Working with and supporting a coach takes a level of dedication, determination, and excellence. A Coach VA must be immersed in the coaching industry in order to effectively support a coach. She must understand the vast opportunities that a coaching business has to offer each target market. A Coach VA doesn’t need to know how to work within each target market, but she does need to know how to position the coach and her business for success, growth, and profitability within that market.

A Coach VA needs to know how a coaching business is designed so that she can effectively support her coach. Thereby, a virtual assistant who wants to be a Coach VA must know how to produce the following components of a coaching business:

  1. Design of a signature program
  2. Flowchart of a revenue funnel
  3. Description of the target market
  4. Launch system of activities and logistics
  5. Coaching group management system

Most virtual assistants spend so much time supporting the business of their clients that they neglect the health of their own. When a VA models her business after the coaching model, she experiences the waves of emotions around building a strong business. When she can think like a coach and has experienced the ‘journey’, she is more effective and most attractive to coaches. Then she truly becomes a Coach VA.

Competition is going to exist wherever we go. Just remember that every VA delivers her service different than the next.  We all need to discover what our unique perspective is and design a program of delivery like none other. In our VA industry, it’s not commonplace to expose ourselves to each other. However, we have to become comfortable in our own skin and be willing to share. We can’t build a sustainable and strong business alone; our coaches can’t either. Each coach needs to know that her Coach VA is vested in the success and growth of her business. Your knowledge and experience will be invaluable if you are willing to peel back the layers and share. Your success is yours, no one can duplicate it.

Kim Gray from EmergingVA will be presenting an interactive workshop on November 15, at 8pm Eastern on the topic “How a Signature Program Can Add Revenue to Your VA Business. Stop by and learn her 6-step process for designing a signature program and jump start your revenue efforts for 2012.