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Looking for engaging Speakers for our next #VAVS 

Held November 17-19th from 9am PDT to 5pm PDT (4 webinars each day)  

Sponsorship Speaker opportunities also available by clicking here

If you’d like to get noticed by the Virtual Assistant (VA) market look no farther than our #VAVS hosted by Tawnya Sutherland, the market leader to the VA industry

This is our lucky 14th season (hard to believe we’ve did this 13 times already LOL) so we thought we’d do something a bit different and have a theme around a specific topic of interest that our VA network has asked us to focus on. In the past we only accepted speakers who currently/previously owned a VA business to speak with us as our theme was “From one VA to another”. This season (and hopefully every Spring season thereafter if this has a good turnout) we will choose a theme of interest and focus on finding experts in these areas to speak with us. In the Fall we will revert back to having our original theme “From one VA to another”.

#VAVS 14 Theme will be: TBA

This opens the doors for a variety of webinar topics and here are some examples of speaker topics I’m looking for…

  • How to use Linkedin (or whatever social network) to find clients
  • How to keep the lines of communication open with your clients
  • Customer Service will keep your clients coming back
  • Using Teamwork (or whatever project management system) to Keep in Contact with your clients
  • Creating a cohesive brand online to attract new clients
  • Packaging your pricing to entice new sales
  • Being Proactive in your service based business
  • How to Find Your Niche

If you have some other topic that revolves around our theme please suggest same when you apply below.

This will be a Pitch-free online conference. To show our appreciation for your time and knowledge shared with our network feel free however to share a freebie ebook or whatever with our attendees at the end of your webinar to entice them to sign up to your email list. Once you have them on your list you can send them any special offers and thanks for understanding. If you want to pitch, then become a Sponsor 😉

Deadline for application is September 16th, 2016.

To apply before the deadline please fill out the form below completely. We will notify all accepted applicants on or after April 1st, 2016.

If you have any questions, fill free to drop me a call Toll Free North America 1-800-642-6313 or local Vancouver, Canada 604-542-9664 to discuss.

To Your Virtual $uccess,

Tawnya Sutherland, CIMBS

The Market Leader For Virtual Assistants

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