Our world – personal and business – is based on relationships. Every time you choose to do business with someone it’s usually because you find them trustworthy, honorable and likable. (I realize sometimes we don’t have a choice, especially with our gas or electricity bill, but then we do nothing but complain about it.)

When we find someone or a company that we know will follow through on their promises, have excellent customer service and deliver a quality product or service, we very often stay with them and tell everyone we meet they should do business with them. Of course, we all know, that word-of-mouth is the cheapest, fastest and most reliable form of advertising.

As small business owners, we should strive to build the type of reputation that our clients love and will not hesitate to refer our business to someone they know. It makes me think of the ‘good, ‘ol fashion service’ that we used to know – where we were known by first names, people remembered what we chatted about before & genuinely cared about us, our families and our business.

Is it possible to have this in today’s society? I believe to some extent it is. We can offer this same service to our clients, take the time to get to know them, to deliver on what we promised & genuinely care about them. All it takes is a little organization and planning.

From using a web-based program with professional templates and ‘the personal touch’ of the salutation to connecting with videos, cards, personal emails and phone calls, we can build healthy relationships with our clients. When we go above and beyond our regular service by making that ‘I was thinking of you’ phone call once or twice a year or sending them a birthday card (not late!) or flowers when they are going through a tough time, it touches hearts, and if matches up to your quality service and caring attitude, you will not only have gained a long-term client but a life-time friend.

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