Frequently Asked Questions During VAvirtuosos

Q. How do I navigate the member area and find the recordings?

A. Watch this short video on how to find your way around your member area that you can log into here.

Q. Help! I can’t find the link to the webinar room to attend it LIVE today.

A. The link to the webinar room will always be inside your member area under your Active Resources.

Q. What is my password to log in to the member area?

A. If you can’t recall your password, just enter the email you signed up with in “Lost Password?” form on the right of the login area and it will be retrieved via the email you signed up with.

Q. I am having sound problems with Zoom

Visit the Zoom Help Center here. If you need help troubleshooting Zoom you might need to contact them directly.

Q. How do I ask the speaker a question during their webinar?

A. If you have a Question for the speaker please put into “Q&A” box on the bottom of Zoom and the host will ask the speaker the question at end of their webinar if it is relevant to their topic of discussion. Please don’t post questions in this General chat area as it may not get seen here.

Q. The links to the recordings in my member area are dead links.

A. Recordings may not be in your member area for up to 72 hours. Free ticket holders do not receive recordings or Speaker Notes to download and take notes on during webinar.

Q. Where can I get the Speakers Notes?

A. If you are VIP ticket holder the speakers have their notes uploaded to your member area that you can print out and take notes on during their presentation.

Q. Where do I find access to my Swag Bag?

A. If you are a VIP ticket holder you’ll be able to access the Swag Bag link inside your member resources area. You will have access to grab anything in it until December 31st so make sure you grab what you want from it by that date.

Q. I can’t remember a speakers website URL, how do I find that?

A. You can always login to your member area to get links to the speaker websites and offers. Speaker websites can usually be quickly accessed through our shorty links ie) (the Speakers first name ‘Tawnya’ and the number 23 representing the Season).

Q. Where can we network with other VAVS attendees after hours?

A. Network after hours with other VAVS attendees by joining our Virtual Assistant Networking Facebook Group.

Q. I can’t remember the resource link shared in the general chat area today, how can I find it?

A. The majority of the links mentioned in the webinars will be added to our VAjot recommended resources website.

Q. I still need help.

A. Reply to one of our emails with your questions or reach out to us here.