client Intake Checklist
    • New Client Welcome Packet Template
    • Proposal Template

Learn more about Star VA by clicking here.

$41 – Blogging Advantage ebook

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Lisa Young

Trying to get your blog off the ground or need to jumpstart your existing blog? Creating blog posts that entice, engage and earn you more is the first step.

“Blogging Advantage” gets you headed in the right direction.

24 clever blog post types in — 2 different styles — that give you a springboard for endless juicy content ideas that readers won’t find anywhere but on your blog.

58 fill-in-the-blanks templates for formulating attention-grabbing headlines for your blog posts. Plus, my oh-so-easy process for creating your own title templates.

How to hook your readers with the very first paragraph of your post. Just replicate these ready-to-go ideas to ignite your creativity.

DOs and DON’Ts for crafting craveable blog content. Follow these to elevate the professionalism and distinctiveness of your writing.

Proven tactics for using your posts to increase your subscriber base, make more sales, and boost your social following (you’ll see specific examples).

How to subtly promote your products and services in your posts without irritating your audience with a hard sales pitch (this is a vital skill!).

6 steps you must take after drafting a post to fine-tune your drafts to perfection.

Learn more about the Blogging Advantage ebook by clicking here.

$500 – Get Your Podcast Started Bundle

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Dawn Lawrence

Get Your Podcast started Checklist and Get Your Podcast started in 7 days eBook.
5 hours worth of  one on one podcast training aimed at VA’s who want to help their clients with their podcasts or if they want to start their own podcast to grow their business

To learn more on how to donate a prize, CLICK HERE

$299 – Design Lucrative Packages program

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Susan Merlotti

Learn how to package your expertise and get paid more in this comprehensive training program.

Inside the program, you’ll find over 19 step-by-step informational videos in an organized and systematic way, as well a corresponding homework, checklists, template and more to get the creative juices flowing. This program can easily save you weeks (even months) of time researching and learning how to package your services – not to mention a lot of missed revenue.

Learn more about the design lucrative Packages program by clicking here.

$97 – How to Use Canva to Create Marketing Images Fast & Easy

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Jo Ann Pink

Learn how to use Canva to create marketing images fast and easy even if you are NOT a designer! In this training, you will discover …

  • Background Info on Using Images
  • Navigating Canva
  • Creating Images

You will learn how to use Canva to create Eye Catching Images for your own business. Step by Step… learn how to take a piece of marketing content and create a visual that your followers will be dying to share!

Learn more about the Canva training program by clicking here

$67 – Blogging Basics For Business

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Michelle Baird

Blogging Basics is a Self Study Program that will teach you how to Write and Format a Blog so it WORKS for your BUSINESS!

This Self Study program, led by Kathy Colaiacovo, an Online Marketing and Social Media Specialist… will show you the exact steps to be more effective with your blogs.

Stop wasting time and energy with blogs that are not doing what they can for your business!

Learn more about the Blogging Basics for Business program by clicking here.

$67 – SEO Basics for Business

DRAW DATE: Nov. 17, 2018
WINNER: Sharon Brown

This Self Study Program consists of two video training lessons along with the handouts.
These lessons are easy to follow and easy to understand. SEO does not need to be complicated… it can be simple and you can LEARN.

SEO Basics for Business will teach you to:

  • Explore Keywords and how they are vital to your Website and Marketing Content
  • Discover where SEO is missing on your own Website Pages
  • Identify the Optimal Places to add SEO to your Website
  • Implement an SEO Checklist for your Website Pages and Blogs
  • Understand how the lessons can apply to your Social Media Content as well
  • Follow along as we review a website live, so you can further comprehend the lessons
  • Explain these SEO Lessons so you can tell your Website Designer what you need done
  • You will also get a Keyword lesson PLUS receive the SEO training.

Learn more about the SEO Basics for Business program by clicking here.

$??? – See Your Prize Here

DRAW DATE: TBA, PST (Vancouver, Canada)

We LOVE this time of year giving away prizes to Virtual Assistants interested and attending our #VAVS online conference. If you’d like to share in this LOVE and make some VA happy this season why not give away a prize at our event? It’s a great way to bring traffic to your website as people click on the prize offerings they are eligible to win to learn more! Not to mention we will strongly be promoting these prizes throughout our event on our social networks and through our email lists. PLUS you’ll stand out as a fruitful giver during the event (everyone loves getting prizes from companies) which will make your business stand out!

To learn more on how to donate a prize, CLICK HERE

  • NOTE: GOOD LUCK! All winners will be notified by email with their names posted on our website page here plus announced on our social networks!

*Terms & Conditions: By registering for our event you understand that all prizes won during the event are prize donations from our sponsors and have no monetary value. Winners names will be delivered by us to the sponsor who donated the gift and you will be contacted directly by the sponsor to collect same. You understand that is not held liable for any prize won or for any monetary value for any prize undelivered. If this ever did happen (and we only have this clause in here to save our butt and doubt it would) we would have your prize replaced with a pro-rated VAinsider Club not to extend value of $333 membership of the same value of your prize so at least you receive something for the prize you may win at our LIVE event. All prizes expire 3 months after draw date and may not be redeemed after this date.

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