Pinterest is the newest and latest craze in the social media arena. First and foremost, Pinterest is the highest visited social site to date. During a six month period, Pinterest has boasted over a 400% growth rate, out numbering Facebook and Twitter during the same time period.

Pinterest with its simplicity and visual board attributes is a haven for businesses to utilize to broaden their brand and engage current & new clients. The concept of Pinterest is to make “visual” boards of interest to you and those that follow you.

These visual boards are used as a focal point and to speak for the brand and business. Utilize effectively, Virtual Assistants can garner interest in their services and gain new clients.

Just how can businesses benefit from Pinterest?

  1. Drive traffic to your site
    1. Link Building
    2. Repin
    3. Client engagement
      1. Creating a client testimony board
      2. Creating a board specific to your niche
      3. Market and Sell your products
        1. Add Flyers/pictures about your services
        2. Invite potential clients to attend a webinar
        3. Brand building
          1. Your visual board=promoting your brand
          2. Guard your brand by only pinning & repining items of interest to your clients

Using Pinterest to its fullest, a VA can see an increase in traffic to their business website which can turn into gaining new clients. Start pinning and branding yourself on Pinterest! It’s easy and addictive.

Contributed by: Pamela S. King, MBA of CMB Business Solutions

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