As you all know I officially announced on the weekend that tickets to attend Season 13 of #VAVS are now on sale!!! Mark your calendars clear for May 24-26th as you will not want to miss our Virtual Assistant industry online conference.

Learn more about this event by clicking here.

If you already have your ticket to #VAVS you are a one smart cookie! I look forward to hosting this event to teach you how to find and retain clients in your Virtual Assistant business. 🙂

I’d like to give you some background on each of the keynote speakers and how I came about inviting them to speak with us so you get to know them a little before the event starts.

Let’s start off by introducing Kelly McCausey…

Kelly McCausey is a Solopreneur Business Coach, Blogger, Podcaster and Live Event Host. She runs her online business light and tight on purpose, so she loves her VA! She is going to be opening our event on May 24th speaking on:

Why I’ve Had The Same VA for 10 Years!

“When people talk about having trouble finding and keeping a good VA, I just can’t relate. I’m working with a gal I’ve worked with since early 2006. There’s good reason I’m hoping I never have to let her go – I’ll share what has contributed to long years of loyalty!”

This will be an awesome webinar to really understand the inner relationship between a client and VA that glues them together to form a successful, money generating team. By forming trusted relationships with your clients you will be guaranteed many years of service with them.

I’ve been friends with Kelly since meeting her for the first time at a #NAMS conference in Atlanta back in 2009 (think that was the date) so about 7 years now. I really wanted to meet her as I’d been following her for years online so I took a chance and just walked up to her in the restaurant, introduced myself and she invited me to sit down to chat. Voila! The rest is history and I’ve been good friends with her ever since sharing business secrets ever since. When people are that warm to you from the get go, well you just have to welcome them into your friendship circle. I also have met her at other conferences since then like her Exposure and Profit conference below which was such fun!

So that’s a little bit about the first speaker out of twelve you’ll be learning from at our #VAVS on May 24-26th and I’ll share more insight about each speaker as the event draws closer.

There are Early Bird Draws too, don’t forget. Next one will be drawn May 8th so get your ticket before then to be in that draw. The sooner you get your ticket the more draws you’ll be entered in. 😉


To Your Virtual $uccess,

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