Wow, ONLY 7 days now until our #VAVS event goes LIVE! I am super excited to host this online conference yet crazy busy trying to get ready for it too! You couldn’t even imagine what goes on behind the scenes to put an event like this in place. 😉 AND, if that wasn’t enough on my platter this week guess what I volunteered to do?

budgiesI’m helping some friends out by babysitting their 3 budgies last minute tonight until they can find a new home for them (FREE to a good home by the way, contact me if interested!). Yes I’m a good friend (that or have a hard time saying “NO” to my friends LOL! ). Either way I’m having fun with it but have no clue how to look after them so any advice welcomed. Google has taught me quite a bit the last hour though, YAY! 😉 Here’s a pic of these cuties who so far are fairly quiet but think they are tired too from all the commotion moving them to my place tonight.

Aren’t they the cutest? 🙂

Back to business here, the past week I’ve been introducing you to all our speakers that will be presenting at our Virtual Assistant Online Conference in less than a week. I’ve really enjoyed tracking down these expert speakers to teach you how to FIND and RETAIN CLIENTS in your VA business. I’d like to introduce our next speaker who was high on my list to nail down and make sure we had her on our roster this #VAVS.

May I introduce to you, the warm and wonderful Alicia Jay…

aliciajayAlicia Jay has been a part of my #VAforum network for many years and she is such a pleasure to know and network with online. It’s warmed my heart to watch her business grow over the years into such a success. I’m super proud of all the fantastic and successful Virtual Assistant leaders like Alicia that have passed through our doors over the years. It makes me smile from ear to ear!

Alicia shared this with me the other day which brought tears to my eyes…

“I started following VA Networking when I first came online to start my VA biz in late 2009. I soaked up everything I could from the website and forum and really looked up to Tawnya as a leader in the industry. I presented at #VAVS Season 6 and was a nervous wreck! It was my first time speaking virtually “in public!” I always appreciated that Tawnya was so patient and open to sharing. Now here we are at #VAVS Season 13, and my business has evolved into coaching VAs, but I still look up to Tawnya!” 

I love watching Virtual Assistants like Alicia grow over the years in their business. It’s like watching my kids grow up and very rewarding. I feel like the Grandma VA! Seeing Virtual Assistants grow into respected leaders in the VA industry really fulfills and inspires me to continue working hard educating the world about virtual assistance. 🙂

What will Alicia Jay be speaking about at #VAVS?

How and Why to Create a Fabulous Freebie that will Get You Clients

Are you looking for a way to get more clients for your virtual assistant business? Do you wish you could show prospects just how much they NEED you? Have you heard people talk about having a free offer to entice clients but the thought of creating one is overwhelming? Then this session is for you! 

Join Alicia to Learn How and Why to Create a Fabulous Freebie that will Get You Clients

  • You’ll discover:
  • The facts about building a list of prospects—and how it helps build your business
  • How to get them to see you as an expert that they HAVE to work with
  • The style of free offer that works best for both you and your potential clients
  • How to create your free offer once but attract people with it over and over again

As a business and marketing coach to virtual assistants, Alicia’s passion and purpose is encouraging women to follow their dreams of having a business that works around their lives–not the other way around. Her clients say that she helps put things into perspective and orchestrates a plan to get them moving, while being relatable and supportive. On any given day Alicia can be found gardening, listening to music, working/connecting online, riding on the back of her husband’s Harley or trying to keep up with her on-the-go little boy! Learn more at Check out her website here.

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