#VAVSwins Challenge - Virtual Assistant Conference Online #VAVS

The #VAVSwins Challenge beings now!

Attending a conference and sitting through the Speakers presentations won’t guarantee you success in your business. Success begins happening when YOU, only YOU, take the initiative and implement what you learn at a Summit. I’ve seen so many business colleagues spend tons of money attending conferences and events yet never see a return from the cost of attending because they don’t implement what they learn.

To encourage you to implement what you learn at #VAVS, I’m going to host a #VAVSwins Challenge this Season.

With Over $2100 TOTAL in Prizes!

Top 5 Points Earners Get First Dibs on these PRIZES:

The winners will be the top 5 who accumulate and submit the most points by October 28th, Monday, 12pm (PT).  SUBMIT HERE

  • ($997) VirtualAssistantCareer.com Training Program
  • ($333) VAinsiders.com 1 Year Membership
  • ($297) 1.5 Hour VIP Coaching Session with Tawnya Sutherland
  • ($275) Featured Blog Post on VAnetworking.com + $25 Amazon.com Gift Certificate
  • ($205) VA Voxer Coaching 6 weeks with Tawnya Sutherland
  • BONUS: Every attendee who reaches 50 points and submits their report by the deadline will be invited to attend a 1/2 Day Implementation Group Workshop with Tawnya Sutherland on Friday, November 1st, 11am-2pm PDT. At this workshop we will spend the first hour deciding on what marketing strategies you will implement in your business to help you FIND and/or RETAIN clients in November. The next 3 hours you will work on implementing that strategy. So set aside this day to work on your business!

Over $2100 TOTAL in Prizes!

Only GOLD and DIAMOND Ticket holders can participate. (SILVER can upgrade here)

Important First Steps to Get Started in the #VAVSwin Challenge:

  1. Join our Facebook Community now. (Please state in the question boxes that you are joining the #VAVSwin Challenge). The majority of the time you’ll share your challenge progress and takeways by posting in our Facebook community with the hashtag #VAVSwins.
  2. Download our points sheet here to keep track of your points or use a Google sheet, whatever works for you. We work on an honour system for points as we can’t individually check everyone in detail but we will be watching you and looking for your hashtag #VAVSwins when you report online so let’s play fair!
  3. Deadline to report all your points is Monday, October. 28th at midnight PST. Miss the deadline you miss out.
  4. You can submit your points by clicking here

Want to know how to get challenge points?

You’ll accomplish #VAVSwins challenges below to get points.

There will be a number of ways to get points in this challenge and some surprise ones now and then too so stay tuned to our emails and bookmark this page.

When posting on your social networks always use our hashtags #VAVS and #VAVSwins and URL www.VAvirtuosos.com so we can see you completed the challenges and can support you with comments, likes, etc.

Here are the Challenges that will get you points!

2 POINT – Join our Facebook Community Group or already a member (State in the FB question box upon joining that you are doing #VAVSwins Challenge so we can push you through getting accepted into the group) and leave a comment in this post (Easy 2 point!)

1 POINT – Update us once daily in our Facebook Community Group with a new post to let us know what challenges you’ve done and how many points you achieved doing them. That will help us support you with questions you may have and/or cheer you on!

25 POINTS – Write a 350+ word blog post about your highlights, takeaways and benefits to your business of attending our event. Include hashtags #VAVS #VAVSwins and URL www.VAvirtuosos.com

25 POINTS – Share a 3-5 minute video on Facebook, YouTube, etc. talking about why you are (or have) attended #VAVS and whatever else you’d like to add. Include hashtags #VAVS #VAVSwins and URL www.VAvirtuosos.com

10 POINTS – Signup to a product in our Swag Bag and implement a strategy you learned in that training into your business. Report what you did in our Facebook Community using #VAVS #VAVSwins. With 29+ products in our Swag Bag this can add up points quickly for you.

5 POINTS – Post publicly (on your social networking profile) that you are attending www.VAvirtuosos.com and why you decided to attend. You can do this before, during or after the event. Include hashtags #VAVS #VAVSwins and URL www.VAvirtuosos.com

1 POINTS – Attend the LIVE webinars of each Speaker OR Watch the Replay. (Total of 20 points achievable).

15 POINTS – Complete your #VAVS Homework Sheet

2 POINT – Give a shout out on your social networks by tagging a Speaker or Swag Bag contributor thanking them and sharing a nugget you learned from their webinar or training that will help your business FIND or RETAIN clients. Include hashtags #VAVS #VAVSwins and URL www.VAvirtuosos.com

2 POINTS – Attend the LIVE webinars of each Speaker OR Watch the Replay and post a takeaway note in our Facebook Community. Include hashtags #VAVS #VAVSwins


1 POINT – Like and comment on our Facebook Page

BONUS Attendee Engagement Challenges:

Let’s get to know the other attendees and share the love. (This can easily get you your 50 points to finish the challenge BUT could also push you up into the Top 5!)

BONUS 1:  Earn 1 Extra Credit Point for every #VAVSwins challenger you support on Instagram this week.
Instructions: Follow other attendees on Instagram & leave a comment on at least one of their recent post pics.
BONUS 2:  Earn 1 Extra Credit Point for every #VAVSwins challenger you support on Facebook this week.
Instructions: Like other attendees Facebook pages.
BONUS 2:  Earn 1 Extra Credit Point for every #VAVSwins challenger you support on Pinterest this week.
Instructions: Follow other attendees on Pinterest & leave a comment on at least one of their recent post pics.



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