Starting out as a VA is both an exciting and daunting time. For many of us it can be the first step back into the workplace after having children and for some VAs it is the first time you have experienced running your own business. For those who have previously worked in the corporate world you are in for a different way of life, especially if you are now running a home based business with a family. Get ready to multi-task!

After working as a VA for the last 4 years, the main principles of text book business do apply, BUT there are many “Pearls of Wisdom “ that are good to know when starting out on your VA adventure. For example, when first asked to say a 30 second commercial I froze. Despite having a background in teaching high school, the thought of standing in front of a group of experienced business owners and talking about MY business had me quivering in my shoes. My heart was pounding as each person in the room stood up. I rushed through red faced in 5 seconds and sat down to face a room of confused people.

Over the years we learn to perfect our 30 second commercial and the glazed, confused look on our audience recedes. Make sure you speak clearly, smile and KNOW what you like to do, and how you can help a potential client. They don’t always know how you can help them. Avoid being too general when you deliver your 30 seconds and make sure you FIND your niche. It’s a major key to your success. Oh and like what you do so your passion will shine through.

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Lisa Bhella, of INBOX2OUTBOX, LLC ( is originally from England and has lived in the US since 1998. She resides with her family in Arizona, and helps businesses implement their social media marketing strategies.