Are You a Virtual Assistant (VA) Ready to Stop Stressing About the Economy, Have Some Fun AND Get Smarter About Getting Ahead?

Then get ready for VAVS9 coming to you this April 14-18th, 2014!

Hi! I’m Tawnya Sutherland and founder of the market leading resource for Virtual Assistants world wide online today since 2003 with over 20,000 registered members. With a membership that large you can rest assured that I’ve been lucky enough to come across some very successful Virtual Assistants over the years. AND these expert VAs are now ready to share their knowledge with other VAs to help them succeed in business too. In no other industry will you find such a sharing and supportive network between business colleagues except here in our VA world!

Want to know a secret about Virtual Assistants?

We stick together like glue, helping one another succeed in our VA businesses!

Want to know another secret about Virtual Assistants?

VAs are super smart, always on top of that new technology, software or online marketing technique coming through the sales funnel to help their business succeed in today’s downturned economy.

So without further ado, I present to you our 9th VA Virtuoso Seminars (VAVS9) of informative and engaging seminars in a webinar format presented by the best and the brightest in virtual assistance. Seminars that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home office via our online webinar platform. No commute expenses involved! All you need is a computer with speakers (or a headset) to listen with, an internet connection and YOU! Held over a period of 5 days between April 14-18th, 2014, you will have access to 20 educational webinars (PLUS one bonus webinar the week before on how to “Become a VA”), all focused on you, the Virtual Assistant to help you grow your VA business. I’ve once again tapped into my global network finding Virtual Assistants who’d be only too happy to share their hard earned business wisdom.

After all: who better to learn trade secrets from than VAs who are slugging it out in the trenches and succeeding? I may have a few tricks up my sleeve, but I’m also smart enough to know what I don’t know. Yet who has the time or money (or patience!) to learn it all?


All for one low price PLUS a truckload of free downloads and special offers. Some points I’d like to highlight…

  • It’s affordable (yep, we’re still in a recession)
  • It’s accessible (who isn’t online nowadays?)
  • It’s a social networking party (connect with your business peers)
  • It’s educational (knowledge is power)
  • It’s FUN (duh! Just read the RAVES from previous seasons)

Introducing the… Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Seminar Series 9 (VAVS9)

Here’s what I put together for you:

    • An exciting 5 day workshop series of 20 educational online seminars to benefit all virtual assistants worldwide on April 14-18th daily from 9am to 4pm PDT (-7 UTC/GMT – Vancouver, Canada Timezone) CLICK HERE for Time Zone converter

Time converter at

  • These online seminars are presented by your fellow Virtual Assistants who have been there, done that, and want to share all that (and more) with you!
  • A BONUS preview call before the series starts for those who want to know everything about becoming a VA but were afraid to ask.
  • AND…I am making it affordable during these trying economic times so that ANY Virtual Assistant at ANY stage in his or her business career can attend, accessing cutting edge information about getting ahead in an increasingly competitive virtual business environment.

The cost?

ONLY $37 To Access LIVE ALL 20 Webinars This price includes:

  • LIVE access to each online webinar as per scheduled dates
  • LIVE Group Q & A with each speaker during webinar
  • Bonus Gift (Downloadable Resource) from each Speaker
  • Access to Speaker Discounts and Special Offers

*Limited to 100 Tickets This event sells out quick!


NOTE: You will have the option to UPGRADE upon checkout for an extra $60 to receive the webinar recordings PLUS each speaker’s presentation notes.

Still unsure? READ all the raves and reviews from the last 8 seasons of VAVS!

Each Seminar is Presented by Some Of the Most Talented Virtual Pros in Your Industry! You can’t beat that price anywhere online that I’m aware of when it comes to furthering your education as a Virtual Assistant (not to mention having a fantastic time without even starting the car). Plus each of our speakers will give you an added FREE resource to download after each seminar. There will be tip sheets, eBooks, audios, special reports and more. AND if you upgrade to our GOLD membership upon checkout, you’ll get access to all video replays plus the presentation notes from each speaker within 48-72 hours of their presentation.

So…let’s present these successful Virtual Assistants and roll out the red carpet for them …

Thursday, April 3rd, 1PM PDT, 2PM MDT, 3PM CDT, 4PM EDT
Tawnya Sutherland Visit website

BONUS PREVIEW webinar for public …

Gotta Love Being a Virtual Assistant (VA)

During this information-rich 1 hour webinar based on Tawnya’s own experience as a Virtual Assistant (VA) for the past 15 years, you will receive the answers to common questions most Virtual Assistants are asking including:

  • WHO is a Virtual Assistant?
  • WHAT services can a VA offer?
  • WHERE do Virtual Assistants find clients?
  • WHEN do Virtual Assistants get paid?
  • WHY do VAs need a marketing plan?
  • HOW do Virtual Assistants grow their business?

Owning a successful Virtual Assistant has given many VAs the freedom to earn an above average potential income from the comforts of their home office. If you’ve ever been curious what it would be like to be the boss of your own service business or just want to pick up some sweet strategies to help you grow your VA business, you won’t want to miss this informational webinar.

Monday, April 14th, 9AM PDT, 10AM MDT, 11AM CDT, 12PM EDT
Emily KristoffersonVisit website

5 Keys to a Consistent Income as a Virtual Assistant

Whether your Virtual Assistant business is just beginning or you’re more established, it is possible to make a consistent monthly income without working all of the time (or going crazy in the process). Here’s what we will be covering:

  • The real reason why many Virtual Assistants struggle
  • What numbers are important to having a profitable business (hint: not just revenue + expenses!)
  • The #1 mistake Virtual Assistants make when it comes to setting their rates
  • How to attract plenty of clients
  • The EXACT skills I needed to grow my business

This webinar is designed to help you move forward in your business this year!

Monday, April 14th, 11AM PDT, 12AM MDT, 1PM CDT, 2PM EDT
Gayla ScrivenerVisit website

Why Networking Isn’t Like Fast Food

Being in business for yourself, you’ll find one of the most difficult things to do is securing closed business from new clients. The hardest person to sell to is to strangers. You’ve got to bridge that trust gap in order to have people buy from you. How do you close that trust gap? Network. Points of Presentation:

  • What Is Networking?
  • Effective Networking Tips
  • Everyone Can Do It, No Excuses
  • Build Client Base and Increase Referrals
  • Build into Marketing Plan
SPONSOR Monday, April 14th, 1PM PDT, 2PM MDT, 3PM CDT, 4PM EDT
Lynn Terry Visit website

Google+ – More Than A Social Network!

Join Lynn as she speaks on the importance of Google+ > It’s Not Just A Social Network! Learn how Gmail, Google+, Google Authorship and Plus One all work together for amazing benefits! Also learn how to set up and use your Google+ account for the best results in this two hour bonus training session.

Monday, April 14th, 3PM PDT, 4PM MDT, 5PM CDT, 6PM EDT
Brenda JohnVisit website

Building the Best Team for Your Client

Essential to business growth, is the development of people. People build products and deliver services. Knowing the right resource pools to tap to help your client build the best team, is becoming an essential part of VA duties. In this presentation we will cover:

  • Understanding the millennial age
  • Identifying and building the best team
  • VA support for a varied team of employees
Tuesday, April 15th, 9AM PDT, 10AM MDT, 11AM CDT, 12PM EDT
Teresa HuffVisit website

Outside the Toy Box: Creative Child Care Ideas for Work-At-Home Moms

In this presentation Teresa will address:

  • Challenges of working with kids at home
  • Benefits of working from home as a mom
  • Setting priorities and boundaries
  • Creative ideas for toddlers, preschoolers, and school aged kids to keep them busy and happy while you work
  • How to teach kids to be a part of your job team
  • Consider different types of VA jobs (One may not work with kids in tow, but another may be perfect.)
  • Change with the seasons of your family


Tuesday, April 15th, 11AM PDT, 12AM MDT, 1PM CDT, 2PM EDT
Angie Newton& Danielle JohnsonVisit website

How to Have a Successful Business Accountability Partnership

Angie and Danielle will give you tips on how to have a successful business accountability partnership. Can you imagine what it would be like to stay on track and reach all your home business goals? Let them show you the ropes.

DAILY SPONSOR Tuesday, April 15th, 1PM PDT, 2PM MDT, 3PM CDT, 4PM EDT

Fire That Webmaster and Create Your Clients’ Websites Yourself!

In this Visual Webinar, Christina will show you how you can build your own websites, quickly and easily with WordPress, and without having to pay webmasters their exorbitant fees AND without having to become a tech-geek! Christina will show you a wide variety of different websites that can easily be created with WordPress. This will bring more value to your clients, as YOU will be able to manage their sites for them.

Christina Hills
Visit website

Tuesday, April 15th, 3PM PDT, 4PM MDT, 5PM CDT, 6PM EDT
Lisa WellsVisit website

Leverage Your Time and Serve Your Clients Differently by Creating Purposeful Packages

VAs: Want to Create Packages But Don’t Know How?

  • You know you should be selling packages but are still stuck in the ‘charging by the hour’ mode?
  • You know the why you just need the how?
  • Are you charging way too low for the value that you provide?

I want to show you that it IS possible to leverage your business and even double your income. I will walk you through the steps I use when creating my own packages and helping my VA coaching clients do the same. I will share with you packaging strategies, the difference between service packages and support packages and examples of each, how to communicate your value so you can confidently state your rates with ease, and much more!

Wednesday, April 16th, 9AM PDT, 10AM MDT, 11AM CDT, 12PM EDT
Gillian PritchettVisit website

Achieving Financial Zen in your Business

Many entrepreneurs are wary of the financial aspects of running a business. They often feel overwhelmed by the terminology; by all the things they think they need to do. Sometimes they’re afraid – afraid it will be complicated; afraid they’ll get it wrong; afraid to admit they don’t really understand it all. They dread tax filing time. They put off paying invoices. They don’t always know what their cashflow situation is or even if their business is really profitable. This presentation highlights some of the key pain points and offers tips on how to overcome them. You’ll leave with a better understanding of:

  • The key accounting concepts
  • The essential records you need to keep
  • The importance of bank reconciliations
  • How to monitor cashflow
  • The value of producing and analyzing reports
Wednesday, April 16th, 11AM PDT, 12AM MDT, 1PM CDT, 2PM EDT
Kim Beckers Visit website

3 Keys to Unlock Freedom & Cash Flow in Your Business

3 Steps you can implement right away to find the freedom in your business and make more money.

  • Do you have the correct business foundations set up in your business so that it can run and grow without you?
  • Do you feel like you are working too hard in your business?
  • Do you want to make MORE money and have MORE free time?
  • Do you want to be able to have FREEDOM in your business?

Stop working so hard in your business, and start making massive money and have more free time

DAILY SPONSOR Wednesday, April 16th, 1PM PDT, 2PM MDT, 3PM CDT, 4PM EDT
Nicole DeanVisit website

Hot New Services that you can Offer Clients for Bigger Profits

In this presentation, Nicole Dean will share a little known way to begin offering hot valuable services to both your new and existing clients that they’ll be thrilled about. Your competition will be on this call, so you should be, too.

Wednesday, April 16th, 3PM PDT, 4PM MDT, 5PM CDT, 6PM EDT
Tracey D’AvieroVisit website

Goal Setting: The Key to Success in Your VA Business

What is the most important way to realize success in your business? It’s goal setting.

  • You need a goal to develop a strategy, and an action plan.
  • You need a goal to help you map the path of how you will get there.
  • You need a goal to have something to achieve!

And yet, goal setting is often overlooked by small business owners like us.

Join me for this session to learn how to easily set many types of goals in your business, and learn how to watch yourself walk towards success by setting up an actionable plan that works.

Thursday, April 17th, 9AM PDT, 10AM MDT, 11AM CDT, 12PM EDT
Tiffany Johnson Visit website

Becoming an Online Business Manager

PROFIT from YOUR Expertise, *Finally* Get the Respect you Deserve and Get PAID as the Person Who “Gets Stuff Done.” Rock’n Hot Webinar for Virtual Support Professionals ready to make a HUGE shift in how they serve clients and leverage their earning potential. We will cover:

  • The OBM Model of Working With Clients
  • The Difference Between Being an OBM or VA
  • Find Out Why Business Owners Want and NEED YOU!
  • The Benefits of BEING an OBM
Thursday, April 17th, 11AM PDT, 12AM MDT, 1PM CDT, 2PM EDT
Jeannine ClontzVisit website

Pricing/Rates – Retainers – Packages & Projects

One of the most challenging aspects of running a Virtual Assistance practice whether you’ve been in business for 10-days or 10-years. Articles, teleseminars, webinars, whatever the format, VAs continually seek support and new ideas in the area of rates and profitability. Women in this industry are especially vulnerable to the thought of raising prices, much less how it affects their business, clientele, and the ability to create a profitable business that yields an incredible income. Whether you want to keep your business a small, one-person operation, or grow to a multi-VA practice, this session will provide you with all the latest options for making sense of how your rates – retainers – and packages can make a huge difference in the success and growth of your practice. In this session you’ll learn:

  • How rates, services, and approach to pricing, impacts your client base.
  • How to set rates for profit, or develop discounts for retainers (and are they required).
  • What are packages, why should we consider them, and how they benefit our business and our clients?
  • Should you promote rates and costs on your website?
  • How often should you increase pricing?
  • Will you lose business/clients in changing the way you price your services?
  • How to respond/approach costs when interviewing prospects
DAILY SPONSOR Thursday, April 17th, 1PM PDT, 2PM MDT, 3PM CDT, 4PM EDT
Krizia de Verdier (Miss K)Visit website

YouTube for VAs and How to Serve Your Client’s Needs

Do you know what’s the “secret weapon” these Top Marketers use to build such successful companies? They leverage the power of video and YouTube! In this webinar you’ll learn how to leverage YouTube to seriously increase your VA business in less than 30 days. If you want to be a YouTube Marketing Pro in no time at all you won’t want to miss this webinar by Miss K herself where she will discuss YouTube channel mangement and marketing so you can add these services to your service list. Anyone who has been using video and YouTube in their business will tell you that once the videos are out there…you never know who will see them and which amazing opportunities will arise from putting yourself out there. We’re talking about bigger clients, media opportunities, speaking engagements, JV opportunities and much more! Video is powerful and it’s really a question of you getting started!

Thursday, April 17th, 3PM PDT, 4PM MDT, 5PM CDT, 6PM EDT
Cindy BidarVisit website

Client Retention Strategies of Top VAs

At some point in her career, every virtual assistant has asked, “How can I get more clients.” It’s the most frequent question new and even established VAs ask of me, and the problem is, it’s precisely the wrong question to ask. Instead, you need to be asking, “How can I keep the clients I have?” Happy clients:

  • Refer others
  • Gladly offer you a pay raise
  • Send more work your way
  • Ensure you have a reliable, consistent income from month to month

Of course, keeping clients happy isn’t difficult, but to reach rock-star VA status (and the rates that go with it) it helps if you have a plan. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to position yourself as a partner in your clients’ business, rather than just a task doer
  • How to expand your skill set so you can increase your rates
  • How to realistically plan your day and your week so everything gets done
  • How – and why – to say no to a new project
  • Plus, how to quickly fill the gaps when you do need to add a new client or two to your roster
Friday, April 18th, 9AM PDT, 10AM MDT, 11AM CDT, 12PM EDT
Tiffany Manley Visit website

How to Use Apps, Plugins, & Software for Effective Project & Time Management as a VA

No matter if you’re just starting out as a VA or suddenly find yourself with a boatload of clients, it’s important to have effective time and project management in place. By using these efficiency helpers you can get clear on your priorities, what you can automate and never miss a to-do item ever again!

Friday, April 18th, 11AM PDT, 12AM MDT, 1PM CDT, 2PM EDT
Susanne CollyerVisit website

Kindleling for VA’s

7 steps to get ebooks published on Kindle.

  • The do’s and dont’s of formating your word documents
  • How to add and create a clickable table of contents
  • What format to save word documents
  • Where to preview ebooks and make edits
  • Creating KDP account and understand the terms
  • Amazon Central Author Page
  • Create Space and KDP Select Program
DAILY SPONSOR Friday, April 18th, 1PM PDT, 2PM MDT, 3PM CDT, 4PM EDT
Lynette ChandlerVisit website

Never Let Your Clients Forget You! How To Keep Your Brand In Their Face (Politely)

If you build WordPress websites for clients, you know that previous clients are the best people to work for because they already know the quality of your work. The problem is, after building their websites, do they disappear, never to be heard from again? It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, the website you just handed over can be the perfect vehicle to keep your brand in front of them at all times. In this webinar, I’ll share exactly how to do that. Few people talk about this. Yet, the WordPress admin screens are prime real estate for you. If you are worried about super technical stuff, throw that thought out now. 99% of this is already done for you. If you can copy and paste, you can do this. I can’t wait to spill the beans in the webinar so make sure you’re there.

Friday, April 18th, 3PM PDT, 4PM MDT, 5PM CDT, 6PM EDT
Dan R. MorrisVisit website

From Messaging to Blogging to Clients: The Funnels

Ever heard of Howard Stern? He’s a guy that has alienated 60% of his audience everyday since he started. And guess what he ended up with? 20,000,000 fans who love his message. Let’s talk about your messaging from tone to location to blog post content. Then let’s create a message that filters in the kind of people who want to hire you.

THAT’S ALL VAs! Please leave your comments below

So, what are you waiting for?

Learn from the pros that have been there and done it before you…your Virtual Assistant colleagues.

The cost?

ONLY $37 To Access LIVE ALL 20 Webinars This price includes:

  • LIVE access to each online webinar as per scheduled dates
  • LIVE Group Q & A with each speaker during webinar
  • Bonus Gift (Downloadable Resource) from each Speaker
  • Access to Speaker Discounts and Special Offers

*Limited to 100 Tickets This event sells out quick!


NOTE: You will have the option to UPGRADE upon checkout for an extra $60 to receive the webinar recordings PLUS each speaker’s presentation notes.


I’m SUPER excited to share with you these fabulous speakers right within our very own Virtual Assistant community to give you some ideas and thoughts to make more money with your own VA business. I am looking forward to connecting with you at our virtual event and hope to see you there! To YOUR Virtual Success, Tawnya Sutherland The VA Expert “Your Virtual Assistant MotiVAtor” PS: Please contact me if you are interested in speaking with us in the future. Prerequsites are that you owned or previously owned a successful Virtual Assistant business and have a topic of interest that will be a resource to other VAs worldwide.

91 Responses to “Home”

  • Jaime-Ann Laidlaw:

    The amount of information I have received for such a small investment is insane! The notes and tips I took away from the seminars are priceless! If you are a VA it should be a no-brainer to attend this week long event!

    Don’t miss this event you will potentially lose new opportunities!!

  • Dana Williams:

    I’m really excited about this teleseminar series. There was a similar v.a. teleseminar offered recently that I really wanted to attend, but the price was a little too much for my budget. I am really thankful to Tawnya for offering a “budget friendly” teleseminar for v.a.’s.

    Kudos to you!

  • Melinda Hamby:

    I learned so much from these seminars. These women are awesome to learn from! I knew some, but the information I received in these classes have really inspired me to do even more.

  • Patty Passalacqua:

    I’ve enjoyed each and every webinar so much so far this week and I’m sure the remaining presentations will be awesome, as well. The speakers are experts in their subjects, and so very interesting to listen to. Everyone is having a great time interacting and networking with each other as well. Some of the webinars encourage audience participation, too, which is very lively. Thanks to all the speakers and to Tawnya for another great VA Virtuosos series.

    • Patty, thanks to you too and all the attendees for interacting before and after the webinars. That has been the fun part for me, getting to know all of you a bit more. Enjoy the rest of the series!

  • Who knew for the cost of an average date night for me & hubby, I could invest in myself/my business, learn from some great presenters, grow my business, and build relationships with such amazing and like-minded VAs!! I’M LOVING IT!! I have already started applying the knowledge I’ve gained.

    As a new VA, I appreciate the time investment Tawnya and each presenter had made and the participants who have been amazing during the seminars. Now I can move forward with even more confidence since I have the tools to be successful without a 90-hour work week.

    • Lisa, I had to laugh when you said “for the cost of an average date night for me & hubby” as my first thought was, I’m going to have to take that husband of yours aside and tell him that you are worth more than $15/date ;) Glad you are enjoying the series and that its been a good investment for you and business.

  • Cheryl Sajnani:

    Tawnya, firstly, I am so thankful that you have taken the initiative to put these seminars together and for providing us with courage with your own example. We need to be connected with other VAs. The speakers are outstanding and have made great contributions in inspiring us and giving us valuable tools to move forward.
    A BIG THANK YOU once again to yourself and the speakers.

    Cheryl Sajnani, Executive Edge Administrative Outsourcing Business Solutions, Canada

  • Debi Leonard:

    This is the first of any seminars I have been to sponsored by VAnetworking. I have been so pleased at all the various information I have received and can really see the benefit that I have obtained so far. Each and everyone of the speakers had information that benefited me as a Virtual Assistant.
    The Chat that goes along with the seminar is priceless! Not only did I learn from the speakers, I also was able to network with other VA’s. Such an opportunity!! Don’t miss the one in April!
    Kudo’s to Tawyna for the very resonable price as well!
    Debi Leonard
    Virtual Support Connections

    • I agree about the in between chat/networking Debi. It just makes me all fuzzy and warm inside getting to know others in the VA industry on a more personal level. Its definitely a VA bonding of sorts! Glad you are enjoying the event! :)

  • Kathy Birkett:

    I don’t know what else to say, but WOW. I have lurked in the background for two years researching everything I could about VA’s, and I would venture a guess that the last couple of days has provided so much more focused information that I have been looking for.

    As a budding VA, this information has been priceless for me. Tawnya, your choice of presenters is perfect, and the varied information makes one just want to keep on listening. Thank you to Tawnya, the presenters and the selfless volunteers for putting this on. We appreciate it more than you can know.

    • Kathy, thank you for your kind words and I’m so thrilled you are enjoying our event. The speakers are fantastic and what is so cool about their webinars is that many of them were brand new VAs themselves not long ago. I hope to see you speaking here too very soon Kathy ;) Enjoy the series and thanks!

  • Shauna:

    I finally got to sit in on a webinar today and it was great! So much knowledge from all the participants. I’m still learning before I launch properly, but now I’ve got itchy feet to get moving more quickly.

    Thanks Tawnya for putting together such a professional speaker list. I’ve downloaded the ones I’ve missed and hope to listen to them over the weekend.

  • Anastasia Karlis:

    Being very new to this industry and trying to get my business off of the ground I felt like this was a fantastic use of time!! There is so much valuable information that has been shared by experts on their subjects. Thank you so much for pulling this together. Also the support from all the VAs has been so inspiring!!

  • Lucie Hansom:

    This series of webinars was such an awesome showcase of the many talented VAs who are willing to share with other VAs. They all had a wealth of information in their fields and inspired me tremendously.

    Koo-dos to Tawnya and her group of volunteers. They did an awesome job!!

  • This series of webinars has been so great. Even when you think, I have this, I’m doing it, you realize that there maybe one key piece of the puzzle that is going to put it all together. This is what the seminars have done for me, it has answered questions about specifics, taking a step back and looking at a different perspective.

    This has been a very awesome seminar series, and I thank you again for all you do for us, helping us succeed in our business. :)

  • WOW ! The speakers and resources provided in this excellent webinar series is unbelievable. The chatting throughout (and even after a session has ended) has added extra value to the package. I have learned much and have received the tools to be successful in these topics. The VA industry is unique in that we love to help, share and uplift each other be successful. I appreciate the time and energy of, and the speakers for the VAVS2 to make this an excellent webinar series. Don’t miss the upcoming series in April 2011. I know I will be there! Thank you!

  • This was a value-packed week, I can’t wait to put some of the new tips and strategies into practice and crank my business up a notch. I am still amazed at the affordability and value of this series, thank-you for making these sessions so accessible to newer (budget challenged) VAs.

    It feel so blessed to be a part of the VA community. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to learn from this inspiring group of talented and giving VAs.

    Many thanks to all who made this event possible! See you next time around, this one is on my must-attend list.

  • Linda Taylor:

    It has been a great week of webinar’s. I can not believe how much I have learned. The speakers were detailed and easy to follow and learn from.

    Thank you to all of the speakers and Tawnya for assisting me in my business growth.

  • Thanks so much to Tawnya and all the presenters for such an incredible week of learning and sharing. It amazes me to find a group of professionals who are so willing to share so freely of their knowledge and experience with others who are new to the profession. Thanks again to you all! Great Job!

  • Thank you to Tawnya for a wonderful week of speakers on topics that I have been needing assistance on. Many new and great ideas. Linked In and Facebook two areas that I have ignored and realize that I need to get my butt in gear! Thank you to ALL the speakers who took their time to help all those in attendance! I’m very much looking forward to next year’s seminars! Hope to see many of you again in the spring of 2011!

  • Tawnya
    You have done it again! These seminars were great! I am so glad that I upgraded to the Diamond Level, I can’t wait to listen to the first series!

    Kudos to your volunteer assistants who helped you before, during and after the seminars. I know that without them you would not have been able to put these seminars on.

    Also THANKS to all the great speakers. Although I tried really hard to attend all sixteen in person, I missed two of them. I have scheduled time in my schedule next week to listen to them. I am so looking forward to hearing what insight they have to offer.

    These seminars will help me as I continue to grow my VA business and help me realize my goals. Thank you so much!

  • Shauna:

    Wow! I’ve just downloaded all the bonus extras from the guest speakers to read whilst I’m on the train over the coming weeks. I can’t wait as I wasn’t able to attend more than 2 of the sessions. The speakers have been very generous in the information they have provided. For me as a ‘newbie’ I am very grateful to you all, it makes my life a lot easier to know that I don’t have to ‘re-invent the wheel’, THANK YOU!
    Secret Secretary

  • Hello Tawnya!

    What wonderful seminars you put together last week! No matter how long we are in business we can always benefit from such seminars!

    The speakers were awesome! All were exceptionally knowledgeable and for me opened my eyes a bit more to realizing that I need to make some additions and changes to my business. I’m so old school that it is time to get with the ball game! With the Diamond package I am able to continue learning with all the material you have provided from this past week that I know I will get out of that old school!

    Looking forward to the Spring 2011 seminars!

  • Thank you, Tawnya. I have resources to read and learn from for many, many weeks. I have been encouraged and inspired as well.

  • Edna Campos:

    What an amazing week of webinars! all of the information is very valuable for me as I am now starting my business as a Virtual Assistant. The speakers have a lot of experience on their fields and they knew to transmit it to us a in a very clearly way. Thanks for their time and effort to make us understand the most important and trendy topics within this industry.
    Thank you very much Tanwya and your wonderful team for all the love you put in designing them and for your professionalism that I admire, you’all made this webinars such a great experience for me; I also loved meeting all the VA’s and what they gently shared with me.
    Edna Campos from Mexico.

  • I can’t wait! I attended last year’s VA Virtuosos and it was one of the most informative series of tele-classes for virtual assistants I’ve ever been part of. Not to mention the sidebar chats–what a great community! I can’t believe it’s such an amazing bargain.

    • I always try to keep an affordable package for the newbies who don’t have much in their budget yet for training. I truly believe this series can benefit so many Virtual Assistants worldwide.

  • I am very interested in attending the webinars, but will not be able to access most of them. Will we be able to download or replay them after the fact?

  • What an amazing week it was. So much to learn from established VAs across the pond. I feel lucky to have been able to participate on those webinars – even more as I now can listen to them all over again. Thank you Tawnya, thanks to the presenters.

    • Tawnya:

      Andrea you were such a trooper attending them as I know that the 12 hour difference in timezones with our webinars kept you awake untill 3-4am in the morning. Thanks for spending your sleeping hours with us ;)

  • Hi Tawnya,
    I was considering going for Diamond. I was wondering if the replays will be downloadable as MP3′s as well as video. I like to listen and relisten to seminars while driving or away from my computer. Please let me know soon.

  • Debra Mason:

    I am really very interested in attending the webinars. However, they are being held while I am away from home and taking care of business in Dallas, TX. Will these webinars be recorded, and if so, will they be available for me to view? Also, if I register for these webinars and have to view the archived sessions, will I still receive all the other bonuses such as the free downloads from the VA presenters, tip sheets, etc.?


    Debra Mason

  • This sounds very exciting, so much information at your fingertips. What does it take to be a gold member and how much does it cost for the gold membership?

  • Thanks for the invitation. I love learning and keep always on my mind. But, What is the difference on this to others?

    • I only know of one other online conference for the VA industry and our uniqueness is that all of our speakers are or have owned a Virtual Assistant practice. You are listening to speakers at our network who have been there or are doing it as a successful VA and want to share their knowledge with other VAs. I’ve found the VA industry to be very supportive amongst either other sharing their experiences to help others avoid the mistakes they have made. A very giving industry unlike other industries (ie: internet marketers) who see their business colleagues as competitors instead of friends

  • Julie Caught:

    Hi Tawnya
    I am in the process of setting up my VA business so I am still working in the meantime. This conference looks awesome but I will be working whilst it’s occurring. Is there anyway that I can get recordings of the conference?
    Julie Caught

    • Yes, just select the GOLD package when registering and that includes the recordings of these 20 webinars plus you get access to archives of over 100 past webinars :)

  • Beverly:

    This conference sounds amazing and I cannot wait to engage in this wealth of information. I’m registering today.

    • I am so looking forward to it! We have an amazing line up of speakers again this season that you’ll definitely learn from. Not to mention networking and engaging with all the attendees and speakers is priceless! Hope you have a great time and see you there


    Thank you for this wonderful Webinar! I am a ‘newbie’ and have not even begun to scratch the surface of all there is to know. However, today was amazing and I look forward to the next 3 days. I wasn’t even tired after today’s presentations…it was really informative!!

  • Tawnya, once again you have lined up a list of exceptional speakers and presenters to share with us. Even though I have attended VA Virtuosos in the past, the content is still very current and informative. I am looking forward to the last day, tomorrow, but also know I’ll suffer “withdrawals” on Saturday.

    When a friend or former co-worker talks to me about working from home, the VAnetworking forum is the first of two places I send them. If they join the forum and start making use of it, then I know they’re interested ;)

    Thanks again for sharing so much with us year after year! I think you have set a good example for the entire VA industry with your generous nature.

    Kathy Anderson
    Anderson Business Support Services

    • Thanks for your raves Kathy and for mentioning us to your business colleagues. (Don’t forget to use your affiliate link when you do refer people to us so you get a kickback as a thankyou for this ;)

      It was fun to engage with you once again at VAVS during the networking time between speakers. This is one of the coolest perks about hanging with us live > getting to network with attendees and learn more about them so we can all leverage our skills and work together in this industry :)

  • Great series and awesome speakers! This is my second conference, and I am already looking forward to the next one! I connected with a lot of great people. Thank you Tawnya! :-)

  • Andrea Robinson:

    We are in day 4 of our 5 day VAVS 8 Session. Just amazing everything we are learning.

    I am a “newbie” as well to this world. I have lots to learn and am excited about it and am up for the challenge.

    • Andrea I’m glad you are learning lots to put towards your new start up as a VA. The opportunities for VAs to make money selling their services is endless and the speakers will inspire you even further with their presentations. Enjoy! :)

  • Sue Kramer Harrawood:


    My sincerest thank you’s to you and Danielle for yet again creating a rock star VAVS lineup this week. I wasn’t able to catch many live but the ones I did were terrific! I enjoyed hearing Sharon give business plans a makeover and met a new speaker that I know I will be following – Lynn Terry. Really like her knowledge and personality. Also so jazzed to hear my buds Donna Toothaker, Susan Mershon and Nancy Seeger. Was thrilled to start a relationship with Kathy Anderson. Such top notch folks all around!

    Thank you for allowing me the privilege to be a sponsor and speak to attendees about something near and dear to my heart – exceptional team members. I look forward to teaching VA Networking members when they enroll in Exceptional Subcontractors. I’ll keep the coupon code up a while as I want as many to take advantage of the deal as they can. They’ll learn such great stuff taught by the brilliant minds of the VA industry.

    Sue Kramer Harrawood
    Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance and Exceptional Subcontractors
    Like us on Facebook –

    • Sue, the connections I’ve made at VAVS have been fantastic for my business and glad to see you made some new ones as well :) Lynn Terry rocks! And thank you for your sponsorship this season. I see a bunch have already enrolled in your program and I know they won’t be disappointed.

  • Hi Tawnya,
    Hope you are doing well.

    Can you please let me know .How a Virtual Office can control your costs??

    Online Virtual Assistant

    • There are minimal costs associated with running a VA business as we do work from a home office, is that what you mean by your question, please clarify if something different? You’ll need a website to market yourself, a computer (printer, etc.), software/programs to service your clients, marketing budget, continuing education, etc. all of which is a tax write-off starting up a VA business. If your question relates more to the costs the client saves by hiring a VA you can learn more about that here:

  • Lisa K:

    Hi Tawnya,
    I wanted you and your audience to know that I thoroughly enjoyed the VAVS 8 seminars last week. I learned so much from each speaker on the panel. Every one had special knowledge to share with all of us. It was so informative and very well structured. You sure know how to put together these events! I am now sorting through everything and working on figuring out my next moves.

    Thanks again- I will be back in touch!


  • My first Virtual Assistant conference and I’m very excited! Koodos for my prompt and personal customer service from Ms. VAVirtuoso herself and Danielle at the help desk!

  • Debra McGill:

    There has been amazing content in this online conference. I have many new ideas to learn, use, and implement! Thank you for offering this great learning opportunity!

  • Kathryn Solomon:

    Just wanted to express my appreciation to you for offering the ‘GOLD’ membership level. I love the seminar, the great presenters and the varied subject matter offered. I do not want to miss any of it. Which is why I was delighted you offered the opportunity for presentation replays and all of the materials for download. I have a busy work/family schedule and while I have attended several sessions; I am pleased that I can review missed presentations on my own time schedule.
    Thank you Tawnya!
    Kathryn Solomon

    • Kathryn, having the video recordings to go back on and review (or watch if you happen to miss a webinar LIVE) is one of the perks of upgrading to a GOLD membership and glad you love it :) I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you more at the event and look forward to keeping our connection going through our social networks in the future :)

  • Julia Rola:

    I’m attending VAvirtosos for first time (GOLD level & so grateful to have access to presentations after this week).

    Approx. 2 years ago, I was fortunate enough to be mentored by a very generous gal who provided subcontract work. That website support & social media support work began to dwindle February.

    It’s past time for me to get a website launched and to hit it (i.e. fully market my own virtual business)! These webinars are so energizing and-ddd empowering. HooRAY!

    • Julia so thrilled you are enjoying VAVS! It’s been great getting to know you during networking hours at VAVS between speakers. I’m glad you are getting something out of them HooRAY! ;)

  • So far enjoying it all! Intense week but glad I have the luxury of going back and listening to the recorded videos. Thank you!

  • Irene Chambers:

    This is the final day of VAVS9, and my head is buzzing with all the information. In such a good way! I’m so charged up. Being new to the VA business, I have just been on soak-it-in overdrive this week. It’s a huge learning curve for me, and this has been AWESOME! I chose the GOLD membership, knowing I’d miss a few webinars and be able to see them later. So glad I did now, seeing what the bonus downloads and speaker notes are, too. Thank you so much for this opportunity. (One thing I would love even more would be if all the speaker offers could be open for just one more week. A little more time to make a decision about which one(s) I need most.)

  • Ronda Henderson:

    I have loved everything that I have learned from all the outstanding speakers that have been on this Conference! Absolutely worth every penny of the fee. As a newbie, I am just so happy to have found this resource. Thank you all for taking the time to share all your valuable information!

  • Caroline Donnelly:

    VAVs is always an incredible time of learning and growing, plus fun chatting and networking. The low price shouldn’t fool anyone, there is thousands of dollars in value here! By attending VAVs, a virtual assistant can learn things in a week that took me months and years to learn!

    Caroline Donnelly

  • Kimberly B:

    ACCOMPLISHED GOALS PRODUCE BIG CHECKS! Question: what’s personalized informative interactive, convenient and delivers just what your business wants and needs? A good VA! I live by check lists. this week I received my biggest checks ever by attending the week-long online 2014 VAV Conference – 20+ hrs of webinar training completed/done!!!! I got paid motivation, time, attention and technical support on the fly. Thanks Tawnya and Danielle for bringing a training experience and international gathering I’ll never forget directly to my living room.

  • Lisa:

    This was my first VAVS!!! I am so glad that I decided to attend. I learned so much. This conference is for everyone from the VA just starting out to the VA that has been in business for years!! So much great information and networking. Thank you Tawnya for having this conference :)

  • susanne collyer:

    what a great opportunity to be able to speak at VAVS9. This is such a warm and interested group of Virtual Assistants. Thank you Tawnya for putting on a top notch event and to Danielle Beauchemin for all her behind the scenes support. There are so many talented Virtual Assistants and it is such a joy to be part of this group.

  • Awesome training. All of the speakers and presentations were very informative. So glad I upgraded so I can go back and listen to them over again. Thank you so much for this great resource. I will definitely take advantage of some of the programs the speakers offered.

  • Great job everyone that helped make a wonderful experience for my first VAVS! Kudos to all that worked tirelessly to make it happen, I know that it took a lot of work behind the scenes. I really enjoyed attending some of the live sessions and look forward to listening to the recorded sessions with my GOLD membership

  • Kathy Andrews:

    The VAVS conference is fantastic! I always learn at least one thing from every webinar. And this conference was no different. Thank you Tawnya and Danielle for doing such a great job.

  • Great week of knowledge….Thank you for all you do for us!

  • I really enjoyed the VAVS conference. There was a lot of information, which I hope to use over the next several months. Thank you very much for providing this opportunity!

  • Rebecca Sheppit:

    WOW! I am so glad I bought a GOLD package for VAVS9. This was my first ever virtual conference. There was a lot of cool information shared over the 5 days and I will be able to review all the webinars for many months to come to absorb it all. As well, I have new contacts that I will be able to network with. Thank you Tawnya and Danielle. I will be back next year for VAVS10 for sure!!!!!!

  • Erin Schenke:

    Thanks for the great trainings!

  • Kelly SeBour:


    Just wanted to comment on the AWESOME VAVS9 webinars. I have learned so much and very excited to start my own VA business. All the presentations were wonderful and came with an abundance of information to help us grow and become successful VA’s. So glad I purchased the GOLD Membership. VA Networking/ VA Insiders Club will be my Go to Community! Thanks to Tawnya; going call her the Motivator!

    Kelly SeBour

  • Had another great season at VAvirtuosos! Once again I left with my head full of great information from all the speakers. Enjoyed networking with other VAs in the webinar room and can’t wait for next season!

    Thanks to all that came and made the event a blast! I always look forward to helping put this event together with Tawnya every Spring and Fall. :)

    Next up, VAVS10!

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