Many people wonder what it really takes to create an information product, but not only to create it but also to actually put it up for sale. It is actually easier than it seems. The truth is there aren’t but a few tools and services that are necessary to create an information product and put it on the market for sale.

First and foremost, you must decide what type of product you’re going to create because different products call for different resources. Audio products require recording tools and hosting space if you’re selling MP3s or downloads. Ebooks require Word or Open Office, a pdf converter, hosting space, and graphics. Video products require a camera, editing software, and hosting space.

The basic tools or services needed in these cases are:

Audacity – A free program which you download to your computer and use to record and edit an audio.

Microsoft Word or Open Office – I actually prefer Open Office to Microsoft Word due to its ease of use, many features, and the fact that there is a pdf converter as a part of its features. Plus, it is open source which means its free.

A web cam or a Flip camera is the perfect tool for recording videos. There is also a free program called Windows Movie Maker on PC’s that will allow you to do a fast editing job, or the Flip camera itself has basic editing software that comes along with it. It is super fast and easy to use.

Audio Acrobat is a hosting service that can host your audio or video content. Of course there are others including free places such as Divshare.

This is just the beginning of course. There are more services and tools that you will need to know about once your info product is actually created and you’re getting ready to sell!


Alyssa Avant is a professional speaker, trainer, and tech magician. Alyssa has been working virtually since 2007. She has years of experience working with online professionals and business owners.  She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others so they can avoid the years of trial and error that she experienced as a new online business owner.