vavsAre you a Virtual Assistant (VA) who…

  • Needs more paying clients?
  • Can’t figure out your target market?
  • Don’t know how to get started in business?
  • Wants to learn some new marketing strategies?
  • Can’t figure out how to price their services?
  • Desires exponential growth so they can retire one day?
  • Wants to keep up on top of technology to better serve their clients?
  • Would like to network with other successful Virtual Assistants?
  • Desires to make a sizable income working from home?

If so you’ll want to attend the next Virtual Assistant Online Conference > #VAVS!

Educational Online Virtual Assistant Conference

#VAVS Season 11 Starts: April 20-24, 2015

(Daily from 9am to 4pm PDT (-7 UTC/GMT – Vancouver, Canada – Convert to your timezone)

#VAVS stands for the “Virtual Assistant VAvirtuoso Seminars” an online conference that VAs keep coming back to attend each season to help grow their business in the right direction. AND with only 200 seats available we SELL OUT every season!

20 LIVE Webinars Geared to Train Virtual Assistants


At #VAVS you’ll learn valuable information to help your VA business grow faster into the work at home empire you have always dreamed of having! We’ve tapped into our global network at to find Virtual Assistants who are thrilled to share their hard earned business wisdom with you. Informative, interractive and engaging seminars in an online webinar format presented by the best and the brightest in virtual assistance.  

After all: who better to learn trade secrets from than VAs who are slugging it out in the trenches and succeeding? I may have a few tricks up my sleeve, but I’m also smart enough to know what I don’t know. Yet who has the time or money (or patience!) to learn it all?



Why Should You Attend?

  • You’ll learn new business strategies together in a group environment online and share tips with each other on how to succeed working virtually.
  • You’ll receive brilliant ideas of how to get NEW clients and how to keep your current ones happy from those attendees who have been that and know how to do it.
  • You’ll stay-on-top of what is new and buzzing in the VA industry from new software to strategic marketing ideas for our service businesses.
  • You’ll get to network with industry leaders and your business colleagues for 5 days straight
  • You’ll simply have lots of giggly FUN dang-it!  ;)

What Makes Our Event Stand Out?

Our speakers know the VA industry inside out! Why? Because they either run a VA business right now or have previously. Who better to learn from than other Virtual Assistants who have been there and done it, VAs themselves? YES, our speakers are made up mostly of Virtual Assistants who are in business right now as a VA and are ready to share their knowledge with us!

Our #VAVS Theme:
From one Virtual Assistant to another > $UCCESS!

No travel or communte expenses involved! These are seminars that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home office via our online webinar platform. All you need is a computer with speakers (or a headset) to listen with, an internet connection and YOU!

It’s an interactive learning experience! 

The networking is unbelievable! We even leave the webinar room open in between speaker presentations so you can engage with your peers!

It’s affordable! ANY Virtual Assistant at ANY stage in his or her business career can attend, accessing cutting edge information about getting ahead in an increasingly competitive virtual service business environment. Where else can you watch LIVE 20 one-hour training webinars in the VA industry FOR ONLY $37?

#VAVS Starts Soon!








Next Early Bird Draw








Get Your Ticket Today!

Only 200 Seats!

At only $37 a ticket to watch 20 speakers present to you LIVE we always sell out.
Don’t miss it!


The Virtual Assistant Conference: #VAVS

  • It’s affordable (yep, we’re still in a recession)
  • It’s accessible (who isn’t online nowadays?)
  • It’s a social networking party (connect with your business peers)
  • It’s educational (knowledge is power)
  • It’s FUN (duh! Just read the RAVES from previous seasons)

Watch our complimentary one hour webinar

It’s from one of our past #VAVS (Presented by IVAA,org). This one hour webinar will give you an idea of what you can expect if you attend this season (and then times that expectation by 20 as we have 20 speakers lined up for you to enjoy!)

 Why Attend Conferences as a Virtual Assistant? (Click image below to WATCH NOW)

Visit the VA Virtuosos Blog

Want to know a couple of secrets about Virtual Assistants?

1. VAs stick together like glue, helping one another succeed in our VA businesses!

2. VAs are super smart, always on top of that new technology, software or online marketing techniques coming through the sales funnel to help their business succeed in today’s down-turned economy.

Order Your #VAVS Ticket Today!

What Will Be Taught at #VAVS 11?

Here’s a list of the speakers and topics we have planned for you during this 5 day event:

To kickoff our event and bring awareness to the Virtual Assistant industry we are holding a FREE webinar presented by our #VAVS Host, Tawnya Sutherland. This FREE webinar is for anyone interested in virtual assistance as a career path. You can attend this webinar for FREE to get a preview of what to expect at our upcoming #VAVS. Hopefully after attending it you are enticed to buy a ticket to our conference in April. Please tell all your business colleagues about it!


PREVIEW: Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Tawnya Sutherland (Your #VAVS Host)

Want to Become a Virtual Assistant? Resources You’ll Want to Know About!

During this information-rich 1 hour webinar based on Tawnya’s own experience as
a Virtual Assistant (VA) for the past 15 years, you will receive the answers to common questions most Virtual Assistants are asking today! Come join us for this preview training so you know what to expect when you attend #VAVS Season 11.

NOW let’s roll out the red carpet for our speakers for #VAVS Season 11 coming soon to a computer screen in your area ;)

DAY 1 – Monday, April 20th, 2015

Tracey D’Aviero ~ From Assistant to CEO: The Sky’s the Limit for Building Your VA Business

Dana Fortier ~ Covering Your A$$ets: Emergency Preparedness for your Virtual Assistant Business

Kelly McCausey ~ Making Bright Shiny Objects Work For You

Traci Knoppe ~ Authority & Confidence Are the Foundations to Growing a Successful VA Business

DAY 2 – Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Cassandra Hehmeyer ~ My First Year as a VA: What I Learned and Why I Never Gave Up!

Amanda Mock ~ Tech Talk: How to Manage a Growing Virtual Team and What Platforms Make it Easy

Pam Ivey ~ How Do You Land Clients that Will NEVER Let You Go?

Gayla Scrivener ~ How to Build A Stronger VA Business Through Relationship Marketing

DAY 3 – April 22nd, 2015

Kathrine Farris ~ Expanding to a (Profitable) Full-Time VA Practice

Shannon Lagasse ~ How to Get Booked Solid with NO Marketing Whatsoever

Elayne Whitfield ~ Online Marketing Made Simple

Robyn Bennett ~ Learn the Skills That Helped Me Stand out from the Crowd and Up-Level My VA Business

DAY 4 – April 23rd, 2015

Jennifer Hazlet ~ Write A Newsletter? Who Me?

Kathy Goldman ~ Real Estate Virtual Assistance Niche

Dan Morris ~ Uh. . .My Post is Going Viral. Now What Do I Do?

Cathy Yerges ~ How to Build a Lead Generation Strategy Using LinkedIn

DAY 5 – April 24th, 2015

Tamara Baranova ~ Content Marketing 101: Digital Marketing Strategy for Service Businesses

Janine Gregor ~ 5 Tips VAs Can Implement Today To Write a Winning RFP Proposal and Obtain New Clients

Meredith Eisenberg ~ Avoid Client Feast or Famine: Market Your Business in 30 Minutes A Day

Kim Barnes Jefferson ~ VAs Guide To Staying Healthy

Check Out Full SPEAKER Lineup for #VAVS 11

For full details of our agenda including Speaker’s topic descriptions and exact times/dates for each webinar make sure you click here to read the full detailed version.

Click to Read Full Speaker Agenda

I can’t wait! I attended last year’s VA Virtuosos and it was one of the most informative series of webinars for virtual assistants I’ve ever been part of. Not to mention the sidebar chats–what a great community! I can’t believe it’s such an amazing bargain.

Nina Feldman

Just finished the week of VAVS. Fabulous speakers, countless fresh ideas, networking and more networking. So much to learn, so little time. This training sharpened my skills, gave me new ideas, and encouraged me. This was my second VAVS and I plan to attend again…and again. Thank you Tawnya for this experience! I recommend this to all virtual assistants, new and experienced.

Irene Chambers


These VAvirtuosos seminars have been the best seminars I have ever attended! They are not only jammed packed with educational information but they are blast to attend. The cream of the crop are here and sharing all the insider secrets. This is a series that should not be missed. Making these key connections is priceless to any virtual business. I am so excited everyday to attend the seminars, I turn off the TV, the phone and have child entertainment ready! I wouldn’t miss these seminars. I have really enjoyed meeting these phenomenal women and can’t wait to meet the remaining ladies.

Erin Stinson
Premiere Virtual Office

I’ve been attending VAVS for the past 4 years or so. Each year I get more and more out of it…it’s kind of like “you don’t know what you DON’T know”. As I grow in my business, I find there is more than I realize the things I need to know and VAVS always comes through in providing that information!

Nancy Greco

Choose Your #VAVS Ticket

We have two VA Virtuoso packages available for you to choose from below depending on your business needs and budget. It’s important to your business that you invest in it by educating yourself and keeping on top of ongoing trends in the Virtual Assistant world. Our VA Virtuosos are here to share their knowledge with you from one VA to another!


  • The SILVER Ticket is our budget package for new VAs starting out who may have the free time right now to attend the LIVE webinars each day. It’s an intensive 5 day series with 4 one hour long seminars each day for a total of 20 webinars. You’ll have access to attend each seminar at the designated time.
    1. Access to 20 LIVE webinars as per scheduled dates/times
    2. LIVE Group Q & A with each speaker during webinar
    3. Chat Networking Periods Between Webinars
    4. Bonus Gift (Downloadable Resource) from each Speaker
    5. Access to Speaker Discounts and Special Offers
    6. One (1) Draw Ticket – Ticket is entered into our hat where we draw from for any prizes we give away at our event (including Early Bird Draws)
    Access to Silver Member area expires one month after event ends so you have time to download your bonus gifts. This package DOES NOT include the VIDEO Recordings or Speaker PowerPoint Notes. Please order a GOLD Ticket if you want these resources.
Tawnya Sutherland

Tawnya Sutherland

Your #VAVS Host

Hi! I’m Tawnya Sutherland and founder of the market leading resource for Virtual Assistants world wide online today since 2003 with over 25,000 registered members. With a membership that large you can rest assured that I’ve been lucky enough to come across some very successful Virtual Assistants over the years. AND these expert VAs are now ready to share their knowledge with other VAs to help them succeed in business too. In no other industry will you find such a sharing and supportive network between business colleagues except here in our VA world!

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