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I have been to loads of different trainings through the years and I can honestly say that I have never learned more than I did this week! Not only from the actual presenters, but in between when the speakers, Tawnya and Danielle would ask questions or just openly and freely share tips and ideas and anything and everything! I can honestly say that I came across VA Networking purely by accident–and I waffled for days about attending. It’s the best decision I could have made. I’m looking forward to being a VA Insider and cannot wait to see what else I can learn! Thank you to Tawnya, Danielle and all of the presenters AND the other attendees who share such great information!

Gina Koran

Thank you, Tawnya, Danielle, and the Presenters for a fabulous Summit. I am on information overload. I kept thinking with each day, “This is incredible.” There was such an amazing amount of valuable content and business practices shared as well as tremendous motivation and camaraderie. And the Swag Bag! Wow! Thanks to all of the Contributors. Now to filter through everything. Digging in!

Tina Stringfellow


I am new to VA world and this was my first summit. Although I was attending these webinars late at night I still don’t regret not sleeping properly. If anything I am glad that I attended and learned so much. I join by chance and it gave me so many great opportunities to meet such great VAs and amazing panelists. Can’t wait to be here next time again. Thank you for an awesome week!

Anum Khan

What a week! Amazing hosts and speakers, including pioneers and leaders in the virtual assistant industry. All highly accomplished, respected, and successful in their fields and niches. They presented a wealth of information on things marketing, sales, systems, finances, mindset, and more. Every session was relevant for all VAs – from aspiring to established – looking to improve, grow, and be happier and more successful in their businesses. I came away with enough to explore and implement for an entire year and beyond. Certainly until the next VAVS! I’m so glad I took the time to attend live; it was well worth the commitment. The Q&A, as well as the chats with the speakers, hosts and other attendees, were awesome. I made new and renewed connections. And now I have the recordings and speaker notes for replay and reference. Not to mention the generous speaker, host, and sponsor goodies. VAVS was invaluable, invigorating, and inspiring. Till next year!

Denise Aday


I just want to thank you for the awesome summit – again!! This is my second one, and I have never been disappointed. I already have it marked off in Oct next year, and of course, I plan it in my budget.  This is more than just business information, it’s like a family reunion!! I’m so sad today is the last day. You two get some rest over the weekend, you certainly deserve it!!

Tammy Rourk

This is a FABULOUS event! The wide range of speakers gives any VA new tools to improve his/her business. This event provided great ways to build your business through Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. There were also some excellent technical sessions on using Canva and WordPress. This is a must-attend for any VA.

James Edgar

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For a very low cost, I got an excellent amount of professional education attending the Virtual Assistant Virtuosos. This conference provided a fantastic opportunity to come together with other like-minded enthusiasts in the industry. To be able to hear from experts sharing their experience, leveraging their knowledge and apply the different methods to my business endeavor. What can I say, THANK YOU! All the speakers shared a tremendous amount of knowledge and presented information in a way that is understandable. I took away an incredible amount of info, that will genuinely assist in making my business more successful.

Angela Atanasio Medeiros

I am on day 2 and I have learned a great deal. I am looking at starting up in the new year and the webinars have answered many questions and made me look at things I had no idea about. The online side chats are amazing, especially when the experienced VAs provide tips, tools, and websites…thank you to all and especially Tawnya and Danielle

Azita Pellicano

Just want to say for the past 2.5 years I’ve enjoyed all the relevant knowledge at #VAVS from your membership and will continue to do so for as long as I can. Thank you VA Networking and ALL your staff.

Mary Ryan

It was an information-packed week. I loved how you all worked as a team to deal with the challenges of technology and “life” issues to keep pressing forward. I not only left with a wealth of information but with new colleague contacts from all over the world as well. Thank you and I look forward to next year!

Sydina Williams

Another VAVS summit that was packed full of education, lively discussions, and meeting new friends. A huge thank you to Tawnya, Danielle, and all of the amazing speakers that always do such a wonderful job.

Karen Kannegiesser

The summit has been excellent- a wide variety of topics, and great speakers. But the genuine niceness and sense of family/community/uplifting others by Tawnya is perhaps the best feature of all.

Trudie Yount

This summit was great! Thanks so much for offering the Silver ticket! Without that I would not have been able to attend and learn what I did. I truly enjoyed the “5 Stages of a VA Success Journey” It clarified some things for me. Your summit has added value to my life, given me a few more pieces of the puzzle to put in place to find the best me I can offer. From the marketing seminar I have ideas of services I can add to my general offerings. Kristy’s session at the end was amazing!! I learned so much about myself, she helped me get into the right mindset. She was interesting, thorough, methodical, excited and helped me connect the work that has to be done on myself – putting into words – my vision, my mission, my goals and expanding that to my business vision, mission and goals, seeing how it all fits together, now I can go back and do the work to start my VA business off the right way. Thanks so much for putting this together and being such an incredible host and authentic person.!! Looking forward to continuing to learn and grow!

Dianne Bennet

This was my very first virtual conference ever – what an amazing introduction!! I learned so much and was so impressed with the quality of the presentations. The people I “met” through the chats were so helpful and friendly. It really was so worth the price! I am so thankful for all the hard work Tawnya puts into these conferences.

Kellie Evetts

I am truly enjoying myself, learning new techniques, getting updated industry information and reconfirming things I already knew. The speakers are ALL Excellent and Experts in their Niche. Thanks for Hosting the #VAVS Symposium Webinar!

Shelyta VanHorn

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From the perspective of being a speaker as well as an attendee, VAVS is one of my absolute favorite events! Tawnya and her team do an incredible job of selecting topics that are important and timely for the VA community as well as keeping things running smoothly. Besides the actionable info I take away from each speaker session, the networking that happens in between is wonderful. There’s always info for new and seasoned VAs at this event. It’s such a cost effective way to advance your business!

Alicia Jay

Thank you for your hard work creating and facilitating VAVS. I was able to enjoy every day except Friday when other commitments made it impossible. The content was great as was the selection of speakers. Winning a prize wasn’t bad either!

Belinda Mikel

What you offer person’s like myself trying to enter this arena, is absolutely phenomenal! The amount of information and resources you so freely share is highly commendable! I feel like I have finally “broken through the membrane” of whatever has been trying to “railroad” my success and I know that my perseverance will absolutely pay off!  I am so ready to go to the next level of implementation, even though I still have a lot of information to digest, but you have to start somewhere, right!  I am ready to fully commit to being an active participant and a good protégé! All of my interactions with your organization have been positive and supportive, and that speaks volumes to me!

Paula Cole-Miller

Just wanted to say how much I totally enjoyed your event this week. I can’t imagine how much work goes into this!  YIKERS!  But I really had a blast.  I didn’t realize how much I miss these.  

Diana Ennen

If I had to describe #VAVS in one word it would be WOW! I gained so much useful information during the week we spent together. The speakers were top notch and personable and very generous with their freebies. I appreciated the extra time they took out of their busy schedules to answer questions and to ‘hang out’.

I have so many takeaways! Following are just a few: think positive about my business, set firm boundaries and office hours, find a referral partner in the same niche but with different skills, it’s possible to have a successful VA business being an introvert, separate your personal and business expenses, start a blog, just start writing and write every day, a blog is the beginning of any successful social media strategy, so many new systems that I can’t wait to look into them all, what it takes to be a Real Estate VA, setting up Facebook Ads, passive income streams, focus and finish my website (Just Do It!) and so much more.

Although I am on the quieter side, a true introvert, I especially enjoyed the discussions, both on topic and off, with the other VA’s. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I took the time and joined #VAVS it was time and money well spent! Tawnya and Danielle are the best!

Vicki Langberg Strategic Solutions

Thank you so much for putting on a great event! I learned a ton from the speakers I’ve watched so far. And these gifts are extremely helpful, too! Thank you!

Heather Bokon

This was my first time and it was filled with an overwhelming amount of great information and inspiring speakers. I loved how everyone is down to earth and is wanting to do what they can to help each other succeed. I could not watch the live webinars but I wish I could have as the relationship building is so important. Next time for sure. Thank you to all the speakers, Tawnya and to everyone who helped make this event a success. I look forward to the next one!

Shawn Gummerson

The experts that spoke at the conference this season were superb! Many kudos to each one who presented such information-rich presentations.  The only thing left for me to do after such a great conference is put all the tips and tricks to work!  Thanks to you, Tawnya, for creating a great way for VAs to connect.  Yea, Tawnya!  You are awesome!! 

Deborah Donaldson

Fantastic week. #VAVS was the best ever week of presentations of any kind that I have ever taken. Well worth the price. Love the speakers. Love the presentations. Love the Speakers’ offer. Love love love the chat.

Dominique Dabolczi-Fekete

I am writing this to say how much I enjoyed the #VAVS this year. Of all the presentations at #VAVS,  The information was extremely informative, detailed, insightful, and highly motivating. 

Carol Young

I truly believe that you have outdone yourself! I attended my first VAVS in October and thought, how much more could I hear that I haven’t already heard, but, I HEARD PLENTY at the next VAVS! Not only did you and Danielle put together another flawless conference, but, all the speakers, EVERY ONE, gave us phenomenal information, insight and the desire to learn more and more! I especially liked the “Homework/Accountability Sheet”. It’s a ‘keeper’! The Chat Area enabled us to meet and greet one another, as well as have some good laughs! Thanks again to you, Danielle and all the wonderful presenters. It was well worth the time and money!

Karen Kannegiesser

Thank you for everything this week. It was totally amazing. Every speaker brought their A game. I can’t wait for the next one and would love to speak.

Marie Mason

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As someone who is just now embracing the field of Virtual Assisting, I was wide-eyed and really didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been studying about virtual assisting for a few months now on my own. I attended the whole week, all 20 speakers presentations. I gained more insight and did more learning in the 20 hours of sharing that I had done in my previous 3 months on my own. The teachings from all the speakers were exceptional. If you didn’t learn something, you weren’t really there! I was able to get a GOLD Ticket. So I have access to the notes, the recordings and all the goodies the speakers gave away! The amount of valuable, useful, applicable information was given… well, there’s just no way for me to put a definite dollar amount on that. So I guess what I got was really INVALUABLE! I’ve already decided to make VAVS a mandatory part of my business model and ongoing education. Thank you to all the wonderful speakers and to Tawnya at VANetworking.com for the dedication to further the VA industry by any means necessary!

Joseph Holmin

Thanks so much for all the effort that you and your team put into developing a terrific #VAVS conference. It was a wonderful source of extremely helpful information (especially for this ‘newbie’). I learned a great deal and will continue to learn through my membership!

Karen Kannegiesser

Thank you, Tawnya, for hosting such a wonderful online event! Even though I had a lot of client work to do this week, I tuned into a presentation about pricing and learned so much! Sometimes I feel pretty isolated working in this industry from home, and it was as if the speakers were talking right to me! Thank you so much! I really appreciate contributing to this event as well as listening and learning from others! You really have a gift for putting together content-rich experiences for people!

Gina Decker 

As I was contemplating for couple of weeks which membership to sign on, since I am on a limited budget, my gut feeling was to go with Tawnya’s group and boy was I not disappointed! The friendliness, the professionalism, the endurance and strength she has is amazing! Her daughter, Danielle, and her make a great team as well. I am looking forward to being mentored and dive into the treasure-trove of information on her site to have a thriving business so in turn I can give back to many as well. Glad I started all of this with an awesome one FULL week of and online conference with quality speakers to really put things into perspective. Thank you!!

Nadja Cook 

First, it was a worthwhile investment of both money and time.  I purchased a SILVER ticket for the Virtual Assistant (VA) Virtuosos Seminars #VAVS.  I made a choice to listen to this online conference for the VA industry while multi-tasking.  Tawnya Sutherland, CIMBS, Founder of VAnetworking.com, which is the well-known market leader for Virtual Assistants worldwide, assembled 20-great speakers with experience for the VAVS online conference; and, each speaker came well-prepared, were extremely generous in sharing their own hard-earned-experience and knowledge, as well as provided conference attendees with discounts and freebies for product-packages and other unique services.  This special event not only provided good ideas for me to apply in real-time, it changed me—yep, a paradigm-shift!  In my nonexistent spare time, I am so pleased with the SILVER ticket purchase and am sorry for not have chosen to make the investment sooner.  I am looking very forward to positioning myself toward a DIAMOND ticket purchase for next year.  We are fortunate to have these generous options for more than 20-hours of education and business training!  I am glad for the sense of willingness to embrace this opportunity to learn something new, reinforce what we think we know, and refresh and prepare toward further growth and development.  I am grateful for the learning opportunity and thankful to each of the speakers for their advanced preparation, generosity, and integrity with their time in answering questions from the chat box, as well as their plentiful package offers to us.  What a fabulous legacy Tawnya Sutherland has built, is building and will continue to build.  Lastly, my recommendation to myself is to be sure to budget and plan ahead for next year—SAVE-THE-DATE!!!  

Lisa Hamar

This is my 3rd #VAVS. I always get incredibly useful information.  I refer back to the various videos and my notes over the following months. It’s great to have a reliable resource to make sure I’m up to date as well as tips and information to refer back to when I need to add a client, update my skills or need some website tricks.  Tawnya and Danielle are lovely people who seem to take great joy in success of others.

Beth Berry

I just wanted to let you know that I am new to the Virtual Assistant Business, although not new to administration. Everything in some ways is totally new to me and webinars that you have put on have been absolutely fantastic. Not only is there a variety of virtual assistants but they are from all over the world. It gives great insight to all aspects of the Virtual Assistant Business and all kinds of options out there.

All the seminars are very informative and easy to understand for a newbie like me. I really hope you continue to create these webinars. You have done a fantastic job arranging, promoting, hosting and making everyone feel comfortable. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THINKING OF ALL OF US AND PUTTING THIS INFORMATION OUT TO US!!!!!

Nancy Lynch

I never miss a #VAVS Online Conference; I’ve been attending them for many years–maybe since they started! The chat box in the sidebar is a wonderful way to network and connect with fellow VAs, almost like attending an onsite conference, and the speakers are almost always experts from our industry, not just generic motivational speakers or business consultants like the presenters at many other conferences.

Nina Feldman

I am just getting started and hope to be up and running by the first week of January. I have been contemplating this career for 7 years and even took a semester at our local college on how to become a Virtual Assistant. I learned so much more in this past week then I did for that entire semester. In the conference, I feel that I was given a great overview of the business and learned things that make so much sense and will give me a great platform with which to get started with. The speakers were so qualified and there was a phenomenal variety. Yup, my head is spinning, but in a good way! I am so looking forward to the one in May as by then I will have been at it for a few months so will have lots of great questions that I am sure will be answered. Thank you Tawnya for all that you do for us VA’s and for having so many price points that ensures everyone can be involved!

Rixta Moritz

I’m in the process of starting my VA business, so still working full-time, which means I had to purchase the Gold ticket so I could watch the webinars in the evenings.  But even at $97 this is an incredible value!  I’ve only been able to watch three of the programs the last two nights, but they have given me so much information, and my excitement keeps building to get up and running!

Julie Dobie

I thoroughly enjoyed today’s webinars. They were all filled with nuggets of information. Thank you to all the speakers.

Heather Harris

I am not an official VA, but have been helping a friend develop a website and store for his products.  I will say that this information was quite insightful and has brought a wealth of knowledge and ideas to what I do. I would suggest these webinars for any business owner/entrepreneur to assist with creating webpages, blogs, etc.

Thank you so much!

Patti Z

I am totally enjoying the VAvirtuosos Series.  I am learning a lot that will help me grow my confidence and my business.  Thank you, Tawnya, for putting on this awesome series! You are truly a gem.

Terri Black

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I love hearing the information from the great speakers you line up. Almost as valuable is getting the input and viewpoints from the attendees in the chat. I will be reviewing and updating my website based on great advice that was shared. It’s all about the client, not you!

Patricia Whitt Marcero

Thank you Tawnya for being such a great Mentor. I am just starting my VA business and the information you have available is amazing!!! Some of it gives a completely new way of approaching things; some confirms what I had thought. This year’s #VAVS was awesome – each of the speakers offered some great suggestions. There was lots to take away and implement. Thank you ?

Bronwyn Shotter

Thank you Tawnya for the review of all the speakers. I am so happy to have made business connections. I am going to implement your suggestion of tackling 1 change a week to my business. I look forward to the next VAVS!!

Nai Phillips-Douglass

Fabulous first day for #VAVS! There were lots of take-aways. I liked that our website is not about us but more about our clients’ benefits. I liked that content marketing continues to be hot. And I liked the list of the top 10 skills clients want in a VA.

Liza Ramos

Do it! This was the BEST conference I have ever attended!!!! The value was priceless!!! #vavs

Danna Cruzan

I was so excited that the review of the conference was on today and as usual it was fabulous. I don’t think I could do this (get started as a VA) without you all. Thank you!

Norah Jansen

Amazing time at #VAVS online conference for Virtual Assistants. Met lovely people learned a lot. So grateful to be part of this community!

Melinda Coates

Brain: full. Notebook: even fuller. #VAVS is in the books!

Laura A. Lee

Great first day! Lots of helpful information. I already feel like I’ve gotten a return on my investment. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Sabrina Mattera Martyn

Great VAVS so far. Tawnya brings in the best speakers! She makes sure they really know our industry. Some seminars I’ve been to have generic speakers who only address general entrepreneurial issues, but VAVS always has speakers that are spot on with info for VAs!

Nina Feldman

Lots of helpful information. Learning more ways to grow my VA business. Thank you Tawnya for offering this Virtual Assistant Conference! #VAVS

Shaun Williams

Excellent speakers brought @ #VAVS. Learning lots to grow my VA Business.

Brenda Delvecchio

The #VAVS was awesome! Such great info and speakers. Diving into the replays.

Tiffany Parson

My first VAVS! Learning lots!

Jill Shea

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#VAVS always sells out.  Don’t miss it!

Tawnya, thank you so much for offering the #VAVS training. I quit my Corporate America job in June to start my VA business. I didn’t have all the tools and knowledge I needed to run a successful business, only faith that God would connect me with the right people to help me. The training you offered this week gave me the missing knowledge, tools, resources, and network of other VA’s that I needed. The training exceeded my expectations, and I am so hyped about launching my business in the next few weeks. I have already taken advantage of some of the great resources that the speakers offered. You and your organization are a Godsend to me.

Anita Dixon

I just attended #VAVS and do not regret having paid the price so that I can continue to listen to the webinars. It is the best value for the money and it is not just for VA, I have found if you want to start a home base business this is for you also. It is held twice each year and I can’t wait until the next season.

Elizabeth Hughes-Callison

Just finished being a part of #VAVS. Both Tawnya and Danielle always do a wonderful job setting up the seminars. I always learn a ton from all 20 speakers. I also am a VA Insider as well. All information that is given is priceless. I can’t wait to use all of the great tips given both in the seminars as well as the Insider group to create a business that I can always be proud of. Thank you so much!

Debbie Sidloski

Having a great time on #VAVS.  Learning a lot and meeting great people who I can learn from. There is so much information I buy the Gold ticket so I can review the presentations later on. Thank you Tawyna this is a real boon for VAs.

Catherine Ashworth

#VAVS is my fourth one and counting. I came in very discouraged this week, but nearing the end of VAVS I’m energized again. What a boost! Every time I attend, there’s something new, and the things I thought I was getting a handle on become clearer than before. Next, I can keep on rolling as a member of VA Insiders to get even more year-round! Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

Irene Chambers

#VAVS is consistently the most enjoyable and valuable online seminar I ever have the opportunity to attend; I rarely miss one. One of the best aspects is how interactive and engaged the participants are able to be. There’s a text chat going on in a sidebar at all times, even during presentations. This allows attendees to add relevant information and tips as well as get to know, support and encourage each other. Tawnya’s friendly, unflappable facilitation encourages a casual yet business-oriented atmosphere. Speakers are generally VAs themselves (unlike the generic speakers one often hears at conferences). This means they know our industry, so what they impart directly applies to us. I always learn a TON, even though I’ve been in business for decades.

Nina Feldman

I’m an experienced VA, but I still have a lot to learn about this constantly changing business. There is a great variety of speakers and topics, and quite a bit of support from the other attendees. All this, without having to put shoes on. THANKS

Mary Wu

#VAVS is definitely a great networking and informational conference that every VA or aspiring VA should attend at least once.

Yolanda Jefferson

Every year I look forward to the annual #VAVS Online Conference hosted by Tawnya Sutherland. This is my second year attending and I can’t tell you how much information you gain from attending her event. As a new Virtual Assistant, I find that the community here is so warm, encouraging, and helpful. On a few occasions, I’ve visited her online forum and asked questions about specific situations encountered in my business and received several responses that worked!!. I will be signing up to her membership in the near future as she has a VAULT full of goodies for new and seasoned VA’s. Tawnya, thank you so much for hosting this event each year! I can hardly wait to see who the presenters will be next year. Awesome job!!

Chiquita Golden

Attending the #VAVS virtual conference this week has been so refreshing.  I’ve had a few ups and downs over the past year when I was laid off from my job in Corporate America.  Now that I have ventured out to start my own virtual assistant business all of the information I received at #VAVS  has been just what I needed to keep me motivated.  Although I couldn’t really afford the ticket.  I did the silver package and it was well worth the value and then some!  All of the speakers had valuable information to share with the attendees.  I hope to be a speaker at #VAVS  so that I can add value to someone that may be just starting their business too.  Thank you Tawnya!!!!

LaToya Francis

Excellent VAvirtuosos Series!  Quality presenters, I gain more VA in-sight with every day’s sessions.  And I’m so happy that I chose the Gold ticket. The availability to playback the sessions is priceless.  This allows me the time to review my notes and glean any info I might have missed. Great job Tawnya and all involved in this years event!

Kip Soloman

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#VAVS always sells out.  Don’t miss it!

VAs look no further. What a life changer! How many of us have spent many endless hours searching the internet wondering what to do next?  Well – I struck gold. Tawnya is the real deal. She hosted the event and provided us with a talented team of presenters.  Wow, there is an exciting new VA world out there to experience. The conference was  stimulating, inspiring and a whole lot of fun.  The best thing is, when you make the decision to take control of your business life – you won’t be alone, Tawnya can be with you every step of the way and if you need to reach out to VAs, her VA Networking Forum is free. So, I only paid to join the Virtual Assistant Online Conference, which also enabled me to become a member of Tawnya’s VA Insiders Club. One of the best investments I have made.  Thank you for showing me the way Tawnya.

Sandy Hill

Just finished the week of #VAVS. Fabulous speakers, countless fresh ideas, networking and more networking. So much to learn, so little time. This training sharpened my skills, gave me new ideas, and encouraged me. This was my second VAVS and I plan to attend again…and again. Thank you VA networking for this experience! I recommend this to all virtual assistants, new and experienced.

Irene Chambers

#VAVS was well worth the investment! I connected with other VA’s and speakers during and after the event and received some valuable information offered by speakers to apply to my business. I will definitely attend the next VAVS event!

Kim Garnett

The #VAVS Conference was one of the best investments I have ever made. I highly recommend it! The wealth of information was mind-boggling and so useful. I’ve been wanting to do this for years but didn’t have the know-how or support. Now I do. This is a great support group and I know I can now have a successful VA business. Thanks Tawnya to you and all of your great speakers. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to attending more of these in the future.

Liz Ramos

As a new VA just starting my business, this #VAVS Series couldn’t have come at a better time.  I’m learning so much from speakers that have been in the field and want to share what they know.  What a great feeling to know that I am not in this journey alone and that I have people to connect with that have the same desires.  I will definitely add future VAVS series to my To Do List!  Thanks Tawnya (VA Networking) and your group for putting together such an informative series and thanks to all the wonderful speakers who shared their knowledge with me. 

Denise Postma

I’ve been attending #VAVS for the past 4 years or so. Each year I get more and more out of it…it’s kind of like “you don’t know what you DON’T know”. As I grow in my business, I find there is more and more I need to know and VAVS always comes through in providing that information!

Nancy Greco

It has been a fun week! My brain is on overload but such good information! The speakers are so informative and it really inspires me to move forward in my business. Thank you all for your hard work to put this together!

Teena Snyder

I found this year’s #VAVS was what I needed! I am going through a lot of personal challenges and the business contacts and time spent listening to the speakers were a good investment for me to bring me back to the business side of my life.

Kathy Andrews

I attended your amazing conference last week and am looking forward to reviewing and organizing my notes, getting my business and marketing plans in place and reviewing the speakers recordings again. The seminar was packed full of great information and the speakers are great resources for further training. I truly appreciate you all and the time and effort that you put into this series! I feel much more confident in the success of my business.

Beth Berry

I’m a previous attendee of the #VAVs Series and I LOVE them! All presentations have been very informative and it’s great to be able to access other presentations and receive all of the speaker’s notes in .pdf for later review!

Debra Marion

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#VAVS always sells out.  Don’t miss it!

I can’t wait! I attended last year’s VA Virtuosos and it was one of the most informative series of classes for virtual assistants I’ve ever been part of. Not to mention the sidebar chats–what a great community! I can’t believe it’s such an amazing bargain.

Nina Feldman

What an amazing week it was. So much to learn from established VAs across the pond. I feel lucky to have been able to participate on those webinars – even more as I now can listen to them all over again. Thank you Tawnya, thanks to the presenters.

Andrea Busch

THANK YOU very much Tawnya!! I so loved spending time with all of you this week (and look forward to more).  GREAT JOB. I’ve participated in many different online presentations, webinars, etc. in the past and was either disappointed or just left with an ‘ok’ feeling at the end. But, I must say I was truly impressed with the quality and quantity of information that you and your presenters provided us.

I was also quite impressed with not only your willingness, but your very visible excitement and pleasure at staying around and giving us even more after most of the presentations had ended. You’ve certainly not only inspired me to push forward with my own business ideas, but also made me feel ‘at home’ within your community. The quality of your offerings/presentations, your willingness to help/make things easier/add more value, and your genuine care for those who look to you for advice has made me a loyal fan and promoter of you & your organization.

Jan Gilmer

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I am enjoying the VAVirtuosos Seminar Series. It has been awesome to say the least! The speakers are knowledgeable and it is great that they are sharing their information with the participants. I am so glad that I decided to purchase the Premium package so that I can listen to these seminars at my convenience over and over. I am learning so much and thoroughly enjoying each presentation. I also know that my VA business will reach new heights from attending and listening to all the fantastic speakers. Thanks Tawnya for putting together this wonderful package!

Gayle Armstrong

I am a new Virtual Assistant, still in the research process. I decided to sign up for the VAvirtuosos seminars for this summer. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from all the experienced VA’s , and they have welcomed my questions and comments with grace. I have learned so much it’s amazing. All in one seminar room, right? 

I have learned how to use Twitter in many ways I never knew was available, Social media skills, how to discover your indispensable brand (not sure I understood what that meant before I listened) and bookkeeping…just to mention a few. I am just so happy I am participating, and I look forward to the upcoming seminars. This was great money spent!

Lin Gilliard

Tawyna has done a fantastic job of setting up the Virtuosos Seminar. Each speaker is willing to share their experiences and knowledge with us. It is great to hear it from those that have been there and done it. After two weeks I upgraded to the premium package as I don’t want to miss a thing. Keep up the great work!

Brenda Houston

Wow! Where do I start to tell you how much I LOVE the Virtuoso Seminar Series! Let me start by saying, I had to miss one today, due to circumstances beyond my control, and I feel like I missed out on so much. I need my Seminar fix! They are not only educational and informative, extremely affordable and worth every penny, but a great way to connect with other VA’s. The speakers are wonderful and the topics are enlightening. I’ve learned so much from the seminars thus far (and there are SO many more to come), that it makes what I thought I knew pale in comparison. The seminars have motivated me so much that I secured a new client just by applying a few of the skills I learned. Thanks again for such a wonderful series of seminars!

Claire Oakes

Thanks for putting together the VAVirtuosos Series. After seeing the line up speakers and topics, I thought it would be good. WOW, it’s better than I anticipated. The speakers have given freely of their time and talents sharing their knowledge with other VAs. This is a great way to strengthen the skill set of VAs and help grow our industry. Tawnya, you’re awesome. I want to grow up to be like you!

Helen Bailey

The lineup of Virtual Assistants that Tawnya put together for the summer series has proven to be a highly knowledgeable group of individuals. Knowing I would be unable to listen in to many of the seminars live I quickly signed up for the upgraded package with all the replays so I can listen to the replays at my convenience. If you are a Virtual Assistant who has been desiring to sharpen your skills in areas you have not ventured into yet or even if you are a business owner who would like to learn more, this series is certainly for you. Well worth the money to learn new tips and tricks to take your business to the next level.

Michelle Mangen

I just wanted to thank you Tawyna for organizing VAvirtusos. It is very mind blowing to me to be in an industry where I have other VAs who are whiling to share their information with me so that I can be successful! I have learnt so much in this seminar series and am super excited to start putting the things I have learnt into practice to grow my business!!! Thank you tenfold!!!

Cheryl Tallman

I’d like to thank Tawnya and her gang for an excellent and rewarding week of seminars.  I am just starting out and trying to learn as much as I can about this industry.  This week I’ve been able to take something away from each and every seminar.  I now have a focus and a direction that I didn’t have before.  I would recommend these seminars to anyone and everyone that is interested in becoming, or is already, a virtual assistant.  Thank you again for all your hard work and your continued interest in developing and coaching new VAs on their journey into becoming all they can be.

Nancy Smith

I had a great experience at the Spring VA Virtuosos Seminars! The presenters were engaging and the seminars were packed with a wealth of information to help make my VA business a success. A big “thank you” to Tawnya and to all of the presenters for all the hard work they put into this series.

Susan Hardy

These VAvirtuosos seminars have been the best seminars I have ever attended! They are not only jammed packed with educational information but they are blast to attend. The cream of the crop are here and sharing all the insider secrets. This is a series that should not be missed. Making these key connections is priceless to any virtual business. I am so excited everyday to attend the seminars, I turn off the TV, the phone and have child entertainment ready! I wouldn’t miss these seminars. I have really enjoyed meeting these phenomenal women and can’t wait to meet the remaining ladies.

Erin Stinson

Thank-you Tawnya and team for the work you’ve put into setting up the Summer seminar series. The variety of topics are relevant to my business and I’ve been able to put into practice something from each seminar I’ve attended thus far! Nowhere else could I get this kind of exposure to the VA industry for the nearly the same price. Even the opportunity to network with and ask questions of the veteran VAs running the seminars is a value all unto itself. Thank-you, thank-you thank-you!

Crystal Coleman

I wanted to thank you for the valuable information you shared with us at the VA Virtuosos Seminar Series on web copy. I am new to the VA business and the information will be very helpful in starting my business on the right foot.

Mimi Klosterman

The VAs who have presented thus far in the VA Virtuosos Seminar Series have been truly amazing! I’m in awe of what great presenters they are, how passionate they are about what they do, and how knowledgeable they are on their subject matter. I’ve had my VA practice for 5 years, and this series is really motivating me to shake things up a bit. My marketing efforts have become somewhat stale, but these calls have re-energized me to explore some new avenues for promoting my business and expanding my prospective client reach. The topics for the series are incredibly timely and invaluable. I’m excited to hear how else I can be enlightened by the experts still to come! Thanks, Tawnya, for putting together this wonderful series for us.

Lisa Englert

The VAvirtuosos seminars are filled with so much knowledge, sharing and great fun to attend. I knew I would miss some of the sessions since “life happens” so I as soon as it was the seminar announcement came out, I immediately signed up for the full package which includes not only the access to the webinar recordings and the PDF of the presentations. This was my best investment this year! Thank you Tawnya and all the great speakers who are so willing to share their time and expertise.

Grace White

Just wanted to drop a line on how valuable these calls have been to me. These seminars have encouraged me to take time out in my day for me to improve myself and my skills as a VA.

Crystal Schmahl

This was a wonderful series and well worth the money. There was such a good variety of topics that something appealed to everyone. The downloads and resources are priceless. My only problem was living on the East Coast I was rarely able to listen to them live and participate. Thank God the recordings were available so I could listen to them at my leisure.

Donna Benoit

THANK YOU so much to Tawyna for coordinating such a great VA Virtuosos event and making it very affordable for anyone to attend. Where else can you find 20 seminars for such a low price?! The seminar presenters were all top notch, and I thought the mix of topics was just right. We have ended up with so much good information to take and apply to our businesses, and I can’t wait to try out many of the ideas, websites and software programs that were presented! Thanks to all the presenters, and again, to Tawyna for offering the event, and also to Linda Harris for helping her all week long! I also enjoyed meeting new people from around the world and hearing about their various specialties.

Kathy Anderson

Tawyna, this week at #VAVS has been phenomenal! All 20 seminars were packed with information I will use to build my virtual assistant business. Everything was a joy to network with between seminars. I think this was this a invaluable resource to kick-start my business and would recommend to anyone interested in becoming a virtual assistant. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering this at such an affordable price!

Katharine Godbey

Tawnya, Our #VAVS Goddess! I cannot begin to explain how enlightening, inspiring, and uplifting the seminar has been so far, and it’s only going on day 3! Having just started my VA business I did not think I could learn more as my brain was saturated, but you proved me wrong! I have taken a whole legal pad of notes already, am craving each new day’s speakers and webinars and learning. This is by far, the best webinar series I have ever taken, everything is timed, presented nicely, monitored, thoughtfully put together. I could not think of any improvements, it is so good already!

If you are on the fence trying to decide if you SHOULD take part in these, get off that fence and DO IT! This will change the course of your business overnight! I have already got an e-book in mind just from one of yesterday’s courses. I also know what direction to go in for my niche, which was my most difficult area at the moment. Thank you again for putting this out there for us to take part in and gain knowledge from! Keep them coming! You could charge even more and you would have the classes filled! Thanks Tawnya and all the great presenters!

Natalie Olson

What an amazing week of webinars! all of the information is very valuable for me as I am now starting my business as a Virtual Assistant. The speakers have a lot of experience on their fields and they knew to transmit it to us a in a very clearly way. Thanks for their time and effort to make us understand the most important and trendy topics within this industry.

Thank you very much Tanwya and your wonderful team for all the love you put in designing them and for your professionalism that I admire, you’all made this webinars such a great experience for me; I also loved meeting all the VA’s and what they gently shared with me.

Edna Campos

I got so much out of this series of seminars. As a new VA just in the stage of creating my website, every single seminar was valuable and applicable for me. What a value! I became more familiar with all of the resources available to me and will be taking advantage of those. Thanks so much!

Jan Swenson

I am already having withdrawals. I have to redirect myself now without my daily dose of Tawnya. I can’t thank you enough for providing us all with such great content day after day after day; and three times most days. I truly don’t know what I would have done without you and your supportive network of virtual assistants. You give me the courage to go forward with my heart’s desire – to have a successful VA business, and I’m so anxious to give back as well. In a year or so, I hope to be in a position to volunteer for my own seminar to give back as you do day after day. I do love to share my passion with others when it is something I truly love and believe in. Above all, Tawnya, you give others the direction, strength and courage to believe in themselves. Without that belief and the ensuing confidence, we will go nowhere.

Thank you for opening the door to the VA path for me. Now I can look at the termination of my employment with hope and excitement, instead of the usual dread!!

Patty Passalacqua

Tawnya Sutherland has put together an awesome workshop series of seminars. Not only are they affordable, they are presented by fellow Virtual Assistants, who have been there, done that, and are willing to share their vast knowledge and experiences. Who in this day and age is willing to give away their secrets for literally free? The line-up is incredible!!

For a very reasonable price you could even get recordings of the sessions, so that you can listen to them over and over again. Which from experience I know you will do, as I have, so that you don’t miss anything. It’s not too late – go to www.vavirtuosos.com and sign up NOW! You don’t want to miss anymore. Whether you are thinking of becoming a Virtual Assistant, are a new Virtual Assistant, are an established Virtual Assistant, or a Certified Virtual Assistant; you can certainly learn something. I know I have! A big thank you to Tawnya for putting together this series! As always you have outdone yourself.

Crystal Burkholder

I am really enjoying the presentations offered in the VA Virtuoso Seminar Series. Wow, what a line-up of presenters Tawnya has provided. The best of the best. I’m learning so much, and I have enough notes and tasks on my “to do” list now to keep me busy until the next VA Virtuoso. I strongly recommend this program for all Virtual Assistants. There is something for everyone.

Jaclyn M. Croft

Thanks for bringing such a wealth of information to me and my fellow VAs. The seminars have given me a ton of information on how to be a successful VA. You are to be commended for putting this together and offering the series for such a tiny fee!

Maria Helm

As the other reviews have mentioned, I think the VA Virtuosos seminars have been an integral part of my business. As a new VA just about to “formally” start my business, I have gathered a wealth of information, knowlege, and resources to help me stay on top of my game.

Personally, I have found that not only are the seminars and speakers of excellent calibre, but I have also found the banter and camraderie among the participants to be a refreshing change from the cut-throat business world. Administrative assistants in the business world are as competitive as everyone else, and to have the feeling of “we’re all in this together” and “you can do it; we’ll help you in any way we can” is overwhelming in this day.

I think most of the accolades go to you; you have given so much of yourself to this, and along the way have collected so many like-minded people; it is wonderful to be involved in it, even at such a minor level. Thanks again, Tawnya; you’ve made my journey into the solopreneur world much easier, and I can confidently take the steps!

Charline Kelly

Thank you so much for offering the VAvirtuosos Seminar Series! The information, tips and downloadable handouts shared by the speakers have been outstanding. What a great deal! Can’t wait to hear the rest! We all offer different services and specialties so it’s helpful to learn what everyone else is doing.

One of the very best parts of the series? The networking that goes on in the chat room – getting to know the speakers and all the VAs. I now have plans for a meetup on my next vacation. Plus a VA I met during one of the seminars helped me solve a huge tech issue that a major software company and my mobile phone manufacturer had been unable to resolve. And I have lots of new twitter friends. Thanks again, Tawnya!

Rebecca Quinn

I just wanted to thank you for sponsoring all the wonderful speakers for the VA Virtuosos Seminar Series. I am just starting my VA business and all the information I received from the speakers were so valuable. I really liked that the topics were so diverse. I really enjoyed the support and advice that all the ladies have given and have decided to sign up to volunteer for the forums. Your efforts in providing us all the tools for our business is very much appreciated! Thank you!

Mimi Klosterman

Absolutely the best online conference to attend if you sell services online! These expert speakers shared tips strategies that helped me surpass my profit $ dreams in my business. Thank you!

Susan Merlotti, Digital Marketer

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