If you work with clients who need website help then the topic of using WordPress as a website or content management system has probably come up. Most clients will want to know why they should choose WordPress and what the advantages are.

Here are some suggestions on how to answer the question ‘Why should I choose WordPress as my website?’…

It’s free – You only pay for hosting, no additional fees for expensive software (ie. like Dreamweaver which is hundreds) or monthly fees for a builder type program.

It’s easy to install – With WordPress you can literally have a good-looking site up and running within a day.

Hundreds of Templates – With many site builders there is a limited number of templates. Because WordPress is so popular there are new templates being built all the time.

SEO – Perhaps one of the most touted features of WordPress is how easy it makes you to search engine optimize your site. With WordPress you automatically get your keywords inserted into your page titles and you get a great summary that shows up in the search engines. But WordPress also makes it easier to do internal site linking which also helps with the search engines and there are many plugins also designed to move SEO along even further.

Community Development – Most proprietary software has a very small staff working on the program development. WordPress is wide open and there are hundreds of people who work on improving the program constantly. This makes is a big and very exciting ‘virtual community’ project that gets better and better all the time. Having hundreds of brains all working towards the same cause can be a powerful thing.

Easily Updated – While it is true you do have to update your WordPress sites and backup your files yourself it couldn’t be much easier. Just a few clicks of your mouse and you’ve upgraded to the latest versions and backed up your sites.

Security – As long as your WordPress account is updated to the latest version it is very secure. Yes, hackers are working to ‘break into’ WordPress all the time because it’s so popular but the developers are constantly keeping ahead with new upgrades which means it’s probably one of the most secure website systems out there.

Plugins – Most sites come with a certain set of features and that’s it. Not with WordPress. Plugins are little add-on pieces of software that can do anything from making it snow on your website (seriously) to keeping automated spam bots from messing up your comment area with their spam crap. Again, plugins are another example of that virtual community at work here. There are hundreds of people putting in hours upon hours for free to create valuable plugins to serve the WordPress community.

Versatility – I use WordPress for my websites, my blogs, my salesletters, my membership sites and everything else in between.

Blogging – A blog is an interactive, social tool that is pretty much a stable to most businesses with a site online these days. There’s no extra steps to adding a blog when you use WordPress, it can simply be built right into your website and easily managed all in one spot.

Complete Control – When it comes right down to it there is very little that WordPress CAN’T do. When you’re a beginner of course you are limited by your own knowledge and skills but perhaps what I love most about WordPress is that it’s a program that doesn’t limit me to build the biggest and best site I possibly can. The limits are really only set by my own imagination and abilities.

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Author: Angela Wills of Website Design Mojo