VA Virtuosos Packages Available

Our next LIVE VAvirtuoso online conference will be held in November 17-21st, 2014 and if you want access to it, sign up below.

We have two VA Virtuoso packages available for you to choose from below depending on your business needs and budget. It’s important to your business that you invest in it by educating yourself and keeping on top of ongoing trends in the Virtual Assistant world. Our VA Virtuoso Experts are here to share with you!

SILVER VA Virtuoso Package – $37

The Silver Package is our budget package for new VAs starting out who may have the free time right now to attend the LIVE webinars each day. It’s an intensive 5 day series with 4 one hour long seminars each day for a total of 20 webinars. You’ll have access to attend each seminar at the designated time. NOTE: This package does not include the webinar recordings or speaker presentation notes.

SILVER Includes:

  • Access to attend each LIVE webinar as per scheduled dates
  • Group Q & A with each speaker during webinar
  • Bonus Downloadable Resource from each Speaker
  • Access to Silver Member area for one month after series ends so you can download your bonuses.

GOLD VA Virtuoso Package – $97

The Gold Package is for those VAs who just can’t attend all the LIVE webinars at their scheduled times because of other commitments (like working for your clients!) and would like to watch the webinar replays on your own schedule. You’ll have access to all the LIVE webinars with bonus downloads from each speaker PLUS all the video recordings and speaker presentation notes (if provided by speaker).

GOLD Includes:

  • Access to attend each LIVE webinar as per scheduled dates
  • Group Q & A with each speaker during webinar
  • Bonus Downloadable Resource from each Speaker
  • Video recordings for each speakers webinar
  • Presentation notes (PDF) for each speakers webinar
  • Access to Gold Member area expires in 6 months or 7 days before our next series begins (whichever comes first).

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Our website ensures online payments are safe and secure. You’ll never have to worry ordering from me as you’ll always see a padlock or key symbol in your browser upon ordering any products from my company, Mediamage Business Solutions, as my shopping cart payment system is guaranteed to be safe, secure, trusted and encrypted.

PLEASE NOTE: Speakers, dates and times may change throughout the series for various reasons out of our control like illness or technical difficulties.

Please click here to read our privacy and return policy. No returns will be provided after the series begins.

16 Responses to “Register Today!”

  • Diane:

    I cannot attend due to scheduling conflicts but would really love access? Will there be any way to get information after the fact?

  • Can we upgrade our free w/ registration VAinsiders Club Booster membership to the Get Clients or Supercharge level?

  • Hello – this sounds so incredible! What is the process though? Do we sit down on our ‘off time’ and listen to the webinars – or do we actually have to be present during ‘live’ time?

    Thanks very much,

    • Tawnya:

      Either or! If you are a SILVER member, you’ll have to attend LIVE at the designated times listen to the webinars. If you are a GOLD or DIAMOND member, you’ll have access to the recordings to listen to at your leisure and other perks as well ;)

  • Sharon:

    I’d like to sign up but not sure which level. Can I sign up for SILVER and then upgrade later?

  • Marit Fox:

    I signed up for the Supercharge membership for $333.00. Is this series included in the Supercharge membership? Or, do I need to sign up separately for this?

  • AbbyJ:

    Tawnya – do you have information available on the topics and speakers for the 5 daily sessions?

  • Peggy:

    If I go with the Gold (meaning watching on my own time), is there a a limited number of seats for this also?

    How long are these archives/videos available to watch? It looks like 6 months?

    How long do I have to get the payment together for this?

    Can I upgrade from the Silver to the Gold? I read above that it could be more money perhaps?


    I like on the Gold that there are more things to watch… 115 more.

  • Tawnya:

    Hi Peggy, we do sell out every year so it is best to get your ticket as soon as possible.

    As the website states the videos are available for 6 months and you can upgrade to the high membership level at anytime.

    Hope to see you there!

  • Peggy:

    I want to pay for the Silver. I would like the full package of Gold but at this time I can’t afford to upgrade. What is the maximum time frame for me to be able to upgrade, so that I can download everything?


  • The upgrade will only be available the week of the event

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