linkedinAs a Virtual Assistant you know that you have to be present online in order to promote you business & get more clients.

I know you do, because I see great websites & Facebook pages !

However, when it comes to LinkedIn, I don’t feel your enthusiasm !

Maybe you think that:

  • LinkedIn is boring
  • LinkedIn is just for job searchers
  • LinkedIn doesn’t really do it for you

Well, I think you’re wrong !

LinkedIn doesn’t have to be boring

I think YOU can make LinkedIn interesting & social ! There are so many ways to make the LinkedIn experience more personal & customized. Unfortunately the average user doesn’t know about these little nuances and that’s why LinkedIn has the reputation of being bland or boring. But you can stand out and be different !

Your target audience is on LinkedIn

No, LinkedIn is not just for job searchers. LinkedIn has over 160 Mio registered users, and most of them are between 34 and 55 years old. The average household income of LinkedIn users is 109’000 USD. Wouldn’t you agree that this kinda describes your potential client?

LinkedIn has the highest visitor to lead conversion rate

According to data from HubSpot, LinkedIn has the highest visitor to lead conversion rate. Huh what? In other words, traffic from your LinkedIn profile to your website, generates 2.74% more leads, almost 3x higher than Twitter (0.69%) and Facebook (0.77%). Why? Because it’s very targeted traffic. People join & interact on LinkedIn for business reasons and when they browse around on LinkedIn they are in a business-focused mindset. So that alone should convince you to be active on LinkedIn.

Give it a try!

If you don’t try, you’ll never know what you might be missing out on. In order to give you a kick-start, I’d like to warmly invite you to a check out my Linkedin Workshop to teach you how to get more leads.

Contributed by: Sarah Santacroce