As a multi-VA practice owner and business coach I have seen many different types of businesses. I’ve seen people who are wildly successful and fail. I’ve also seen people come from nothing and become rock stars in their own right.

So how do they make it work on a consistent basis?

I’ve learned through experience, research, and many other venues that having and maintaining a successful business comes down to just a few things:

  • Picking the right business model
  • Creating systems to manage your clients
  • Creating a truly productive work environment
  • And of course being flexible….

With all three of these put together in the right harmony you can create and maintain a productive business that is also emotionally fulfilling. But you need to do it by keeping some specific ideas into account.

When you join VAVS you’ll be able to watch my webinar in the VAVS6 archives wherein I share details by giving real live examples and step by step directions.

So what will you really learn?

What business model is right for you…

I will help you figure out which business model for you. Should you be a solo VA, multi VA practice, or do something else altogether? You will be giving priceless information that will help you figure just that out.

How can I manage clients in a professional way that comes from service?

We will talk about setting boundaries with your clients that will allow you to still enjoy your personal life but at the same time creating systems that allow them feel as if they are constantly being serviced even when they can’t reach you.

Creating a work environment that lets you succeed!

Once you know your business model and have a way to manage your clients the next step is to create an overall environment that is conductive to accomplish your work. We will talk about what tools to use, the right equipment, and then of course making it work in your personal life as well.

The importance of being flexible

The finale step from that is to remain flexible and analytical of your business and its growth. I will give you a few work sheets and tools to help you accomplish this. This will make sure that once your business is successful you will actually be able to maintain that success long term.

Contributed by Amanda Mock