Maybe you’re new to the VA business scene or you’ve been at it for a while, and find you need a fresh new specialty to further set yourself apart.

Which of the many directions should you go? Social media is super hot and why not? There’s a lot to love about it. It’s fun, you get to interact with others, everyone is talking about it and in some ways being a community manager is a little bit like being a rock star. Definitely an avenue to pursue if you are energized by being around people.

If you are not that type, why not consider tech?

Not Me! I’m No Techie.

I completely understand that re-action. After all, that’s pretty much what I thought of myself. Geeky – yes, but tech go to person? Uh… no. Yet, here I am today. The go-to-gal for web tech stuff. No formal schooling apart from books, online classes taught by other knowledgeable web developers and a ton of trials and errors. Fact is, many web tech people I know follow this very same path.

Still Don’t Think You Can?

Before you write it off completely, you need to know there are different levels of ‘tech’. To some clients, tech means someone who can create and maintain their website. Others may need someone who can create membership sites, do backups and fix small issues. Still others will need a programmer – someone who can code from scratch. Most people and businesses who have a web presence don’t need programmers for the majority of the work they need help with. This is where you can fill in the gap and the best news is, these skills can be learned.

You don’t have to start by offering a ton of technical stuff nor claim you know all of it. Learn a few core skills like:

  • Setting up WordPress securely and a little web design
  • Backing up, maintaining and restoring WordPress
  • Or, website speed tuning package

Best of all, you can begin to offer at least one of those packages without additional investment with my help at the VA Training Site. You’ll be surprised to find out just how do-able this is.

Contributed By: Lynette Chandler