Are YOU a Virtual Assistant who…

  • Needs more paying clients?
  • Can’t figure out your target market?
  • Doesn’t know how to get started in business?
  • Wants to learn a new arsenal of marketing strategies?
  • Struggling to figure out how to price your services?
  • Desires exponential growth so you can retire one day?
  • Eager to keep on top of technology to better serve your clients?
  • Would like to network with other successful Virtual Assistants?
  • Desires to make a sizable income working from home?
  • Enjoys re-educating themselves on a regular basis?
  • Knows that connecting with Industry Leaders is priceless?
  • Is still trying to leave the 9 – 5 cubicle and needs inspiration?
  • Wants to WIN some cool business related prizes???

Are YOU a Virtual Assistant who…

  • Needs more paying clients?
  • Can’t figure out your target market?
  • Doesn’t know how to get started in business?
  • Wants to learn a new arsenal of marketing strategies?
  • Struggling to figure out how to price your services?
  • Desires exponential growth so you can retire one day?
  • Eager to keep on top of technology to better serve your clients?
  • Would like to network with other successful Virtual Assistants?
  • Desires to make a sizable income working from home?
  • Enjoys re-educating themselves on a regular basis?
  • Knows that connecting with Industry Leaders is priceless?
  • Is still trying to leave the 9 – 5 cubicle and needs inspiration?
  • Wants to WIN some cool business related prizes???

If YES… then you won’t want to miss the online VA industry conference > Virtual Assistant VAvirtuosos Seminars  #VAVS!








Educational Online Virtual Assistant Conference

November 6-9th, 2018

#VAVS Season 17 > With 20 Speakers & Topics! 

(Daily from 9am to 4pm PT (-8 UTC/GMT – Vancouver, Canada – Convert to your timezone)

#VAVS stands for the “Virtual Assistant Virtuoso Seminars” an online conference that VAs keep coming back to attend each season to help grow their business in the right direction. AND with only 200 seats available we SELL OUT every season!

20 LIVE Webinars Geared to Train Virtual Assistants …

Successful Virtual Assistants Sharing Their Knowledge!

FOR ONLY $37! (Only 200 Seats)

Tawnya SutherlandAt #VAVS you’ll learn valuable information to help your VA business grow faster into the work at home empire you have always desired!

Being the Market Leader to the Virtual Assistant industry your host Tawnya Sutherland, has met many awesome, educated, savvy, engaging business professionals in her lifetime who understand the way a Virtual Assistant works. During this series of seminars held twice a year, we present a speaker stage of engaging Virtual Assistants who currently run a successful VA business or have in the past. Virtual Assistants who have already went through the bumps and grinds of getting their business going and have figured out what works and what doesn’t work in their business to share with their peers.

#VAVS 16 Theme:

Virtual Assistant Growth MIB (Mindset, Income, Business)

What a great way to GROW your online business by…

  1. Focusing on a positive, new mindset in your business
  2. Learning how to increase your income with new technology and marketing strategies
  3. Overhauling your business structure and procedures through proven and tried methods. 

You’ll learn the ins and outs of making it in your business via your fellow business colleagues (other Virtual Assistants) who have been there and done it!

Why Should You Attend?

  • You’ll learn new business strategies together in a group environment online and share tips with each other on how to succeed working virtually.
  • You’ll receive brilliant ideas of how to get NEW clients and how to keep your current ones happy from those attendees who have been that and know how to do it.
  • You’ll stay-on-top of what is new and buzzing in the VA industry from new software to strategic marketing ideas for our service businesses.
  • You’ll get to network with industry leaders and your business colleagues
  • Not to mention all the cool prizes you can WIN! (check them out here)

You’ll simply have lots of giggly FUN dang-it!  😉

I'm ready to grab my ticket now...

What Makes Our Event Stand Out?

Our speakers know the VA industry inside out! Each speaker is hand picked by your host, Tawnya Sutherland, who has been working successfully as a Virtual Assistant herself for over 20 years and has been the market leader in the VA industry since 2003. If anyone knows what Virtual Assistants need to learn to see success, it’s Tawnya because she has been there and done it with her own VA business and understands what works and what doesn’t to have a successful business. 

Over the years Tawnya has met many trainers and instructors in person at networking events and online who actually understand the VA industry. Argo, she has gathered up her bright business colleagues for you at #VAVS! Smart speakers who know how to help Virtual Assistants better equip us with solutions that actually work to make our business grow and succeed.

20 talented Virtual Assistants will be your speakers at this event!

Who better to learn from than your business colleagues who have been there and done that?


What Will Be Taught at #VAVS 16?

To KICK OFF our event and bring awareness to the Virtual Assistant industry we are holding a FREE webinar presented by our #VAVS Host, Tawnya Sutherland. This FREE webinar is for anyone interested in virtual assistance as a career path. You can attend this webinar for FREE to get a preview of what to expect at our upcoming #VAVS. Hopefully, after attending it, you are enticed to buy a ticket to our conference. Please tell all your business colleagues about it!


REGISTER HERE to attend this FREE Preview
  • Thursday, March 29th at 3pm PDT (GMT/UTC -7h) 
  • Thursday, April 12th at 3pm PDT (GMT/UTC -7h) 
  • Thursday, April 19th at 3pm PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

Tawnya Sutherland (Your #VAVS Host) presents…

What to Expect in a Career as a Virtual Assistant

During this information-rich 1 hour webinar based on Tawnya’s own experience as a Virtual Assistant (VA) for the past 20 years, you will receive the answers to common questions most Virtual Assistants are asking today! Come join us for this preview training so you know what to expect when you attend #VAVS.

NOW, without further ado, here’s our talented speakers & their topics for #VAVS Season 16 …

<< Read full details of each webinar by clicking on the + sign under each speaker’s name

Tawnya Sutherland

Monday, April 23rd
9am PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

Find Your Virtual Assistant Growth > MIB (Mindset, Income, Business)
What a great way to GROW your VA business attending #VAVS to help you… 
– Focus on a positive, new mindset in your business
– Learn how to increase your income with new technology and marketing strategies
– Overhaul your business structure and procedures through proven and tried methods.
You’ll learn the ins and outs of making it in your VA business via your fellow business colleagues (other Virtual Assistants) who have been there and done it! 
In this webinar, Tawnya Sutherland, our host this week, will give you tips and pointers on how to make best use of your time at #VAVS. From learning proven ways of networking online to more clients from your experience. Get ready to GROW your VA business starting today!

Tawnya has hosted this Virtual Assistant online conference for 15 seasons. She is a Certified Internet Marketing Business Strategist from the University of British Columbia and has owned her own VA business for 20+ years. Her online marketing skills founded her in 2003, the market leader in the Virtual Assistant industry. Tawnya has become the go-to spokesperson and expert trainer/coach for Virtual Assistants wanting to share, learn more, and grow their businesses. 

Alicia Jay

Monday, April 23rd
11am PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

How to Cut out the Noise, Find Your Marketing Sweet Spot, and Get Clients!

There are so many ways to market your VA business out there. It can be so overwhelming! How do you know what’s going to work? 
In this session, you’ll learn: 

  • How to find your “best fit” marketing 
  • Ways to build relationships that lead to clients 
  • Marketing methods that don’t cost thousands of dollars 

Alicia Jay is a business and marketing coach for virtual assistants, helping them get out of overwhelm in order to create a business that they love! You can find more from her at

Rob W. Neilly

Monday, April 23rd
1pm PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

10 Ways to Listen or Read 'Between the Lines'

You’re bright. All virtual assistants are bright. Most VAs also trust their instinct. But are you reading and listening “between the lines”? Put your insight to work to communicate more deeply, and to potentially avoid misunderstandings. There are ways to access more information, and to make use of the little bits of information that bubble up to the surface. We do not need to be stuck or be satisfied with the ‘usual’ amount of information we process. I’ll share with you my Top 10 list of how to do these things.

Rob Neilly is a trained virtual assistant; a graduate of AssistU. He is also a writer, and a college professor who teaches business communication and technology skills.

Regina Lewis

Monday, April 23rd
3pm PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

Take the Hustle Out of Finding Clients: Learn the Simpler Way to Find the Right Clients

Clients are the bread and butter of any successful virtual assistant business. Without clients, you don’t have much of a business. So you find yourself marketing in online groups and coming up empty. Or even worse, you always seem to find clients that are not a good match.  Have you ever wondered why some virtual assistants are knocking it out of the park when it comes to finding the right clients? In this presentation, I will share the secrets to landing the right clients without non-stop marketing. It’s time to learn how to have clients find you instead of the other way around. Stop constantly hustling for clients and learn the simpler and more effective way to find (and sign!) the perfect client.

Regina Lewis is the owner of Live+Work by Faith, helping online business owners create and maintain an authentic voice and grow their business organically and authentically.

Kathy Colaiacovo

Tuesday, April 24th
9am PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

Why Every VA Needs an Online Presence and How to Get One

Many Virtual Assistants think they do not need a website, or have one that is missing the critical elements needed to market their services online. Not everyone realizes how important your online presence is to building your business. 

Your website and online presence is the DOOR to your VA business. It is where every potential client will go – whether they come via a word of mouth referral or any other way they get your name. They WILL check you out. Are you ready for this? 

Discover the key elements to have in place to be certain you put your best foot forward to potential clients. AND so they can find you in the first place!   

More than 50% of Kathy’s clients have always come from people finding her online. Learn from an experienced and successful VA so you too can have the business of your dreams.

Kathy Colaiacovo began her career as a Virtual Assistant in 2008. Within 4 years, she grew that business to incorporate 14 Virtual Associates. She quickly built her reputation as a leader in the Virtual Assistance industry and an expert in Online and Social Media Marketing and loves to give back to other VAs by speaking at events like the VAVS seminars.

Gina Decker

Tuesday, April 24th
11am PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

On-Boarding Secrets to Get More Ideal Clients as a Tech Guru

As a Tech Guru for over three years, Gina will share with you how she became the leader of monthly tech calls in a thriving 600+ member community and used her credibility to streamline her on-boarding process to get more ideal clients, raise her prices, and start breaking out of the dollars for hours model.

During this webinar Gina will cover: 

  • How she re-branded herself from a VA to a Tech Guru by becoming the solo leader of a monthly technology call. 
  • How she quickly and easily maintains tech groups on Facebook and gets a steady stream of ideal clients. 
  • How she was able to increase her prices overnight and break away from the “dollars for hours” model. 
  • How she changed her on-boarding process to communicate expectations with her ideal clients and establish healthy boundaries in her business. 

Gina Decker is a Tech Guru who manages Joint Venture launches for coaches with online programs and services so that they can launch in as little as four weeks.

Michelle Mangen

Tuesday, April 24th
1pm PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

Personal Finance for Virtual Assistants: How to Save Money

Chances are you started your business so you could earn a living. Do you find managing cash flow to be challenging? Does it always feel as though there’s never enough? How do you pay yourself and set some money aside? 

If your money seems to disappear as soon as it comes in you’ll want to join me! I will share tips and resources on how to manage the money coming into your business. We’ll discuss the anti-budget, setting aside savings from your business, how to pay yourself and tips on how to save money.   

Michelle Mangen loves money and numbers. Bookkeeping and personal finance are two topics she’s passionate about. She loves helping clients, friends and family to be more in touch with their finances.


Melissa St. Clair

Tuesday, April 24th
3pm PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Operating a small business is a major operation. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are the backbone of business systems. Attendees will learn: what is an SOP, why create SOPs, how to create SOPs, where to put SOPs and reasons why Virtual Assistants (VAs) need to know about SOPs.

A force multiplier, Melissa St. Clair, owner of Paper Chaser helps solopreneurs grow their business keeping them effective and efficient by handling a variety of executive level administrative office tasks.

Lisa Wells

Wednesday, April 25th
9am PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

Social Media Systems: What Activities Actually Further Your Business and Which Ones Waste Your Time

THE #1 topic I get most asked about how to create a system around! I show you why you aren’t getting as much social media traffic as you’d like and what to do about it, what activities actually further your business and which ones waste your time, and I’ll share my social media strategy and a system that will save you hours each week!

Lisa R. Wells is a marketing, operations and systems guide for female coaches, consultants, and virtual assistants. As a consultant and trainer since 2005, Lisa currently offers time-saving forms, planners, and ebooks, as wells as practical courses to grow your business and simplify the marketing and technical side.

Kimberly Charron

Wednesday, April 25th
11am PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

Technology to Make You Sparkle: Setting Yourself Apart as a VA

There are many VAs in the sea. So, how do you set yourself apart? In this session, you will learn how to wow your potential client from the first time they land on your website to when they receive your proposal. And once they become a client, you can keep impressing them with everything from invoices to reports. Make yourself and your services sparkle and stand out from the rest with techie tools that will set you apart, and make life easier for your client.

Kimberly Charron lives in Nova Scotia with her husband and two kids. What started out as blogging has turned into a career helping other entrepreneurs as a VA.

Liz Woodiwiss

Wednesday, April 25th
1pm PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

Learning to Speak Your Clients' Language - a Crash Course in Copywriting for the Online Entrepreneur

Words are power – in the online world, your words are the most powerful tools you have to communicate with your customers and clients.  Knowing which words to use is one of the most significant skills you can develop as a virtual assistant.  Every one of your clients has a unique and remarkable story, with an extraordinary language all their own.  As a Virtual Assistant, it’s vital that you understand how to communicate to your clients…and how to speak their unique language. Discover these masterful secrets to unlocking your clients’ languages and brand voices so that, whether you’re answering their emails, posting to their social media, or creating graphics that represent their business, you can speak their unique language!   

  • Understand the phrases your customers use 
  • Unlock the vital power of tone 
  • Learn to communicate story with precision and passion 
  • Gain an understanding of your clients that you’ve never had access to before 

Liz Woodiwiss is an introvert who loves words.  With a background that varies from music to marketing, she’s developed a passion for sharing her love of the written word with others.


Mark Hunter

Wednesday, April 25th
3pm PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

WordPress Workflows: How to Quickly Set Up Your Website

Setting up your website is a daunting and tiring task. There are so many moving pieces and always that sense of forgetting something. This talk aims to help VAs adapt their own workflow to quickly setting up a website and showing it off to their clients – fast! 

This will help get approval to move ahead without giving the illusion that you are too slow or too fast. 

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • How to quickly setup your first website as a prototype for future websites 
  • Giving the client a glimpse at the website without requiring their content 
  • Rapid workflows for assigning images, creating posts, installing plugins and making menus 
  • A glimpse at free web design technology and how far it can take you 

Mark will also be recommending his preferred plugins but this system is flexible enough to use your own.

Mark Hunter is a web designer/developer from Australia. He helps take the difficulty out of WP and works with coaches, VAs, and small business.

Diana Ennen

Thursday, April 26th
9am PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

All You Need to Know to Decide on the Right VA Niches & Market to Find Those Clients

Find the right VA niche that works for you! One that supports your skills and amazing talents, yet gives you the income you desire.  I’ll discuss the various niches that a VA can go into and also provide detailed information on each niche including the services you can provide.  I’ll discuss some of those secrets to success and most importantly, because I love marketing, I’ll show you ways to succeed and get those awesome clients that just keep coming back and referring others. You’ll leave excited to make your VA business even more successful.

Diana Ennen, President of Virtual Word Publishing, offers PR and marketing and Virtual Assistant services and VA coaching. She also teaches PR in her PR Success Series training courses.

Laura Pennington Briggs

Thursday, April 26th
11am PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

From VA to Project Manager: Uplevel Your Skills and Income

Going from virtual assistant to project manager of a team of freelancers for other people is an amazing and in-demand opportunity. With hardly no experience under my belt, I became a project manager for TrueCar and Microsoft, both of which became 5-figure contracts immediately. Since then, I’ve worked with dozen of amazing companies as a digital project manager, creating and implementing workflow. In this presentation, you’ll learn more about what digital project managers do, how you can determine whether you’re the right fit, and what it means to serve in this important role as you prepare yourself to transition

Laura Pennington is a virtual assistant, project manager, and freelance writer who coaches others how to launch and grow freedom-based, flexible online businesses.

Dvorah Lansky

Thursday, April 26th
1pm PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

Grow Your VA Business By Helping Your Clients Create Online Courses

Help your clients create online courses, based on their knowledge or their book, while growing your VA business. Many people would love to be able to offer online courses but they don’t know where to begin. In this action-packed presentation, you’ll learn how to provide your clients with simple and effective exercises to help them create the framework and the content for an online training program. They’ll then be able to hand the results of these exercises over to you. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to transform content into a wide variety of course materials. You’ll also discover a simple way to set up an online classroom. You can offer this as a stand-alone service or as part of a course creation package. 

Dvorah Lansky, M.Ed. and bestselling author, has created over 30 online courses on the topics of Online Book Marketing and Course Creation, which she has taught to thousands of authors across the globe.

Cindy Winslow

Thursday, April 26th
3pm PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Highly Paid Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

The real estate market has been HOT! Real Estate Agents cannot keep up with all the administrative tasks necessary in running their business when they are out of the office with clients listing and selling homes. Agents need help with their back-office tasks. 

Have you been curious about what it takes to become a real estate virtual assistant? 

In this presentation we will discuss: 

  • What are the common characteristics necessary for a real estate virtual assistant? 
  • What is Transaction Coordination? 
  • What other services a Real Estate VA can offer? 

If you are looking for a niche for your virtual assistant business, join the webinar to find out more about specializing in real estate. 

Cindy Winslow has 20 years as an experienced real estate agent, trainer and new agent mentor before opening her own real estate virtual assistant business specializing in real estate support.


Tamara Baranova

Friday, April 27th
9am PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

How to Create An Effective Funnel To Generate More Leads & Clients With Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media network (over 2 billion users) with engaged audience spending on average 20min per day. If you aren’t using Facebook marketing to grow your business – your business could be at a disadvantage. 

Join me for this session to discover how to create a profitable Facebook marketing funnel for your business, how advertising can 10x your marketing ROI, and how to use Facebook Ads to get leads and clients. 

This session is suitable if you want to learn how to get private clients via Facebook and sell information products, services and group coaching programs (for you and your clients). 

As a fully certified Facebook Ads Manager I’ll focus on simple yet highly effective advertising strategies that are working in 2018 and how recent Facebook updates are a great opportunity for small business owners and online entrepreneurs who are focussed on building a sustainable and profitable online business.

As a certified 6-figure launch strategist and Facebook Ads Manager, Tamara Baranova helps her clients build a profitable, purposeful and sustainable business selling info-products and services online.


Angela Wills

Friday, April 27th
11am PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

How to Add Passive & Recurring Income to Your VA Business!

There are only so many hours in the day to serve clients and that creates an income ceiling. It’s time to bust through that ceiling by creating passive & recurring income that is a perfect-match for your VA Business. You’ll slip this right into what you’re doing so that it feels natural and right, and you’ll leverage your time like never before. Join us to learn how to add passive & recurring income to your existing VA business.

Angela Wills quit her job to become a VA in 2007. She transitioned to full-time coach and marketer in 2012. She loves helping all business owners, including VAs, create complete lifestyle freedom!

Leslie Keffler

Friday, April 27th
1pm PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

Behind the Scenes: How a Virtual Assistant Helped Her Clients Successfully Increase Their List, Traffic and Revenue
This presentation is a case study of how a Virtual Assistant helped her clients to successfully increase their email list, attract more website traffic and generate more revenue in their online business. This session is created by a virtual assistant for other VAs to demonstrate how using an assistant can help their clients have more free time to work on income generating tasks and provide more value for their customers. How to use a sales funnel strategy with clients and the necessary tools to do so are also shared in this mini tutorial.

A Virtual Assistant since 2008, Leslie Keffler helps business owners save time and shine online through their website and social media presence.

Stephanie Watson

Friday, April 27th
3pm PDT (GMT/UTC -7h)

Funnels for Service Based Providers

I will explain the process I have developed over 21 years of providing VA services starting with a signature service which requires that you know your audience and what they need. 

I’ll show participants how to create a marketing funnel by starting with a signature service, a landing page on a website, how to generate traffic to the landing page, go through the process of booking discovery calls, and talk about on-boarding the new clients in a way that helps the VA get off to a good start ensuring happy clients and a happy VA too. 

Basically, this is the process that I use to generate leads and book clients to keep my roaster full while creating a waiting list of hungry clients for my services. I’ll also mention the software I use so you can copy it. 

Stephanie Watson has been a profitable VA for over 21 years now and enjoys sharing her processes for staying on top of things using current tools, systems, and processes to get things done.

Mark Your Calendar for April 23rd-27th, 2018

No travel expenses involved! These are seminars that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home office via our online webinar platform. All you need is a computer (cell phone/tablet) with speakers (or a headset) to listen with, an internet connection and YOU!

It’s an interactive learning experience! 

The networking is unbelievable! We even leave the webinar room open in between speaker presentations so you can engage with your peers!

It’s affordable! ANY Virtual Assistant at ANY stage in his or her business career can attend, accessing cutting-edge information about getting ahead in an increasingly competitive virtual service business environment. Where else can you watch LIVE 20 one-hour training webinars in the VA industry FOR ONLY $37?

Get Your #VAVS Ticket Now (only 200 seats)

We have three VA Virtuosos packages available for you to choose from below depending on your business needs and budget. It’s important to your business that you invest in it by educating yourself and keeping on top of ongoing trends in the Virtual Assistant world. Our VA Virtuosos speakers are here to share their knowledge with you from one VA to another!

Tawnya Sutherland

Tawnya Sutherland

Your #VAVS Host

Hi! I’m Tawnya Sutherland and founder of the market leading resource for Virtual Assistants world wide online today since 2003 with over 30,000+ registered members. With a membership that large you can rest assured that I’ve been lucky enough to come across some very successful Virtual Assistants over the years. AND these expert VAs are now ready to share their knowledge with other VAs to help them succeed in business too. In no other industry will you find such a sharing and supportive network between business colleagues except here in our VA world!

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