Before you order your SILVER Ticket…

I’d like you to think again about upgrading to the GOLD Ticket as I really think you’ll want it in the end PLUS you’ll SAVE MONEY if you upgrade now instead of later. (Over 76% of the attendees last season upgraded).

I guess the easiest way to entice you into upgrading is to show you the COST SAVINGS for YOU because we all know $$$ talks right? 😉

Let me tell you first what you are missing by NOT having a GOLD Ticket:

You WON’T have access to any of the video recording replays or the speaker presentation notes. 

What if you can’t attend one of the seminars? With a GOLD Ticket, you don’t have to worry about catching every seminar at the designated time slot. You can also watch the webinar at your convenience, when the time suits you! AND, you’ll have access to these recordings for 6 months or 2 weeks before our next series begins (whichever comes first). so you can watch them over and over again!

OK…so let’s now talk about the SAVINGS

If you upgrade today, you’ll only have to pay $97 in total for your GOLD Ticket. If you decide you want the video replays at a later date you’ll have to buy a GOLD Ticket anyhow as there is no upgrade which means you’ll have to pay another $97 on top of the $37 that you already paid for your SILVER Ticket for a total of $134. You SAVE $37 by just getting the GOLD Ticket today! And trust me, after the first couple of seminars, you’ll wish you had the video replays to watch over and over again at your leisure to catch all the pertinent details in each presentation. With so many webinars to attend in just a few days, your mind is going to have informational overload and you’ll want the video replays to go back and watch.

The GOLD Ticket is for those VAs who just maybe can’t attend all the LIVE webinars at their scheduled times because of other commitments (like working for your clients!) and who would like to watch the webinar replays on your own schedule. You’ll have access to all the LIVE webinars PLUS all the video recordings and speaker presentation notes (if provided by speaker).

The SILVER Ticket does not get you the video recordings of each webinar.

We won’t be offering this difference in price upgrade during the event this season either like we have in the past…so just so you know this is the LAST CHANCE 😉

YES, I would prefer a GOLD Membership so take me there!

NO, I still just want the SILVER Membership for $37 so take me there.