Would YOU like to get your message out in front of the Virtual Assistant industry?

Look no further than the VAvirtuosos.com Online Seminar Series.

Sponsorship packages starting at $47 are available and you can click here to view them.

This is the online conference every Virtual Assistant (VA) can’t wait to attend and learn via their business colleagues. And at such an affordable rate of only $19 for 20 webinars, VAs keep coming back for more each and every VAVS! We have 150+ attendees each series.

VAs are an ideal market for business products and services because they are prepared and willing to spend COLD HARD CASH on what you have to offer. What makes VAs special is that they conduct all business activities in a completely “virtual environment.” That is, they deliver their services via phone, fax, email, and other web-based communication methods. This keeps overhead costs down and leaves more money on the table to invest in strategic products and services to grow their business online. Plus they all have clients who will recommend your products and services to help them succeed.

How we market this event:

We focus on marketing with newsletter broadcasts, social media marketing and search engine marketing techniques by Certified Internet Marketing Business Strategist, Tawnya Sutherland who has helped her clicks turn clicks into cash for over 14 years. Her marketing venues include:

  • VAnetworking Forum which has over 15,000 registered members
  • Twitter with 26,000 Followers
  • Linkedin Virtual Assistant Group with 7,000 members
  • Facebook Business Page with 1700 Likes
  • SEO High Traffic from search engines like Google ranking top #1 for keywords like “Virtual Assistant Seminars” and other targets keyword phrases related to this target market
  • Joint Venture Partners and Affiliates (700+ affiliates)
  • We also market through our popular blogs at VAnetworking.com, VAvirtuosos.com, VAinsiders.com, Shelancers.com  and virtualassistantinabox.com
  • Private database of 30,000+ opt-in targeted service providers

Our online VAvirtuosos conference will be marketed to all of the venues above up to 6-8 weeks before each series starts.

Our sponsorship packages are limited and they fill up fast. Get your word out to the Virtual Assistant industry and become a sponsor today. The sooner you get on board, the higher exposure you’ll receive even before the event starts.

We have packages starting as low as $47! Become a Sponsor Today!