Discover the Key to Unlocking Visibility in the Virtual Assistant Arena!

Are you sitting on a product or service that’s simply dying to make waves in the Virtual Assistant (VA) universe? Then it’s high time to cast your anchor at #VAVS. Welcome aboard the VAvirtuosos Seminars (#VAVS) online conference—a thrilling voyage that consistently sails to a fully booked harbor. As we chart the course for our next expedition, we’re excited about the prospect of forging a partnership with you to put your product on the world VA map. Check out our irresistible Sponsor Packages.

Charting the Course

The next #VAVS adventure embarks from September 26-28th, 2024, between 9 am PDT to 5 pm PDT. It’s the virtual destination where an array of VAs—spanning from web developers to copywriters, online business managers to bookkeepers, and many more—gather to chart their course for success.

An Odyssey into the VA Universe

What makes #VAVS more than an online conference is the vibrant diversity of its attendees. Virtual Assistants are the powerhouses behind countless successful businesses, offering a vast spectrum of services, all while operating remotely. Whether they’re designing websites, managing finances, or creating compelling copy, they are professionals dedicated to their craft and their clients’ success.

Why VAs Are a Goldmine for Your Business

VAs are not just consumers; they are influencers in their respective spheres, ready to invest in tools and services that can improve their craft. Your product or service won’t just reach these multifaceted professionals; it has the potential to echo throughout their client networks.

How We Make Waves in the VA World

Helmed by Certified Internet Marketing Business Strategist, Tawnya Sutherland, we employ an array of strategies to give your product the exposure it deserves. Our outreach spans newsletter broadcasts, paid banner advertising, social media marketing, SEO, and much more.

Our outreach campaign for VAvirtuosos will span across all the above platforms for 6-8 weeks before the event kicks off.

Get Your Ship in the #VAVS Waters Today!

The sooner you get onboard, the more exposure you’ll receive—even before the event commences. Our sponsorship packages start as low as $197. Become a Sponsor Today!

Take a look at our packages…

# 1 The Marquee Beacon Sponsor – 1 Available

$2997 – Illuminate your brand across the entire VA universe with our Marquee Beacon Sponsorship! For an investment of $2997, you get the spotlight for the entire event. It’s the ultimate opportunity to shine, to stand out, and to claim center stage in front of a global audience of professional VAs.

Here’s what you’re stepping into:

  • An engaging 1-hour Speaker webinar slot where you get to captivate our audience with your industry expertise and insight. The finale? A 5-minute sales pitch about your product that’s sure to create a buzz.
  • Enjoy prime real estate on our website with a Top banner ad on the Sponsor Page. This isn’t just a banner ad; it’s a digital billboard that promotes your brand for approximately 10 months, staying online until our next VAVS.
  • We’ll fuel the hype for your brand with 5 posts on our high-traffic social networks. Think of it as your name in lights on the VA’s social media skyline.
  • Our audience will enjoy a comprehensive review blog post of your product/service at our VAnetworking Blog. It’s like having a feature story written about you in the industry’s go-to magazine.
  • You’ll be mentioned as the MAIN sponsor for the event in all our marketing materials. We’re rolling out the red carpet for you, with a daily mention at the event as the star of our Summit.
  • $2997

Step into the limelight! Become the Marquee Beacon Sponsor, and let’s make the whole VA universe talk about your brand.

#2 Day Featured Speaker Sponsor – 3 Available

  • 1-hour Speaker webinar slot to educate our audience on a relevant topic to our industry together with a 5-minute sales pitch about your product at the end.
  • Banner ad on Sponsor Page on our highly ranked website with a link to your website and social networks that stays online until our next VAVS (approximately 10 months).
  • 5 social media posts about your sponsorship over the course of our promotion period.
  • Blog post for our blog (optional)
  • Highlighted as the sponsor for the day at the event.
  • $697

#3 Day Featured Speaker Sponsor (Affiliate) – 3 Available

  • Includes everything in Package 1 but requires an affiliate link to your product
  • $297

# 4 Banner Ad Sponsor – 10 Available

  • Banner ad on our Sponsors Page that stays online until our next VAVS (approximately 10 months).
  • 2 posts on our social networks
  • Post on our Facebook Page about your company
  • $197

#5 Swag Sponsor

Donate to our SWAG BAG – Get More Attention!

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE about donating swag to our event.

These packages are as coveted as a treasure chest in pirate lore, so secure yours before they’re gone! All sponsorships are subject to approval by Tawnya Sutherland. In case of limited space, Package 1 will have priority over Package 2.

Prepare to embark on a memorable journey in the thriving VA world. Together, let’s set the sails towards unparalleled success!