Donate a Prize – Get Seen by Virtual Assistants

Want your product seen by Virtual Assistants around the world?

Well look no further than VAVS, the market leading online conference for Virtual Assistants!

We have 2 ways you can get the word out about your product or service.

1. Become a sponsor for our event. We have packages starting as low as $97 and you can learn more by clicking here.

CLICK HERE to Become a Sponsor

2. Donate a prize. We give away prizes in early bird draws and during the LIVE event to our attendees. It’s a great way to bring traffic to your site as people check out the prize offerings they are eligible to win! Not to mention we will strongly be promoting these prize offerings throughout our event on our social networks and through our email lists. PLUS you’ll stand out as a fruitful giver during the event (everyone loves getting prizes from companies) which will make your business stand out!

Donate a Prize Below & Get Seen by VAs!

Use our handy form below to submit your prize. We thank you kindly and look forward to promoting your website offerings during the next month.

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