Help Your Clients Launch Their Products and Programs OnlineWhere to Start

We’ve all been in that position…your client wants to launch a new program and you just don’t know where to start.

A huge misconception is that you can throw up a sales page or a website, create an event in Facebook for a free call, post the event to a few social media channels and watch the money roll in.

Unfortunately it takes a lot more than that and most of us have realized that by now.

The most important element in a launch is marketing. And when I say that I mean understanding the target market – knowing where they are and how to reach them. When working with a client I always begin by challenging them to really think this through and iron out a clear picture of their target market.  Doing so will help in every area of the launch from sales copy and messaging to the type of graphics used, and especially for paid marketing campaigns.

The kinds of questions to ask include:

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What social media channels do they use?
  • What are their interests?
  • What blogs or gurus do they follow?
  • What do they all have in common?
  • Where do you think you could market to them in masses?
  • Are they a part of your community?
  • Do you need to reach them in person or is online okay?

This kind of research is what you need to start with. And get as specific as you possibly can. Marketing to the masses never works and only exhausts your efforts.

Once the target is clear, the next step would be to ask who within their network can reach their target audience on their behalf?  Having joint venture partners and affiliates promoting for them is vital to the success of any product launch.

Contributed by VAVS Speaker: Kim Larocque