There’s no doubt about it…video marketing takes time and it can be a daunting task. Between the planning, filming, editing and submitting to different video syndication sites, you’re talking about a couple of hours worth of work for each video.

But let’s not stress about the time involved. Instead, let’s talk about how you can grow your business and earn more income by using videos.

Video # 1: Introduce yourself to your audience.

Create a video to introduce yourself to your target market. Let people see your face and hear your voice. Explain your services and the benefits of hiring you.

Clients will hire you or purchase your products if they know, like, and trust you. If you’re not able to network in a live setting, using video is the next best thing. Always remember to give your potential clients a way to contact you, so include your phone number or email address.

An alternative to filming yourself in this “talking head” format is to prepare a slideshow introducing yourself and your business. Include a headshot of yourself on the first slide, explain how your services will benefit their business, and include client testimonials.

Video #2: Showcase your services and accolades.

Listing your services on your website is pretty commonplace but if 50 other virtual assistants offer the same services, what makes you stand apart from the group?

This is the time to tell your audience what services you provide and why you are the best. Did you take special training classes to master a piece of software? Did you win an award? Were you featured in the media? Have you expanded your team to handle a larger client base?

Toot your own horn a bit! Be proud of your accomplishments!

Video #3: Film a video tutorial.

Show your audience how to do a particular task or use a piece of software. This will highlight your expertise and communication skills.

For example, if you’re an expert with a particular auto responder, film a tutorial about how to setup a new mailing list or how to create an HTML newsletter template. Sure, these are tasks that you still want to get paid for but you’re showing the world that you know what you’re talking about.

Also, not everyone wants to do these tasks themselves; there will always be people willing to pay you but it’s helpful for them to know what your process is so you can accurately estimate the length of the project.

Video #4: Create a video product review.

This is a combination of idea #3 with some affiliate marketing thrown in. One of the biggest challenges for virtual assistants is not having any form of residual passive income. We’re so busy taking care of our clients that we never have time for developing our own passive income.

Choose an affiliate product you believe in that would be beneficial to your ideal client. If it’s a digital product or web-based software, all the better. But even if it’s a physical product, get your camera rolling and demonstrate the benefits of this product and why your clients can’t do business without it. Be honest and also mention any drawbacks (no product is perfect). Add your affiliate link and you have a video that could earn you passive income for years to come.

End Results: By producing a variety of videos consistently, people in your target audience will become familiar with your name and services, leading to possible new business. Audience members who like and trust you based on your videos will pay close attention to any affiliate videos you make, possibly leading to earning passive income.

Any virtual assistant can benefit from using video marketing. The hardest part is stepping out of your comfort zone and doing it!


Contributed by: Christina Lemmey