The Virtual Assistant industry is growing tremendously … and what’s even better is that the number of business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who are becoming familiar with the value of hiring a VA is growing too.  However, the Virtual Assistant community still has a lot of work to do when it comes to fully educating the business community on how we can do a lot more than they think we can!

Part of the problem is that many Virtual Assistants struggle with stepping forward and actively showcasing who they are, what they can do and the value the offer.  Because of this, business owners continue to ‘not know what they don’t’ know’.

Virtual Assistants have a tremendous opportunity to ‘take charge’, stand out, easily connect with potential clients and share the value they bring with confidence and pride.  A VA who can do this will stand apart from others in the industry.  And if she has 2 other specific qualities, she will stand apart anymore.

Business Mindset is the first quality that Cindy Greenway, author of Virtually Successful:  8 Simple Ways for Virtual Assistants to Find (and Keep) Clients, frequently speaks about.  Business Mindset describes the ‘secret ingredient’ that business owners most want and need from VAs.  A VA with business owners shows confidence, applies the ‘Mindset Formula’ and ‘Takes Inventory’ is a VA that business owners will be more attracted to and connect with much easier than a VA who does not offer this quality.

Selecting a Target Market is another quality that will allow a VA to stand out.  A VA who selects a target market, researches them to gain an understanding in their business trends, challenges, common goals and more, and who demonstrates knowledge of this information with potential clients will, again, attract the attention with a potential client, more than a VA who does not have a target market.

It’s just like anything in life – if you feel someone understands your challenge and can relate to you, you are more likely to do business with them. Would you agree?

The third quality a VA must have in place to stand out is what Cindy Greenway calls their ‘foundation’.  The foundation includes five essential items that every business must have in place to leverage their marketing efforts as well as their credibility and visibility.  They include (1) a professional website that focuses on a specific target market (2) an enticing opt-in that offers quality information to the target market (3) an ongoing ‘keep in touch’ strategy, such as ezine  that provides ongoing valuable information (4) an active blog with even more valuable information and (5) active social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

By implementing the business mindset, selecting a target market and a consistent ‘foundation’,  a VA increases their visibility and credibility as an expert in their specific area, and within their specific target market.  Attracting attention and connecting with potential clients couldn’t be easier when these things are in place.

Contributed by:

Cindy Greenway