When I started my Virtual Assistant (VA) business, there was no training available to teach me how to get VA clients. Instead, I took advice from internet marketing gurus and tried their tips to bring in clients including:

  1. Direct mail – I sent out hundreds of postcards and letters.
  2. Advertisements in trade journal – I advertised in a wide variety of magazines for real estate agents.
  3. Flyers – I mailed flyers to real estate agencies all over the U.S.A. and Canada.

None of these traditional (and expensive) marketing methods worked.

What works to get high-paying clients?

Through trial and error, and the school of hard knocks, I figured out how to get as many high-paying clients as I wanted. In fact, within six years, I was earning a 6-figure income.

Does the “5-Step Formula” work for all VAs?

This isn’t pie-in-the-sky theory that’s “supposed” to work. It’s a proven method that has worked not only for me, but also for the graduates of my Expert VA Training programs. This marketing method works for VAs in any target market:

  • Real Estate VA: The “5-Step Formula” worked for me in the real estate market. This is market in which I earned a 6-figure income.
  • Author Assistant: After the real estate market went bust, I switched to the self-published author market and pulled in 6 brand new clients in one month.
  • VA to coaches, speakers and trainers: One of the graduates of my “Start and Market Expert VA Training” works with this target market and successfully used the “5-Step Formula” to build a profitable VA business.
  • VA to membership-site owners: Another graduate of my “Start and Market Expert VA Training” has created a phenomenally successful business. So far in 2011, she has already earned twice as much as the annual income goal she set.

One of the concerns you might have, which I’ve heard from Expert VA Training students who haven’t yet tried the “5-Step Formula,” is: “I’m shy. I don’t know how to sell myself.” I have good news. This method also works for you! No matter what your personality, I can teach you how to attract a steady stream of clients using my “5-Step Formula.”

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Kathy Goughenour can take you from wherever you are today to the Virtual Assistant business of your dreams. Whether you’re a wanna-be VA or a VA who is struggling to get the high-paying clients you want, Kathy Goughenour can help.  Visit her website at www.expertvatraining.com now to learn how.