As a an entrepreneur your most important job is to sell your products and services. We have all heard the old saying “Nothing happens till you sell something.” To sell something you need visibility and if possible, massive visibility.

Social media in general and Facebook specifically can provide you with the edge you need to get massive visibility for your business. With over half a billion people using the site and millions more joining daily it is a good bet that your ideal client is there.

I speak to entrepreneurs on a daily basis and what I hear the most, well after “I don’t care what people have for lunch”, is that they just don’t know what to do with their fan page after they create it.

If I can share 3 simple steps that you can use on a regular basis to get massive visibility on Facebook, would that interest you? I thought so. A 3 step Fan Page Strategy is all you need.

1. Add Fans

Facebook is designed to work as an intricately woven network of friends and their friends. Every time you can get someone to comment, like, post or interact in any way with your fan page then that information is spread virally among the person and his network.

One of the ways I add fans to my fan page is by building a strategic network of personal friends on Facebook and then asking them to “like” my page. I have developed a profile of the ideal person for me to connect with and they consist of people in 3 categories:

  • My potential clients
  • Potential colleagues and joint venture partners
  • Those I want to learn from

A lot of people question me about this particular strategy but here is the way I look at it. Facebook gives us the ability to have 5000 personal friends. I don’t know about you but I don’t have 5000 personal friends which tells me that Facebook wants me to expand my network. Done!


2. Fan Page Content

So you created your fan page and now you don’t have a clue what to post. I recommend that you take a trial and error approach. By following this idea I have found that my fans really respond to the following types of posts:

  • Quotes
  • Videos
  • Blog Posts
  • Asking Questions

Be creative. Try something different every once in a while but remember this – don’t post too many times a day on your Fan Page. The Facebook algorithms are always watching and if they feel you are spamming people they will give you the old Facebook slap. I try not to post more than 4 times a day.

When I am trying to decide on content I am always thinking “How can I add value to their lives?” That might be something I have created but it also may be something someone else created. I am a huge sharer of information and I realized a long time ago that I don’t have to create the information to share it.


3. Get the Word Out About Your Page

This is the part of the strategy that takes a little thought. What could you do to get the name out about your Fan Page. The great thing is that there are lots and lots of ways you can do this. Here are 3 of the ways I do it.

Comment on other fan pages – I’m not talking about spamming other pages with your information but you can visit other fan pages and share your valuable information that is designed to improve their fans lives and be sure to mention your fan page. Or better yet you can comment on those fan pages when you are using Facebook as your fan page.

Facebook Ads – I am a fan of Facebook ads because they can be so targeted and specific. Remember that people are not necessarily on Facebook to buy things but they really like clicking the like button on an ad that peaks their interest. In the early days of my fan page I did this and added about 800 new fans in a little over a week.

Tagging – Of course my favorite Facebook strategy. If you have listened to me talk about Facebook before you know that I am always talking about the power of tagging. So how does this get you visibility? You could find a great blog post that someone you are connected with (and who has a decent following) wrote and share it with your fan page. In the update you tag the person who wrote it and hopefully their fan page if they have one. To tag is simply to type the @ symbol and then their name. If you choose carefully not only will all of your fan page fans see the update but also it will attach to the blog post writers wall and their thousands of friends can see it.

To wrap this up – find a few great strategies that work for you and then be CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT. Don’t give up – do them over and over and watch your fan page grow.


Michele Scism is known as The Results Lady from Michele is the founder of the Global Social Media Management Association. Michele’s Facebook bio says it all “highly motivated, positive and self-driven business woman”. Michele is a Business Strategist who partners with service professionals and business owners who are ready to get massive visibility online using her 5 step “Take Action Get Profits” formula. Learn more about Michele and the Global Social Media Managers Association at