It’s important that we charge what we’re worth, and charge based on the value that our work provides to clients. However, it’s often a ‘stuck’ place as service providers muddle through what works and what doesn’t work in charging and getting value-based rates. Below you’ll find seven keys that will guide you in gaining confidence in charging and getting what you’re worth!

  1. The first sale is always to yourself. You must be extremely comfortable with, and confident in, the rate you propose to prospects or you won’t make the ‘sale’. If you don’t accept your own rate first, then your prospects will follow suit. You must have 100% confidence in the value your services provide to the client and have that confidence and commitment in that when stating your rate.
  2. Focus on outcomes and results – – not tasks/projects. Ultimately, your prospects likely don’t care what is involved; they just want to know that they’ll receive the result or outcome they’re looking for. It’s not about what you’ll DO, but more about what end-result your clients will receive. Make that your focus.
  3. Remember that consumers believe “you get what you pay for”. You want clients who have the expectation that you’ll deliver great results. That is what will keep people talking and keep the referrals flowing. Knowing that clients believe ‘you get what you pay for’ allows you to charge for that high value that clients get in working with you.
  4. Involve emotion in the prospects so they decide from their heart, not just their head. Emotion will make your prospects take action to hire. You can appeal to their heart and emotion by speaking to the value, results and outcomes. When your communication is all about your fees, you involve just their head. They will over-think and won’t move forward.
  5. Communicate long-term benefits in working with you. It’s easier to charge for your value when your prospects understand long-term benefits in working with you. Effectively communicate how they will benefit for months and years to come, by hiring you now.
  6. Ask questions of the prospect to express value. Including the prospect in evaluating the value in working with you helps to guide them to take action. Examples include: What will this mean to your business? What would happen if you didn’t move forward? What would be the effect on revenues, or time? You want prospects to arrive at determining great value in working you for themselves.
  7. Know your own value. You bring more to the table than you think you do. Consider your path, your journey and your life experiences – – all of these add to your value. Your jobs, your education, your training, your expertise, the courses you’ve taken, the books you read, all make up and increase your value. It’s not solely about the services you provide.

In addition to your personal value, know and understand the financial value that your services provide to your clients. If working with you increases their bottom line, this also is part of your value and what you want to be comfortable and confident in expressing.

Donna Toothaker is a Virtual Assistant, Author, Speaker and VA Success Coach. She is CEO, founder and coach of Step It UP VA Coaching, and the creator of the 6 Steps to 6-Figure VA Success System. Donna passes on the valuable information she learned throughout her many years as a virtual assistant and business owner to others, opening the doors of her coaching programs assisting VAs in the pathway to great success. Donna’s ability to laser focus and joyfully guide others makes her THE choice of VAs across the globe for a coach who gives the recipe for 6-figure success.