Season 14 of #VAVS – November 14-18th, 2016

The Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Seminars #VAVS are held twice a year during the Spring/Fall.

Every Virtual Assistant from the brand new VA to the veteran VA are spoken to at this conference. #VAVS helps keep us educated on what’s new in the VA industry, plus gives us the opportunity to network with our business colleagues and connect with the VA industry leaders. 

Spring #VAVS – During this series of seminars held each Spring in May, we present a THEME surrounding a topic Virtual Assistants have been asking for like: “Finding & Retaining Clients in Your VA Business”.  Being the Market Leader to the Virtual Assistant industry your host Tawnya Sutherland, has met many awesome, educated, savvy, engaging business professionals in her lifetime who understand the way a VA works. Each spring she’ll gather up a few of these awesome trainers and bring them here to teach and give Virtual Assistants new business strategies that they can implement in their business.

Fall #VAVS – During this series of seminars held each Fall in November, we switch it up and present a speaker stage of engaging Virtual Assistants who currently run a successful VA business or have in the past. Virtual Assistants who have already went through the bumps and grinds of getting their business going and have figured out what works and what doesn’t in their business to share with their peers. Learn from other business minded Virtual Assistants at this series hence our Fall theme “Virtual Assistants Unite to Learn How to Make More Money!”

Virtual Assistant Conference #VAVS Season 14

November 14-18th, 2016, 9am-4pm PST (-8 UTC/GMT – Vancouver, Canada Time Zone)

THEME: Virtual Assistants Unite to Learn How to Make More Money!

Tawnya Sutherland

Your VAVS Host! She is a Certified Internet Marketing Business Strategist from the University of British Columbia who runs her own Internet marketing company,

Her marketing skills founded her in 2003, the market leader for Virtual Assistant resources,  training and new VA startups.   Tawnya has become the go to spokesperson for Virtual Assistants wanting to share, learn more, and grow their businesses.

To kickoff our event to the public sector we are holding a couple FREE WEBINARS for anyone to attend to get a preview of what to expect at our upcoming VAVS. Please tell all your business colleagues about #VAVS! Here are the dates: 

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PREVIEW DATES: October 20th, 3pm PDT & November 10th, 3pm PST 

What to Expect in a Career as a Virtual Assistant

October 13th, 1pm PDT & October 27th, 3pm PDT

During this information-rich 1 hour webinar based on Tawnya’s own experience as a Virtual Assistant (VA) for the past 15 years, you will receive the answers to common questions most Virtual Assistants are asking including:

  • WHO is a Virtual Assistant?
  • WHAT services can a VA offer?
  • WHERE do Virtual Assistants find clients?
  • WHEN do Virtual Assistants get paid?
  • WHY do VAs need a marketing plan?
  • HOW do Virtual Assistants grow their business?
  • Tawnya will share her 10+ Tools (mostly free) she uses in her business every day

Owning a successful Virtual Assistant has given many VAs the freedom to earn an above average potential income from the comforts of their home office. If you’ve ever been curious what it would be like to be the boss of your own service business or just want to pick up some sweet strategies to help you grow your VA business, you won’t want to miss this informational webinar.

Only 200 Seats!

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DAY 1 – Monday, November 14th, 2016

9am-4pm PST (-8 UTC/GMT – Vancouver, Canada Time Zone)

Tanya Bryant

Tanya Bryant is the owner of where she offers training, resources and community to help other Virtual Assistants better serve their clients and grow their businesses.

Stephanie Watson

Stephanie has been in business for more than 20 years as Virtual Assistant. Today she specializes in Content Strategy, and helping new virtual businesses get off the ground.

Hannah O'Brien

Hannah is a boutique OBM & Virtual Assistant for modern and ambitious entrepreneurs, and has recently opened The Modern VA Academy to deliver fun, engaging & results-driven training for new VAs.

Rob W. Neilly

Rob Neilly is an AssistU-trained virtual assistant, who currently maintains his small VA practice, and teaches college students technology and business writing.

Discover 3 Primary Shifts You Will Need to Make in Order to Be Successful in Your VA Business So That You Can Truly Have the Freedom and Business You Love

Monday, November 14th, 9AM PST, 10AM MST, 11AM CST, 12PM EST

Starting a Virtual Assistant business can bring so much freedom into your life whether that means more time with your family or more time to do the things you enjoy (or both!). There is no denying how rewarding it can be, but why do so many virtual assistants disappear on their clients? Typically it is because they haven’t made the primary mindset shifts necessary to building a sustainable and successful business that truly makes them happy. In this webinar, we will discuss the following:

  • Determining your why and what you really want out of your business
  • Getting out of your comfort zone in order to attract clients and make connections
  • Shifting your mind from employee to entrepreneur so that you stay in charge


Getting Your Spouse (and Other People) on Board with Your VA Business

Monday, November 14th, 11AM PST, 12PM MST, 1PM CST, 2PM EST

You know you have a good business idea, but your spouse (and everyone else) is against it. Stephanie will help you learn what to do and say in order to turn them around to being your biggest fan and supporter. You’ll learn how to present your business idea in such a manner that your spouse is impressed by your knowledge and skill and ready to do what it takes to help you make it work. Even if you’ve failed in the past, you’ll learn how to get your spouse (and other people) on board with your virtual assistant business.

From Business to Bust & Back Again - the Story of How My First va Business Almost Failed, and How You Can Avoid Making the Same Mistakes

Monday, November 14th, 1PM PST, 2PM MST, 3PM CDT, 4PM EST

Hannah landed her first VA client in 2012, and within a few months it was her full-time career. Sounds great, right? Except she went about it all wrong – and ended up overwhelmed, burnt out and almost ruined her business reputation. Luckily she was able to stop, reflect and rebuild a thriving Virtual Assistant business – and now she wants to share her story to help those who may be on the same self-destructive path.

During this presentation Hannah with share with you…  

  • Why starting her Virtual Assistant career in a high-pressure situation was a dangerous choice
  • The bad choices she made right from the start that set her up for failure
  • The red flags she should have seen that pointed to eventual demise
  • The lifeline she took and felt ashamed of
  • How she started almost from scratch – and what she did differently
  • The biggest takeaways from this experience


Communicating With Your Stakeholders

Monday, November 14th, 3PM PST, 4PM MST, 5PM CST, 6PM EST

Virtual Assistants (VAs) have at least three sets of stakeholders:

1. Themselves
2. Their Clients
3. Their Community

Each stakeholder needs clear messages, with focused intent behind them.

This presentation will be useful to any VA who either needs a more cohesive approach in her or his stakeholder communications, or who may be facing obstacles in her or his communications.

In Rob’s presentation, he will be talking about how to be more effective and persuasive, alongside suggestions for your number one stakeholder: you.

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DAY 2 – Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

9am-4pm PST (-8 UTC/GMT – Vancouver, Canada Time Zone)

Michelle Mangen

Michelle Mangen is passionate about figuring out ways to get more done in less time by utilizing software and other tools.

Alyssa Avant

Alyssa Avant is a veteran virtual assistant with 9 plus years of experience. She teaches others how to start a VA business in her training program, Avantage Virtual Assistant Academy.

Lesa Townsend

Lesa Townsend is the founder of Vor Business Training where you can learn exactly what you need to grow your business online through affordable, easy to consume, easy to implement courses.

Julie Stoian & Madelaine Corke

Julie Stoian and Madelaine Corke run Create Your Laptop Life, a group mentorship program that provides the tools & strategy needed to develop {or grow} a profitable freelance business.

10 Ways to Work Smarter Not Harder

Tuesday, November 15th, 9AM PST, 10AM MST, 11AM CST, 12PM EST

Automation allows us to do more in less time and often it can actually reduce or eliminate human error. Some call it productivity or “hacking”. Michelle likes to think it’s a bit of both but ultimately it’s running automatically with little to no human intervention after being defined and set-up.

During this session you’ll get tips on how to identify tasks that may benefit from being automated and when automation should be avoided. Michelle will share ten different tools that can be used to automate various general admin, social media and bookkeeping tasks along with real life examples of each.

How to Find Your Niche

Tuesday, November 15th, 11AM PST, 12PM MST, 1PM CST, 2PM EST

In this webinar, How to Find Your Niche, we will explore answering the following questions:

  • Who do you wish to serve?
  • What are your skills?
  • What do you want to spend your time doing?
  • What type of person is my ideal client?

The answers to these questions will help you determine your perfect target market. Finding your niche is the first step in setting up a virtual assistant business that will not just grow, but thrive.  

Are you ready to thrive?

How to Command Higher Rates by Becoming a Subject Matter Expert

Tuesday, November 15th, 1PM PST, 2PM MST, 3PM CST, 4PM EST

Many virtual assistants don’t earn much more than minimum wage after accounting for taxes and time spent doing the administrative work necessary to run their own business.

The key to charging more per hour — and having clients gladly pay you — is by becoming a subject matter expert. Becoming a subject matter expert requires more than simply knowing more than your client does on a given topic.  Attend this presentation and learn:

  • Which subject areas are in most demand… and command the highest fees.
  • Why subject area experts are not business coaches… and why you shouldn’t try to coach your clients.
  • How to position your expertise so clients gladly pay your higher rates.


Charging Your Worth: Freelance Pricing, Packaging, & Breaking Through the Minimum Wage Mindset

Tuesday, November 15th, 3PM PST, 4PM MST, 5PM CST, 6PM EST

The Freelance & VA world is fiercely competitive. With a global market, and sites like Upwork, Elance, and Fiverr advertising jobs for $5-10 an hour, how do you successfully charge your worth and still remain competitive? You’ll hear from two-freelancers – both making full-time livable incomes and learn:

  • How to recognize the mindset blocks that keep YOU from believing your work is worth more.
  • How to position yourself (and your biz) so that people stop asking for discounts PERMANENTLY.
  • How to find jobs and clients that are happily willing to pay your rates.


Only 200 Seats!

At only $37 a ticket to watch 20 speakers present to you LIVE we always sell out. Don’t miss it!

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DAY 3 – Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

9am-4pm PST (-8 UTC/GMT – Vancouver, Canada Time Zone)

Kim Garnett

Kim is the owner of Brainy Girl Virtual Assistant and The VA Success Academy. She’s passionate about the VA industry and helping other VA’s build profitable VA businesses.

Susan Mershon

Susan Mershon, The Techie Mentor™ helps Virtual Assistants find more clients & earn more money by teaching the techie skills clients want & need.

Sharon Broughton

Sharon Broughton is an online marketing junkie and tech skills expert who works with 6- and 7-figure business coaches. She is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and Certified Online Business Manager.

Alicia Jay

Alicia Jay is a business and marketing coach for virtual assistants, helping them get out of overwhelm in order to create a business that they love! You can find more from her at

Finding and Attracting Clients

Wednesday, November 16th, 9AM PST, 10AM MST, 11AM CST, 12PM EST

Are you struggling to get clients? Do you wonder why other VA’s have a full client load and you don’t?


  • Having a list of clients waiting for an opening to work with you
  • Getting calls everyday from new clients and referrals.
  • Knowing exactly what you need to do to consistently find and attract clients.

It’s possible, and Kim is going to show you how.

In this presentation we’ll cover:

  • Getting out of your own way
  • The importance of consistency in marketing
  • How to build the ‘know, like, trust’ factor that will bring clients to you
  • 10 easy ways to find and attract clients right now

This will be an action packed presentation that will give you actionable steps to take to find and attract clients.

Tips on Using Teamwork Projects to Manage Your Client Tasks, Deadlines & Communication

Wednesday, November 16th, 11AM PST, 12PM MST, 1PM CST, 2PM EST

A Task Management system such as Teamwork is key to managing the day to day tasks, deadlines, communications & needs of your clients.

It’s also an effective way to understand if you:

  • Can take on new clients
  • Are working enough hours or too many
  • Can meet all your deadlines
  • Can take on a new project or commitment
  • Are ready to hire help or build a team

There are so many moving pieces to a Virtual Assistant business, use a Task Management system managing it all.

How to Be a Super VA

Wednesday, November 16th, 1PM PST, 2PM MST, 3PM CST, 4PM EST

What is a Super VA and What Clients Looking For

So what exactly is a Super VA? A Super VA is:

  • a major techie who’s great at learning new tools for marketing businesses online
  • proactive and knows more than the client about online marketing
  • over delivers and goes the extra mile
  • has a team who have multiple skills and is a one-stop service shop
  • has experience working with clients making six figures or higher
  • knows Infusionsoft, Leadpages, OptimizePress2.0, Click Funnels, and more…

The kicker? There might only be a handful (if that) of these VAs around. And that’s definitely not enough to fill market demand.

4 Part Strategy to Get Clients Online, Even If They Don't Know That You Exist Yet!

Wednesday, November 16th, 3PM PST, 4PM MST, 5PM CST, 6PM EST

Still trying to figure out how to use social media in order to get clients you really want to work with? I want to share with you my 4 part strategy that will alleviate the overwhelm and get you on the path to a business that you love. In this results-driven presentation, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Decide where you should be active on social media
  • Make your online marketing work on a small budget
  • Connect with potential clients who don’t know you yet
  • Create online relationships that result in client relationships


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DAY 4 – Thursday, November 17th, 2016

9am-4pm PST (-8 UTC/GMT – Vancouver, Canada Time Zone)

Dawn Raquel Jensen

Dawn is an international social business trainer, and social media consultant. She’s coached and trained thousands of people on technology, social media and digital platforms since 2005.

Tamara Baranova

Tamara Baranova is a certified online business strategist helping clients in the creative & services industries to launch and grow a successful business online for over 8 years.

Sandy Moniz

Sandy Moniz is a Business Strategist / Imagineer who helps busy business owners to streamline their business operations and use digital designing to enhance their social media presence.

Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter is a WordPress Web Developer From Australia. He loves helping others get unstuck with technology.

How to Create a Content Plan for Blogging & Social Media

Thursday, November 17th, 9AM PST, 10AM MST, 11AM CST, 12PM EST

In this session, you will take that knowledge further to:

  • Create content that can be used over and over
  • Blueprint your own content system to use on social media
  • Reuse and repurpose what you post online
  • Easy to use tools to Craft marketing visuals and graphics

How to Use Facebook Marketing To Find Clients (and Then Sell as a Service)

Thursday, November 17th, 11AM PST, 12PM MST, 1PM CST, 2PM EST

Facebook is the largest social media network (1.7 billion monthly users) with engaged audience spending on average 20min per day. If you aren’t using Facebook marketing to grow your business – your business could be at a disadvantage.

Join Tamara for this session to discover how to create a profitable Facebook marketing funnel for your business, why “free” marketing via Groups could be costing you more than you think, why “boosting” posts on your Page isn’t the best use of your advertising dollars, and how to use Facebook Ads to get leads and clients.

And the best bit – once you’ve mastered Facebook Ads for your business, it’s an extremely valuable service you can then offer to your clients that grew over 50% last year alone.

Digital Designing for Social Media

Thursday, November 17th, 1PM PST, 2PM MST, 3PM CST, 4PM EST

Sandys shares her expertise in Social Media and Digital Designing by delivering her Signature Speech titled “Digital Designing for Social Media.”  Free On-line and inexpensive digital design software will be covered with the differences noted.  The presentation talks about how easy it is to do digital designing and hopefully the myths of “hard” to learn will go away.

Being a VA, using Digital Design Software that offers a greater flexibility will allow for a greater range of services that leads to happier clients and the possibility of a larger revenue base

3 Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination While Increasing Your Value With WordPress

Thursday, November 17th, 3PM PST, 4PM MST, 5PM CST, 6PM EST

Overcoming procrastination is a tough thing but it gets worse when we are working with technology – and more specifically WordPress. I aim to ease the idling (and disappearing off to Facebook) by presenting 3 strategies to get organized with WordPress.  These same strategies will also make you a proactive VA and command more income through consulting.

This session will teach you:

  • The strategy that will allow you to run a successful discovery session
  • How to overcome those blockages when working with content
  • Why not all themes are created equal
  • How to make Google Drive your best friend

This presentation is great for any phase of your web creation process as well as helps bring clarity to your clients, gives your own VAs a game plan and ends confusion in your business.

Only 200 Seats!

At only $37 a ticket to watch 20 speakers present to you LIVE we always sell out. Don’t miss it!

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DAY 5 – Friday, November 18th, 2016

9am-4pm PST (-8 UTC/GMT – Vancouver, Canada Time Zone)

Gina Decker

Gina Decker is committed to teaching VAs to support JV launches. Her company,, provides solutions so entrepreneurs can focus on what they love without worrying about technology.

Semonna McNeil

Semonna McNeil helps women service providers leverage affiliate marketing, marketing automation and list building to get more clients.

IVAA - Eunice Joshua Clarke

Eunice Joshua Clarke is the Director of Marketing for IVAA (International Virtual Assistants Association) and Principal and CEO of The Executive Advantage Virtual, an operations consulting and office management firm.

Alicia Peterkin

A little over a year ago Alicia woke up one morning and quit her job…2 months later she created New Methods Consulting, Inc. and she never looked back!

Master the Launch: How You Can Make Yourself into an Indispensable VA During a Joint Venture Launch.

Friday, November 18th, 9AM PST, 10AM MST, 11AM CST, 12PM EST

If you’re not sure what niche you can serve as a VA, Gine will show you how she became the Go-to Techie for the Joint Venture Insider Circle (JVIC), which gave her access to working behind the scenes on JVIC’s 6-figure launch. In this presentation, you will learn:

  1. The systems you need to know to get your clients JV Ready fast.
  2. How to build high-converting landing pages for your clients.
  3. How to understand the big picture of sales funnels you’ll be building for your clients so that they will value your skills above other consultants they may want to hire at a cheaper rate.
  4. How to set up affiliate platforms quickly and easily so that your client will give you raving reviews and send you more clients.


How to Position Yourself as an Investment and Grow Your Clients' Bottom Line with Affiliate Marketing.

Friday, November 18th, 11AM PST, 12PM MST, 1PM CST, 2PM EST

During this free webinar you will learn:

  • 4 proven ways to help your client increase her bottom line without EVER feeling salezy.
  • Semonna’s fun paint-by-numbers process that will show you exactly what to do to help your clients establish a successful affiliate marketing program.
  • Exactly what to include in the affiliate invitation emails … so that your readers to take action.


Collaborating with Other VA Professionals

Friday, November 18th, 1PM PST, 2PM MST, 3PM CST, 4PM EST

One of the top industries that is gaining more prominence than ever is the virtual services profession. While VA’s and other remote professionals are finding much success as entrepreneurs, they also find that this profession can sometimes feel isolating, in that individuals usually work alone and aren’t used to reaching out to others to help them hone their skills, develop new tools and solutions to assist their clients better, or strategize with colleagues to find better ways to work, collaborate and grow.

During this session, Eunice Clarke, Director of Marketing for the International Virtual Assistants Association discusses the profession and offers ways to be a part of thriving teams and communities to help be happier virtual services professional. Topics include:

  • The Virtual Services Profession…How It’s Come A Long Way
  • Your Own Virtual Services Business
  • Three Primary Challenges That a Virtual Services Professional Faces No Matter What
  • Getting Interested In Finding Out About Your Business
  • Getting Interested In Incorporating More Of Yourself In Your Business
  • Being A Great Student In Order to Be a Great Entrepreneur
  • Don’t Be Shy – Ask!!!
  • Creating a Coalition of Success

Staying Encouraged and Thinking Outside the Box

Friday, November 18th, 3PM PST, 4PM MST, 5PM CST, 6PM EST

During this presentation you will learn…

  • The importance of staying positive
  • Ways to stay encouraged and manage your fears
  • Thinking outside the box in different areas 

These 3 things are so important for new VAs and each one needs to take the time to think about them.  We’re unsure, we’re overwhelmed, we have so many questions, and starting out can seem very discouraging at times.  Maybe there’s something I did, that you haven’t thought of or you’ve thought of it but didn’t try it the way I did.  Or maybe you just want someone to tell you they get it and that it will get better, success will come!

Are you scared and want to take that leap, but don’t know what you’re waiting for? Are you looking for a sign? It’s here!  I’m that sign! Let me share how these 3 things helped my success and help you take that leap.    

Only 200 Seats!

At only $37 a ticket to watch 20 speakers present to you LIVE we always sell out. Don’t miss it!

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Speaker schedule may change because of speaker illness and/or technical difficulties. In this case we will substitute this time slot with another speaker of interest to the VA industry to keep us on schedule.

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