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Wondering how to go about it? No sweat! Our in-depth affiliate training video has got you covered. We’ll guide you on how to maximize your promotional efforts and truly make your mark.

Wondering how to go about it? No sweat! Our in-depth affiliate training video has got you covered. We’ll guide you on how to maximize your promotional efforts and truly make your mark.

WATCH THIS VIDEO to answer most questions affiliates have.

Get Ready, Set, Promote! #VAVS Takes Center Stage Monday, October 23rd, at 9 am PDT!

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Access the affiliate member area by CLICKING HERE. You will find your custom affiliate link in this section. The structure of the link will be similar to the one below, but it will include your specific username (in red):

Default link: https://www.vanetworking.com/members/aff/go/YOURUSERNAMEGOESHERE?i=4

GO VIP link: https://www.vanetworking.com/members/aff/go/YOURUSERNAMEGOESHERE?i=79

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To ensure consistency in promoting the Summit, we kindly request that you use only the official marketing graphics we’ve provided. You can access all of these by clicking HERE to visit our Dropbox. If you find that you need a specific graphic that isn’t included in our collection, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re more than happy to create it for you.


Unleash the Full Potential of Your #VAVS Affiliate Campaign

Ready to turn your influence into income? Then you don’t want to skimp on promoting Season 23 of #VAVS, the Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit. If you’re worried about sending too many emails, let me give you a backstage pass to why that’s a myth in this situation.

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Think of each email as a nudge—a friendly reminder that we’re about to launch something amazing that will benefit your audience as much as it will benefit you.

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Our subscribers aren’t just looking for any content; they’re on the hunt for the high-value, actionable insights that #VAVS delivers. So every email you send doesn’t just bring potential earnings for you, but a wealth of opportunities for them. It’s a win-win.

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The process is simple – copy the content, paste it into your email program, schedule the emails, and then watch as the affiliate sale notifications start rolling in…

Email 1 - Introducing #VAVS to your followers

Possible subject lines:

  • “Boost Your Freelance Business with #VAVS Summit and 20 Expert Speakers”
  • “A Game Changer for Freelancers: #VAVS Summit with Top Industry Experts”
  • “Elevate Your Skills with 20 Expert Speakers at the #VAVS Summit”
  • “Learn from Industry Experts at the #VAVS Summit”
  • “Your Ultimate Learning Platform: The #VAVS Summit”

Hi [Name],

As a Freelancer or Virtual Assistant, you must always be on the lookout for ways to elevate your business and skills. That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce you to my friend Tawnya Sutherland’s Season 23 of #VAVS Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit happening  October 23-27th.

This summit, featuring an impressive lineup of 20 expert speakers, aims to empower you with knowledge and tools that can transform your freelance business. You will learn:

  • Proven strategies to secure high-end clients
  • Effective techniques for landing new clients
  • Tactics to seal the deal with potential clients
  • Insights into client preferences and needs
  • Ways to consistently earn 5K+ every month
  • Networking secrets to build a robust client base

And much more! All these learning outcomes aim at helping you find and retain clients – a critical aspect of any service-based business. And guess what? You can attend this enriching event for FREE.

Grab your FREE ticket here: [Add your affiliate link here]

Here’s a sneak peek into the powerhouse of speakers lined up for you:

  1. Tawnya Sutherland – The Where and How Guide to Find Clients
  2. Craig Cannings – Finding Ideal Clients in 60 Minutes Per Day!
  3. Amy Figueroa – Casting Your Net: Key Strategies to Capture New Client Leads
  4. Amber-Louise – Mastering the Art of LinkedIn Unlocking Opportunities and Building Connections
  5. Sharon Williams – A Perfect Client: One Person > One Problem > One Promise
  6. Devin Drake – Strategies for Standing Out and Winning Clients
  7. Theresa Robertson – Don’t Be a Unicorn, Be a Dragon!
  8. Shire Lyon – How to Use Facebook to Find and Attract Clients
  9. Angela Wills – Add New Income Streams With Email Marketing!
  10. Laura Briggs – Setting and Reinforcing Boundaries: Protecting Your Sanity as a VA
  11. Lou Bortone – How to Wow Your Clients (And Create a Lucrative, New Revenue Stream) With Super Simple Video Editing!
  12. Mark Hunter – How to Rapidly Create Fast & Breathtaking Websites Your Clients Will Love
  13. Sarah Noked – Mastering Online Business Management: The Key to Attracting and Retaining Your Ideal Clients
  14. Tovey Blake – Building Lasting Bonds: Elevating Client Stewardship Through Process Optimization and Automation
  15. Trish Kimble – WIIFM Client Communications
  16. Stephanie Hayes – Want More Clients? Stop Looking For Them! (Simplified Client Acquisition For Service-Based Businesses)
  17. Sandra De Freitas – Attracting and Retaining Ideal Clients Through Membership Programs
  18. Susanne Myers – Creating Passive Income Along With Paid Clients: Why It’s Important & How To Get Started
  19. Cathy Baillargeon – Client Overload: Stay Solo or Create an Agency?
  20. Melissa Irvin – How I Have Kept the Same Clients For Over 3 Years

Now, imagine learning from all these industry-leading speakers who will guide you on improving your client-acquisition skills, building business growth, and achieving success in your service-based business. This powerful accumulation of knowledge and experience is at your fingertips, ready to propel your business to new heights.

The best part? You can access this wealth of information for FREE! Yes, you read that right. You have the chance to gain insights from top industry experts without spending a dime. So why wait? Grab your free ticket now and embark on this transformative journey. You’ve got nothing to lose and a world of knowledge to gain!

Secure your FREE ticket here: [Add your affiliate link here]

But wait, there’s more! For an experience that’s a cut above the rest, I strongly recommend upgrading to the VIP Ticket. As a VIP, you’ll not only have unlimited access to recordings and speaker notes, letting you revisit this goldmine of knowledge whenever you wish, but you’ll also unlock a Swag Bag loaded with premium courses and training materials worth over $2000! This is your chance to level up your skill set and fuel your business growth.

That’s not all – VIP ticket holders also get an exclusive entry into draws with a whopping $6500+ worth of prizes on the line! and more VIP perks! Becoming a VIP isn’t just an upgrade, it’s an investment in your business that promises huge returns. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Sign up for your VIP Ticket here: [Add your affiliate link here]

Don’t delay! Secure your spot today before all the FREE seats are taken!

[Add your signature]

P.S.: Upgrading to VIP doesn’t only grant you additional resources and benefits but also enters you into draws for chances to WIN any of Tawnya’s many Virtual Assistant Training programs valued at over $6500+. Get the edge with VIP: [Add your affiliate link here]

Email 2 - Another intro email

Possible Subject lines:

  • “Ready to Take Your Freelance Business to New Heights? Join the #VAVS Summit!”
  • “Clients Are Waiting For You – Learn How to Find Them at the #VAVS Summit!”
  • “Kickstart Your Client Base with #VAVS Summit!”
  • “Boost Your Client Acquisition Skills at the #VAVS Summit”
  • “Discover the Power of Networking at the #VAVS Summit!”

Hi [Name],

Ready to catapult your freelancing, service-based business into a whole new realm of success? Then you absolutely cannot miss Season 23 of #VAVS, the Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit, happening this October 23-27th. This mega event, hosted by my friend Tawnya Sutherland, is an incredible opportunity to expand your client base and grow your business.

Wondering what’s in it for you? Here’s a glimpse: [Add your affiliate link here]

And guess what? You can attend this power-packed summit live, absolutely FREE!

The #VAVS Summit is more than just a conference. It’s a transformative learning experience specifically designed for freelancers like you, empowering you with strategies to FIND and RETAIN clients – the lifeline of your business.

Who is this for?

This event caters to all business owners who provide remote administrative, technical, or creative support services. Whether you are a secretary, virtual assistant, office manager, IT provider, graphic designer, marketer or an internet-savvy entrepreneur looking to make money online – if you have skills, a laptop, and internet access – this summit is for you!

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what previous attendees have to say:

“I got so much out of this series of seminars. As a new Virtual Assistant just in the stage of creating my website, every single seminar was valuable and applicable to me. What a value! Thanks so much!” ~ Jan Swenson

“I can’t wait! I attended #VAVS last year, and it was one of the most informative series of webinars for freelancers I’ve ever been a part of. Not to mention the sidebar chats, what a great community! I can’t believe it’s such an amazing bargain.” ~ Nina Feldman

What’s more? You can enjoy this online summit from the comfort of your home office. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a readiness to learn and grow! From October 23-27th, you will have access to 20 educational webinars that will help you scale up your VA business.

Secure your FREE live ticket here: [Add your affiliate link here]

Want to take your learning experience a notch higher? Upgrade to a VIP Ticket to access recordings and speaker notes, and revisit these insights at your convenience. You’ll also get access to premium courses and training materials worth over $2000 in the Swag Bag!

The icing on the cake? Tawnya is giving away prizes worth over $6500. And guess what? Only VIP ticket holders get a chance to win these amazing prizes!

#VAVS is not just another event. It’s a platform that connects you with industry leaders and other VAs navigating the same journey as you. Just one day at this summit will make you realize its incredible value for your business growth. So hurry, register now before my coupon code expires and get your FREE entry into this game-changing event!

[Add your signature]

PS: Remember, your VIP ticket not only gives you access to an array of additional resources but also a chance to win Tawnya’s spectacular training prizes worth over $6500! If you’re serious about giving your business a substantial boost, #VAVS is the place to be. Act fast and grab this opportunity while it lasts: [Add your affiliate link here]


Email #3 - Entice people to GO VIP

Possible Subject lines:

  • “Maximize Your Summit Experience with a VIP Ticket!”
  • “Unlock Exclusive Perks with a #VAVS VIP Ticket”
  • “Elevate Your Learning Experience with a VIP Upgrade”
  • “VIP Status: It’s More than Just an Upgrade, It’s an Investment!”
  • “Why Settle for Less? Go VIP at the #VAVS Summit!”

Hi [Name],

By now, I hope you’ve seized your FREE ticket to the Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit Season 23, starting October 23rd. If not, you can grab it here: [Add your affiliate link here]

But let me ask you this: Are you truly serious about expanding your client base? If your answer is a resounding YES, then I highly recommend you treat yourself and GO VIP!

The VIP ticket, priced at just $97, unlocks a plethora of perks designed to elevate your summit experience and infuse your business with actionable insights. Here’s what’s inside the exciting VIP package:

1. On-Demand Video Recordings with Notes (Value $97): Get access to all the summit content on demand. Watch and rewatch at your convenience, ensuring that no golden nugget of knowledge is missed.

2. Printable Speaker Notes: Free yourself from frantic note-taking and focus on absorbing the wisdom. We provide printable speaker notes for each session.

3. Exclusive #VAVS Group Coaching Call with Tawnya Sutherland: Join Tawnya in a group coaching call to strategize the best ways to implement the learnings into your business effectively.

4. Prize Draws Worth Over 6500: Bask in the thrill of our exciting prize draws exclusive for VIP ticket holders, with the total prize pool valued at over $6500!

5. Access to Our Swag Bag (Value: $2000+): Dive into a collection of premium courses and tools designed to boost your business growth trajectory. From networking courses to email marketing insights, this Swag Bag is brimming with resources!

[Add your affiliate link here]

With the combined value of the perks far exceeding the price, the VIP ticket is a fantastic investment in your business. The exclusive group coaching session alone is worth $97!

[Add your affiliate link here]

The #VAVS Summit isn’t just about learning; it’s about connecting with industry leaders and other VAs, just like you. Attending this online industry conference could be the turning point for your business growth. So, don’t hesitate, level up your summit experience and go VIP today!

[Add your signature]

PS: Remember, securing a VIP ticket is not just about exclusive perks; it’s about signalling a commitment to your business growth. Invest in your future success by upgrading to VIP: [Add your affiliate link here]


Email #4 - Details about the $6500 in Prize Draws

Possible Subject lines:

  • “Over $6500 in Prizes Up for Grabs! Upgrade to VIP Now!”
  • “Win Big with a #VAVS VIP Ticket!”
  • “Your Chance to WIN a Career-Boosting Training Program is Here!”

Hi [Name],

As you might recall from my previous emails, my friend Tawnya Sutherland, an expert in teaching freelancers how to succeed as Virtual Assistants for over two decades, is hosting the highly anticipated Season 23 of the Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit.

If you haven’t already, you can secure your FREE ticket to the #VAVS Summit (October 23-27) and learn from 20 industry-leading speakers about finding clients and getting your calendar fully booked!

Secure your FREE TICKET HERE: [Add your affiliate link here]

But if you’re ready to take your learning experience to the next level, with a chance to win prizes valued at over $6500, then I recommend you consider the VIP Ticket – available for only $97. This package offers an array of perks including access to all recordings, speaker notes, a Group Coaching Call with Tawnya, over $2000 worth of Swag, and an entry into our exciting prize draws.

Here’s a sneak peek at the fantastic prizes you stand a chance to win as a VIP member:

  • 3 Copies of Tawnya’s Virtual Assistant Career Kickstart System (Valued at $897 each) A comprehensive training program for those serious about having a successful career as a Virtual Assistant.
  • 3 Annual Memberships of Tawnya’s Virtual Assistant Membership (Valued at $970 each) A must-have supportive training and accountability system for every service-based business.
  • 10 VANA Community Memberships (Valued at $97 each) A private business community exclusively for Virtual Assistants!

GO VIP HERE and enter into these incredible prize draws: [Add your affiliate link here]

With an overall value far exceeding its price, the VIP ticket is a worthwhile investment in your business. The group coaching session alone is worth $97!

Give yourself the gift of this VIP experience: [Add your affiliate link here]

Hope to see you at the #VAVS Summit! But act fast, the FREE seats are filling up quickly!

[Add your signature]

PS: Remember, upgrading to the VIP experience not only lands you into our fantastic prize draws but also grants you immediate access to the Swag Bag filled with premium training courses and tools worth over $2000. Take your learning experience a notch higher and GO VIP NOW: [Add your affiliate link here]

Email 5: Last Day Email (Send Oct. 22, 1 am on Sunday morning)

Possible Subject lines:

  • VIP Alert: Last Call for $6500+ Prizes & Exclusive Swag — #VAVS Starts Tomorrow!
  • Final Hours: Secure Your #VAVS VIP Ticket & Unlock $6500+ in Prizes!
  • Time’s Ticking: Last 24 Hours to Unlock $6500+ Prizes & VIP Access!
  • Last Chance: #VAVS Starts Tomorrow — Get Your VIP Ticket & $2000+ Swag Now!
  • Emoticons you can use in the subject line to show urgency – 🕒🚨⏳

Hey [Name],

Just 24 hours left. Yep, that’s your window of opportunity to jump on board for Season 23 of the Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit (aka #VAVS). Now let’s talk about our standout guest, shall we? None other than the video marketing whiz, Lou Bortone!

👉 Secure Your Seat NOW! [Add Your Affiliate Link]

Just a Taste of What’s On Deck:

  • Strategies for Winning Clients
  • Unlocking LinkedIn Opportunities
  • How to Wow Your Clients with Video Editing (Featuring Lou Bortone!)
  • Finding Ideal Clients in 60 Minutes
  • Casting Your Net for New Client Leads
  • Setting and Reinforcing Boundaries
  • Building Lasting Bonds with Clients
  • Creating Passive Income Alongside Clients
  • Multiple Streams of Email Income
  • Client Overload: To Agency or Not to Agency
  • Plus 10 more topics to get you booked solid!

Unmissable VIP Perks:

  1. 20 Recorded Webinars: Watch on your terms.
  2. Printable Speaker Notes: No hand cramps here!
  3. Exclusive Group Coaching Call with Tawnya: Real-time strategy.
  4. Entry into $6500+ Prize Draws: Must have a ticket by Monday!
  5. PLUS: $2000+ in VIP-Only Swag: Don’t miss out!

👉 Go VIP and Elevate Your Game! [Add Your Affiliate Link]

So, let’s cut to the chase. Come Monday, we’re drawing for $6500+ in prizes. You want in? Then you’ll want that VIP ticket in hand.

Can’t wait for you to unlock all the VIP perks and join this incredible learning journey with us!

[Your Signature]

PS: The clock’s ticking. You’ve got 24 hours to secure VIP status and a shot at $6500+ in prizes. What Are You Waiting For? [Add Your Affiliate Link]

Email 6: Last Day Email (Send Oct. 22, Sunday at noon)

Possible Subject lines:

  • “🕒 Tick-Tock, Don’t Miss the Clock – #VAVS Starts Tomorrow!”
  • “Hurry, Your Chance to Change Your Business Expires Soon!”

Hi [Name],

Hey there, amazing freelancer! Time’s almost up to grab your seat at Season 23 of #VAVS – the Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit. My friend Tawnya Sutherland’s prepared a smorgasbord of expertise just for you.

GET YOUR FREE TICKET HERE: [Your Affiliate Link]

This isn’t just any online conference. Imagine five days packed with industry insights, all tailored to help you grow your freelance business. Not to mention the $6500+ in prizes being drawn TOMORROW! Need I say more?

Okay, one more thing: Go VIP!

As a VIP, you’ll get:

  1. 20 Webinar Recordings: Because you can’t possibly attend everything live.
  2. Printable Speaker Notes: No more hand cramps from frantic note-taking.
  3. Exclusive Group Coaching with Tawnya: Imagine a business strategy tailor-made for you.
  4. Entry into $6500+ Prize Draws: But you’ve got to act by Monday!
  5. PLUS: $2000+ VIP-Only Swag: Seriously, don’t miss out.

UPGRADE TO VIP HERE: [Your Affiliate Link]

See you bright and early tomorrow. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

[Add your signature]

PS: The VIP experience is the cherry on top. Are you in? [Your Affiliate Link]


Email 7: Last Day Email (Send Oct. 22, Sunday in the evening)

Possible Subject lines:

  • “Last Call: All Aboard the #VAVS Train – Departing Tomorrow!”
  • “Final Hours: Unlock Your VIP Access Before It’s Too Late!”

Hi [Name],

Time’s ticking! We’re at the final stretch, and I can practically hear the buzz of freelancers across the globe gearing up for Season 23 of #VAVS. My fabulous friend Tawnya has something special in store for you. 🌟

SECURE YOUR FREE SPOT: [Your Affiliate Link]

Remember, if you’re serious about scaling your freelance business, going VIP is the way to go. Why? Here’s the 411:

  1. 20 Webinar Recordings: Got a conflict? No sweat, catch up later!
  2. Printable Speaker Notes: Be prepared, not overwhelmed.
  3. Exclusive Group Coaching Call: Get your burning questions answered.
  4. $6500+ Prize Draws: Must act by Monday to get in on this!
  5. $2000+ VIP-Only Swag: Seriously, it’s swagalicious!

SNAG YOUR VIP ACCESS: [Your Affiliate Link]

I’ll be looking out for you when the digital doors open tomorrow morning. It’s your last chance, don’t get left behind!

[Add your signature]

PS: Last call for VIP! You in? [Your Affiliate Link]

Email 8: Send Monday Morning Oct. 23 before 9am PT

Possible Subject lines:

  • “Today’s the Day: Your #VAVS Experience Begins in Hours!”
  • “Coffee’s Hot, So Are the Topics: #VAVS Starts Soon!”

Hi [Name],

Good morning, go-getter! Hope you’ve got your coffee ready, because today marks the kickoff of Season 23 of #VAVS—the Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit. You don’t want to miss this; it’s like the Coachella for freelancers! 


We’ve got a roster of stellar speakers queued up and ready to share trade secrets that can help you get booked solid with your ideal clients. And the prizes! Over $6500 up for grabs, but only if you snag your ticket NOW.

Let’s be real; you deserve the VIP treatment:

  1. 20 Webinar Recordings: In case life happens.
  2. Printable Speaker Notes: So you can focus on learning.
  3. Exclusive Group Coaching: Tawnya’s got gems to share.
  4. $6500+ in Prize Draws: Only for today’s ticket-holders!
  5. $2000+ VIP-Only Swag: You’ll kick yourself if you miss it.

SECURE YOUR VIP ACCESS: [Your Affiliate Link]

So, will I see you there? Because this is one virtual room you want to be in. Your future clients are waiting!

[Add your signature]

PS: Seriously, this is it. Time to make a decision that could change your freelance game. VIP? [Your Affiliate Link]


We also encourage you to spread the word about the Summit on your social networks. Use our official graphics and make sure to include the hashtag #VAVS in your posts. This allows us to locate your posts and engage with them, helping to boost their visibility and inspire more people to register using your link.


Long Posts
  1. As a freelancer, are you dreaming of a roster filled with high-end clients? Imagine the joy and satisfaction of having your schedule packed with work that both challenges and rewards you. Don’t miss the opportunity to make this dream a reality at the #VAVS Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit. Here, 20 leading experts in the field will guide you through the process of finding and retaining clients. This is a golden opportunity to learn strategies that work, connect with industry leaders, and take your freelance business to new heights. Grab your FREE live ticket now: [Add your affiliate link]
  2. Ever dreamt of earning 5K+ every single month as a freelancer? It’s possible, and the #VAVS Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit is here to show you how. With 20 industry experts sharing their wisdom on finding and retaining clients, this Summit is your ticket to financial success. But it’s not just about money – it’s about building relationships with clients who respect your work and value your expertise. Turn your dream into a reality today by securing your spot at this enriching event – entirely FREE of charge. Get your live ticket here: [Add your affiliate link]
  3. Are you ready to master the art of landing new clients? With the right guidance and tools, you can transform your freelancing business into a powerhouse of opportunity. The #VAVS Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit offers exactly that – expert advice from 20 industry leaders dedicated to helping freelancers excel. Learn the secrets of successful client acquisition, discover how to retain valuable customers, and unlock the full potential of your freelance business. Don’t miss this chance to take your freelancing to the next level – all for FREE! Secure your live ticket here: [Add your affiliate link]
  4. Are you ready to take your Virtual Assistant career to new heights? The 23rd Virtual Assistant Virtuosos SUMMIT is just around the corner, and it’s going to be a game-changer for freelancers and service-based professionals. From October 23 to 27, join Tawnya Sutherland and a lineup of 20 exceptional speakers as we dive deep into the world of VA success. Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience, this Summit is designed to help you find and retain premium clients, master the art of winning new business, and understand the proven tactics to seal the deal. [Add your affiliate link]
Short Posts
  1. Looking to attract high-end clients and get booked solid? Join the 23rd season of #VAVS this October. Secure your FREE ticket today and learn the secrets to mastering client acquisition. [Add your affiliate link]

  2. Find out who your clients are and what they really want at the upcoming #VAVS summit. Grab your FREE ticket now and unlock the knowledge to consistently make $5K+ every month. [Add your affiliate link]

  3. It’s back! Season 23 of the Virtual Assistant Virtuosos SUMMIT is here to help you discover proven tactics to FIND and RETAIN Clients! Get your FREE ticket for #VAVS today! [Add your affiliate link]

  4. Get ready to unlock networking secrets that will help you obtain a full roster of clients at the #VAVS Summit this October. Don’t miss out, secure your FREE ticket now! [Add your affiliate link]

  5. Master the art of landing new clients at this year’s #VAVS summit. Learn from 20 speakers sharing their top secrets, strategies, and proven tactics. Get your FREE ticket now! [Add your affiliate link]

  6. Want to close deals with new clients with ease? Grab your FREE ticket to the #VAVS Summit coming up on October 23-27th and learn how! [Add your affiliate link]

  7. The 23rd Virtual Assistant Virtuosos SUMMIT is happening LIVE Online this October 23-27th! A fantastic opportunity to learn top secrets, strategies, and proven tactics to FIND & RETAIN Clients! Secure your FREE TICKET for #VAVS now! [Add your affiliate link]

  8. Your host, Tawnya Sutherland, has rounded up 20 industry-leading speakers for season 23 of #VAVS this October! Don’t miss out on their invaluable insights – grab your FREE TICKET today! [Add your affiliate link]

  9. Join the #VAVS Summit live this October 23-27th to discover how you can make 5K+ every single month. Grab your FREE ticket now! [Add your affiliate link]

  10. Are you a freelancer seeking to expand your client base and retain them effectively? Then #VAVS is the event for you! Secure your FREE ticket today and gear up for an enriching learning experience. [Add your affiliate link]


Posts for Speakers
  1. I’m delighted to be among the 20 Expert Speakers at Season 23 of the Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit #VAVS online conference. I’ll be discussing [add your topic/description here and the day you’ll be speaking if you wish]. Don’t miss this opportunity to join us and gain valuable insights from my webinar. Secure your FREE live attendance ticket here: [Add your affiliate link]
  2. Excited to announce that I’ll be one of the 20 Expert Speakers at the upcoming #VAVS online conference, Season 23. I’ll be sharing insights about [add your topic/description here and the day you’ll be speaking if you like]. It would be great to have you join us for my webinar. Grab your FREE ticket here: [Add your affiliate link]
  3. I’m honored to present as one of the 20 Expert Speakers at Season 23 of the Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit #VAVS online conference. I’ll be teaching attendees about [add your topic/description here and the day you’ll be speaking if you like]. Make sure to join us for this informative session. Secure your FREE live ticket now: [Add your affiliate link]


Posts for Swag Bag Contributor
  1. Thrilled to contribute to the #VAVS VIP Swag Bag this season! VIP attendees, check it out for exclusive access to our [product/service]. Grab your VIP ticket today! [Add your affiliate link]
  2. Our special contribution to the #VAVS VIP Swag Bag awaits all premium attendees. Excited to share our [product/service] with the incredible VA community! Upgrade to VIP: [Add your affiliate link]
  3. Proud to be part of the #VAVS VIP experience this season with our exclusive Swag Bag contribution. Don’t miss out on [product/service] specially curated for you! Get your VIP ticket: [Add your affiliate link]


Pretty Posts

Are you a Freelancer dreaming BIG?

  • Looking to fill your roster with high-end clients?
  • Want to land new clients like a pro?
  • Ready to discover the secrets of client retention?
  • Dreaming of making 5K+ every single month?

Then #VAVS Summit is the perfect opportunity for YOU!

This summit is your gateway to:
👥 Learn from 20 industry-leading experts
📈Master strategies for finding and retaining clients
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